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Send Better Junji! [Pre-match] Eight Week London: Los Angeles Roewool VS CincinnatiThis week’s London bowl between Cincinnati Menghu and the Los Angeles ram, will return to the familiar Wenley Stadium. Despite the departure of the United States, the first football course outside the United States is left, but the football players “躏” football turbuper is not a taste. This game is also the first confrontation of the ram coach Schan Mcvay and his herself Zac Taylor.

The stagnation of the renewal negotiations of the two parties means that Prescott in next year will be designated by the team as a privileged label player. At this time, it is difficult to imagine whether the two sides can complete the renewal. However, even so, the two sides did not set the deadline for the negotiation setting, so the negotiation can accelerate at any time.

This 32-year-old old will provide powerful help for the new defensive coordinator Paul Guenther. The second line of the raid is still coming into a riddle, and the hip sprain is absent by the hip spraining season before Gareon Conley, recently returned. The first to partner will be Rashaan Melvin, the replacement player includes the old corner of Lyon-Haol, the original black panther Darier Daryl Worley, the original Bill member Sharis Lete (Nick Nollson).

It is reported that the hidden camera in Will is taken from some of the rickets, and has now handed over to the police. In July 2015, the Chicago Bear and the Errrian Berrian Bernard Berrian were taken with a hidden camera, and the intruder was his own university room friend.

Regular season 13th player’s injury summaryThe Minnesota Viking Line Wei’an Barr is injured in the groin, and the safety of Harrison Smith is injured. Both people leave in advance in the first quarter.

The raid person will sign the old will be angular, Rogers CromBeijing August 23, according to nfl jerseys NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, after I was tried on Wednesday, Auckland raids will be with the former giant corner to Dominic-Rogers Cromrtie (DominiQue Rodgers-Cromartie) ) Sign.

The brown career is eight years ago for steel people, and it has been selected for professional bowls, and 4 times will be selected for a while. In the 11 years, Brown completed 886 battles, promoted 11746 yards, reached 79 times.

If the denim gives the privilege label to Prescott, the contract value will exceed $ 33 million. If Dethie, 2021, Jean continues to make Prescot a privileged label player, the contract value will exceed $ 40 million. If it is no longer reached, he will become a free player in 2022.

The integrated offensive group, the ram is far better than Meng Hu. Todd Gurley, despite a break, the ram is still a 43.0 yard more than Meng Hu. Compared to the tiger’s outer pick A.j. Green (A.j. Green) is not coming out, the ram can put four people in the air. Even if there is a sound this season, the rocky system of Shawn McDerangular, but the Zach-Taylor who has played shorter in his hand did not take a decent performance in the new team.

The gap between the defensive group is more exaggerated. Meng Hu’s opponent can promote 189.0 yards only on the road, and the corner guard is more retired, almost no one is available. Under the defensive cutaway, Aaron Donald continues the horror of its best defensive players, the two new aids of the ram Kenny Yang (Kenny Young) and Jalen Ramsay It is also even if the vulnerability of the defensive group, it is believed that Ram plug can retrieve the “strongest corner” figure on the weak brief after the one-week mill.

Pirates & Extension Antonio – Brown for about a yearUS Time Wednesday, according to NFL NetWork reporters, pirates and external hands Antonio-Brown, Contrand for one year, including $ 3.1 million security, plus the incentive bonus, up to 6.25 million US dollars.

After the end of the ban on the ban on the ban, Brown and pirates signed a contract & mdash; & mdash; after the bottom salary was just 55,000 US dollars, after joining Tampa Bay, Brown’s last five regular season were first ranked first, no appearance The ball is off. He can set up more possibilities for pirate attacks on the outside, inside or backfields, and shift emergency stop capabilities.

Cowboys and Quadruptions of Dak-Prescott Continued negotiations still have no progressThere are very few players who have done during the season. But in fact, the trim length is generally a good time to complete the renewal.

At the same time, cowbits have said that Prescot is undoubtedly their future four-point guard, the team will not let such a player enters the free player market. So we can look forward to them using privilege labels.

The quarter sides of the quartz and Jared Goff: a 286-pass 172 promoted 1923 yards, achieved 8 reached, sent 8 copies 3 drop; A 283-passed 175 promoted 1995 yards, got a 9-reached array, and sent 7 copies of 4 to fall. If not, it is afraid to distinguish it.

It can be seen, even the Gaofman continues to continue the embarrassment of the past 14 games, even if Dalton returned to the peak of the Texas Chronic and Civil University, Meng Hu also did not have the capital of the ram, the ram will continue to shrink The second gap with the Second China.

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