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It is reported that from the beginning of the new season, the event will be relocated to Orlando. The professional bowl has been held in Hawaii since 1979, only 2 years of 2 were not in Hawaii, so this relocation is a big news.

Pittsburgh Steelman Run Belle may be absent from the training camp againBeijing July 18th Reviene – Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell) may reort the training camp that does not participate in the Pittsburgh steel person.

After watching the giant’s rookie training camp, Collins could not read the trend of the player before the kicking, and he had a big problem in staring at people. Steve Spagnuolo, who is a giant defensive coordinator, believes that although there is still a space in technology, Collins has demonstrated superman leaders.

Flals is a 1 year of 3 million contracts after a 1 year of the contract, and his arrival is greatly improved by the weakness of the weakness of the weak, and the lightning field anti-transmission is from 259 yards. The countdown is fourth) dropped to 214 yards (the entire alliance fourth). The 29-year-old Faulis ranked 769 files last season, and the 3-time copy of the 52 cockroaches and the leaders were taken.

Lightning four-year contract lock team top cornerLightning is a firm step to consolidate the second defense line, and the four-year contract renewed the number of the number of the head of the head of the team, Brandon Flowers, the details of the contract have not been announced.

The bear announced the dismissal of the offense coordinator Mark Haelfrich, the offensive front line coach Harry-Sistandand, the close-edge coach Kevin Gilbled (Kevin Gilbride) and the special service group Assistant Coach Brock Olivo.

Spagno said: “The new show is coming, often don’t want to say something. But Lanton is different. He will convene teammates, directly pointed out the problems in the training. If he can integrate this habit to integrate this habit In the game, I believe we will have a trustworthy second-line core. “

When Gris recalled this game, he said: “We played a total of 6 games. From the afternoon, I have never played so long.” Although I actually, I may not have him. So long, counting a variety of suspended and departure, spending 3 hours and 21 minutes, the game time is 82 minutes, but the time is much longer than the game, the time is much longer.

The bear offensive group returned in the 2019 season, and the four-point Wei Mi Trubisky was poor in most competitions in the season. He completed 63.2% of the passed, and 17 times of 10 times of passage were copied, and the quarter-off guards were divided into 83. Originally he is looking forward to progress by the team, but his retreat is worrying.

Bell and Steelman cannot sign a long time before the deadline of the privileged label player on Monday. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that Bell refused a $ 70 million in a 5-year salarievated contract with more than $ 30 million in the first two seasons. Now Bell will play with a privilege label contract worth $ 14.5 million in the new season.

In the case of coach Matt Nagy, Helfridge became a person who needs to be responsible for the adverse performance of the offensive group. In addition to the four-point position, the bear’s shock attack is poor in most of the season. The offensive front line from the whole season is like a sieve, and the location of the near-end front has been injured.

Giant Xiu Safety Wei will become the second line of the teamThe New York Giants traded up in the draft and selected safe satellite-Collins (Landon Collins) in the second round. The team regards Collins as the second-line core of the future, but for this rookie, he still has a lot of places to improve. As a stylish, it is good at staying in the box, the outside world is the biggest concerns about Collins lies in his coverage of defensive.

Last year Bell reported to the steel man on September 1. He took 1291 yards in 15 games in the last season, and the 655 yards were completed in 85 battles, and a total of 11 times. However, Bell was slow in the stage of the season, and he had a total of 180 yards in 52 times in the first three games, and he recovered in a few games after several games.

This game took place on December 25, 1971, in a playoffs in Christmas, the two sides of the Miami Dolphin and the Kansas City chief led by Gris Dafin and Lan Dawson. This game is abnormal in conventional time, the dolphine team has a leader at 10-0 at the end of the first section, but in the second section, the second section is protected by the Airate, and the half is ended at the end of the half. The third section ends, scores 17-17, and the fourth quarter ends 24-24, and both sides enter the overtime game. The first overtime, both parties are unresolved.

More than forty years have passed, Stanner Luode has been worried about this ball, as long as this shooting, you can detect him Cheap jerseys From China his eyes and voices. 31 yards should be a NFL-level player. This is easy to be confusing. As the only celebrities in history, this is the biggest stain in his career.

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