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The Worthy Discount JerseysAlthough Maleno has recovered, his teammate Lamar Miller has firmly holds the first position. In this case, Mareno needs to prove that it can be a valuable substitute. In addition to possible large-scale runners, Morreo’s main opportunity will be able to get on the game when passing the game, and he served as a ball in the wild horse, and Peyton Manning. The cover player has excellent performance.

Viking people hired before kicking Kanking to serve as part-time consultantsBeijing May 30th, Mike Zimmer, since the Mike Zimmer, served as the coach of Viking, and Viking has changed four players. The order in the morning and evening is Blair Walsh, Kai FORBATH, Daniel Carlson, Dan Bailey.

Cathol was in wholesale Nfl jerseys for 10 years, which was for lightning and dolphins, and was selected in 2015. But it is easier to remember the world or not luck, such as the 2009 partition, Thane three times free of shooting.

O’Brien repeatedly said that he would unconditionally support Crawni: “I don’t care how to understand my remarks, I just want to explain it, from the perspective of sports, Crawi is really not easy. He first encountered The brain shock, then the knee was injured, and it was very difficult for a rookie. Every day he is very hard, I want to become better, everyone looks in the eyes. “This season, Claien only participated 4 games, complete 7 times, did not take the next to kill.

Texas people fully support the Zhenlang who is troubled by injuriesBill O & Rsquo; Brien, Houston Dezhou, Houston, has been disappointed with the injury of Jade New Clowney, which is disappointed with the injury of Jade Clowney, JADEVEON CLOWNEY. Recently Brines said that no matter how much impact on Crawni, the team will do our best to support him.

This year, Morreno has signed a $ 3 million contract with the Dolphin Team. Moreno is unlikely to fight the sediment team to the first preseason of the Architera Farming, but let him return to the court to be a step in the right direction.

Patricia is 43 years old and has spent the patriot in the past 14 seasons. In 2004, he began to engage in attack assistants, and then he was upgraded to the coaching post. In 2012, he began to serve as a defensive coordinator.

Bryant said: “I want to say, he is really hard. He is in training, trying to overcome the injury. I must explain my attitude, this is the team’s attitude: We value him very much. We are all I believe that he will become an excellent player, now he is only luck. “

Pratt has been affected by the ban on the wild horses. His hit rate reached 96.2%, which is the leader in the alliance, and he kicked a 64-yard free kick when he was in December last year. It is a record.

After receiving knee joint mirror surgery in late June this year, the team announced that the running front will be removed from the Physically Unable to Perform, PUP. The missing list means he passed the medical examination and can participate in training. Moreno original recovery schedule is a month, but he is not anxious.

It is reported that the lion has notified other coaches, and their candidates will be Matt, and they only need to wait for Matt’s season. Due to the provisions of the alliance, the lion cannot be able to transfer or win the superb bowl before the pre-bowl of matters.

According to the report of the Denver Mail, the wild horse playing the Matt Prater will be punished by the alliance in the ban on the alliance. In fact, since Prat was drunk after driving in 2011, he has been subject to the focus of the Alliance Alcohol Education Department.

“I am wrong,” Prat said, “I will take all responsibility for my behavior, I will learn lessons, then do a better self. I have to give my teammates, coaches, all The fans apologize. “Pratt’s lawyer also said that no one is more frustrated by Pratt, which is very frustrated by him.

The lion is about to sign a patriotic defensive coach as the main coach. US time Saturday night, Matt Patricia led New England Patriot Defensive Group destroyed Tennesi Toyan. It is reported that the start of the sniper will come to the Detroit Lion.

The second half of the patriots attack, the first half has not played Rob Gronkowski finally reveals the 獠 獠, the first time I first helped the team to get the first attack, the second 25 yards The team reaches the rebarrup.

The entire second half, the horses team offensive group mistakes, the quarter Swan also failed to stand out to save the team. The overall mistakes of the patriot have a lot less than that of the little horses, and the game should win this game.

Opening the horsema first, facing your own bitter patriots, no fear, all the way to promote the patriot red area, the last 4 files 1 yard, the distance is 5 yards, the pony will choose to attack, Dan Specially Monte Moncrief completed the ball to complete the ball. The patriot attack is still sharp, short pass plus ground promotion, approximately unpoluble combination attack, and finally Breddy Middle Road directly outside Julian – Julian EDELMAN completed 12 yards, but Edrman’s right hand badge Hurt. When the game came to the second quarter, Braddy was rare, and the outside Keshawn Martin 39 yards came directly to the 35 yards of the other side, and finally the patriot shot 3 points. After again, the patriot will continue to attack, but in the red area of ​​this manner, Bradi shorts Edrman, the latter will be defeated by the horses and guarded Mike – Mike Adams Cassess, the next step Dalgate, pony is super-score, the golden body of the Braddy season 0 is broken. After Dalun, the pony team kick, unexpectedly took the gambling kick, almost grab the ball. Escaped a robbery of the patriotism, relying on the floor to promote the pace of the contest, running to the Legarrette Blounts, and break through the horses layer defense line to complete 38 yard running balls, patriotism Reverse ratios again. The pony offensive group did not continue to be silent. They learned the patriot step by step, and finally 3 yards were pressed in the case of Pulk. T. Y. Y. Hilton reached the array, and the score was higher. The patriot is an anti-normal situation today, and Braddy has a long history of Danny Amendola, promoting 35 yards, attacking the pony. In the last half, the patriot took the road to attack, 3 gears many times, the 4-speed conversion was successful, and finally the shot was close to 20-21.

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