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Since the next season begins, the regular season will become 17 games, and the super bowl is also delayed. The 2024 superblaren hold time (2.13) will conflict with the new Orleans local Carnival (MARDI GRAS). There will be no such problem in 2025, the carnival time of that year is 3.4.

Coach Bill: Let no intention to return to starting ManuelIn the week just past Thursday night race, the Buffalo Bills lost to the Miami Dolphins 9:22 away, Bill whole game sluggish performance on the offensive end, the audience is not a touchdown. After the game there are public opinion quarterback Kyle – Orton (Kyle Orton) level unworthy of starting, whether it should allow EJ- Manuel (E.J.Manuel) return to starting.

Charles could not force the leg when his teammate was helped. At that time, the competition was conducted in the third section, and the chief 17-3 led Chicago bears. But the bear team finally defeated the chief in 18-17 in Section IV.

But doubts about Orton is not unreasonable, since for the first time last week against Kansas City Chiefs offensive would have never been touchdowns, dismal offensive red zone efficiency Bill let the fans very dissatisfied. But even let Manuel returned to the starting situation will only worse Bill Orton in terms of passing success rate, averaging the number of passing yards, passing touchdowns than interceptions and a quarterback rating for all significantly higher than Manuel, Manuel let return to the starting tantamount to giving up this season.

However, the recent jet off-attack group coach – Ga Gailey said Smith will still be the first. He said: “Now, Keno is the first, at least the first week and Cleveland Brand’s game is the first.” He said that Smith and Fitz Patrick’s competition is not what we think, he praised His: “I know” You have seen too much disappointment, Wholesale Jerseys if we can let him go all out, I am hard to imagine how much success can be, honest, say he can do very well. “

But Bill coach Doug – Malone (Doug Marrone) asked whether consideration when replacing denied starting quarterback, he replied: “no such intention, at least for now never considered substitutions.” He also said Orton performance the poor are affected by the toe injury, the future performance of Orton still full of confidence.

The injury of C.J. Mosley is the most exciting, he is seriously straightened in the first week of inguinal. The eighth week of return is only two sub-sections. He announced the reimbursement season and needs to be subject to surgery.

Dolphin is now urgently needed to make a supplement to the position of the corner, Tony Lippett, Tony Lippett, who is hoped by the team, is a poor and injury to the training camp. Troune, you can’t rest assured. It can be said that in addition to the outer corner guard Byron-Maxwell, the ability of the dolphins other than La Shad Jones, the ability of other second-line players must be a question mark.

Calcass signed a 4-year value of 32 million US dollars with Washington’s red leather last year, but the subsequent 2015 season was banned because of the premium problem, but also ended the journey in advance because the knee was seriously injured. He was playing A total of 6 games contributed 16 cockroaches and did not have a copy. The red skin immediately took him from the May this year, saving the team salary 9.25 million dollars.

External handle, Quince Ennuna, was injured in the first week of the season, reimbursed season. Since Isastead, the jet offensive and defense has someone to be injured, and the offensive front line is forced to have used 11 different players.

Dolphins is about to sign before the red leather angle Wei CarlicAccording to NFL official website reporter Mike Gala Garafolo, Miami Dolphin is about to sign a friend of Christ Culliver, who is a free player, then another official website reporter Ian Laber IAN RAPOPORT followed by reporting that the contract is probably a one-year value of $ 5 million.

In the past two season, Smith was only 57.5% completed 25 reachaes and 34 cases of copy, and his career rating was 71.5. Fitz Patrick has stayed in the alliance. His passed success rate is 60.2% to complete 123 times of Dali and 101 cases, last season he first sent 312 times in Houston Texas. The ball promoted 2483 yards and 17 reachaes and 8 coputés, of course, 21 times, Texas people completed 6 wins and 6 losses under him.

Jet replaces chief sports injury protectors Merlodi The jet has 21 players last year to join the injury reserve list, ranking first. Based on this, they decided to replace the Chief Motion Injury Protection John Mellody.Nike Patriots #87 Rob Gronkowski Navy Blue Team Color Super Bowl LI 51 Men's Stitched NFL New Elite Jersey

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