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Pony tries to sign the emirate Tang Tati-waveAccording to multi-media reports, the pony tries to sign the Ai-Wave (DONTARI POE). If you have not been talking to the Pony, the wave is also planned to visit the Falcon, Dolphin and Assistant.

The key to the fourth quarter, the patriot shows an unyielding heart, and promoted the back layer of the Haiying team to the frontier of the Haiying side, the Middle Road in the Armen Dora area, stayed up Live the game suspense, 21:24, there is still 8 minutes from the end of the game. As a result, the Hawie team didn’t take the pressure. After the Qi Bing Ma Xuzi was strict, Wilson did not find the second passenger point, “a three-vibrating bureau”, the ball quickly returned to Braddy. The patriot is more blooming, and Breddy has completed short pass on the left and right sides. Before the Haiying’s end area, this turn to Edman opened the defenders to complete the game, the patriot only 2 Received leading in 2002 seconds, 28: 24.

In the absence of 2 games, the falcon may usher in the worst season of Quin Dynasty. They need to win in the remaining two games to reach 7 wins and 9 loss records last season. Quinin only has this way to keep working.

At first, the team boss John Mara is the team owner. In the family, front teammate, former coach, in the election of Manning, the forefront of Manning, the forefront of Ernie Accrsi, and the Persevered Father Wellington Mara. Afterwards, Mara announced that the giants will retreat to Manning’s 10 jerseys.

8 years agoThe Haiying team won the throwing coins and chose to let the patriots attacked, patriot four-point Wei Tom-Breddy (Tom Brady) passed the three short biography to get the first attack, but the powerful Hawo-winning line did not allow the Patriots to further advance The latter is forced to kick. The Hawk handedate all the tasks they first attacked to the Marshawn Lynch, but Lynch did not win the team for the team, “Three and Out”, the sea eagle also abandoned Kick. The patriot team runs to the Midway of Legarrett Blount to make the ball to the Haiying team, and then the patriot will continue to go through the three-end conversion to the Haiying Red District. The Hawble Fighting Group finally worked, and Jeremy Lane copied Braddy on the pressure on the pressure, but Lin En was seriously injured during the attack. Forced to leave the field to be treated, the first section ended, both sides did not score.

Agolo has been in poor injuries and off-hand error last year, absent five games, completed 39 battles, advanced 363 yards, reached 3 times. 2017,2018 is the best when he performs, he can complete 60 batches in these two years, advanced more than 700 yards.

The Haiying team attacked Jermaine Kearse received the passage of Wilson’s pass on the first attack line, and he got the first attack, then Wilson 44 yard long-lost left side, Less, Horse Chris Matthews, this is promoted from the span team to a team of a team to complete the first time of his NFL career, helping the team to attack the Patriots Red District. Lin Qi finally retrieved, crushed the patriot line from the middle of the middle, 7: 7, and the Hawks slammed the score. There is still 2 minutes from the end of the first half, and the patriot of the superior scene will naturally do not want to bring a flat half, so they show their eighteen martial arts, laying into the frontier of Haiying’s Red Zone, Bray Rob Gronkowski, Di Chuan to the right, completed the David, 14: 7. However, the Haiying team did not give up the last 31 seconds. They used the three pauses in their hands to come to the red area patriotic, but the time left is only 6 seconds. Is it a continued attack or a free kick? After some discussion, the Haiye coach Pete-Carroll was determined to attract the attack, and this bold decision received a return! And website this time, Matthew, who used the patriotic guardian defensive mistakes to turn around the terminal area, and both completed the first time of career after the first time I first finished the career! 14:14, the two sides returned to the lounge.

Jones is the first round show in the denim 2015. In the past two seasons, they are responsible for security, but last week announced that they will return to the corner. The deadline for the execution contract option is 5.2.

They have to continue such performances to let Quin have a chance to stay. In the face of the Jacksonville America, they may have a good opportunity, but in the last week, in the last week, the Tampawan pirates that have recently attacked the firepower, Quin is may face the test.

Falcon 4 points Wei Lan: will do our best to help coachAtlantan Fematch did not expect the performance of this season, the outside world began to suspect the leader Dan Quinn in the future of the team.

“He got the respect of the locker room, everyone gave a ball for Dan,” Raiwen said in an interview. “This is no doubt. We all grateful that he is doing everything for us. His coaching method, and his relationship with our locker room is very good. So we love him. We all work hard for him and Do everything. “

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