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Although Kubiak insisted the injury checked weekly Manning, Manning would be hard to imagine this was once again starting Broncos. Next game feels like the playoffs. In the case of ending the war will have to face the San Diego Chargers game looks more relaxed, the next win the next two games can make the playoffs first-round bye the Broncos win opportunity. But if you can not beat the Tigers, they may not be able to win the AL West champion can not even make the playoffs.

Lightning a weak item now has become a strongThis season, San Diego lightning continues the exceptional performance of the last half of the last season, with a position of the four-game winner to temporarily board the position of the United States. This season, the biggest difference between last year is the improvement of defense. The total score of the passing of the whole team’s pass on the game is only a bleak-47.6 points, and the team covers the highest score of Johnny Patrick. It can only be ranked 95th in the League.

According to reports, Rogers was in the big-specific division, “frequent laughter, similar to stupid laugh, it seems to enjoy the despise of the other side defense.” Nolan Carroll, Nolan Carroll Not as good, he said: “Rogers like smirk, often can see him, he likes to open a joke on the court.”

But Tit has never become a standing player in an external handup, and he only completed the ball last season 59 yards. In the five seasons of the Tiger Tiger, he completed 57 battles to get 901 yards 6 times.

However, this year, the transfer of lightning passes has a progressive progress. Therefore, so far, the total comment of the entire team has a total ratio of the total assessment of the entire League, and the score is substantially improved, and it is large to be beneficial to the rest. Signed the star slot cheap jerseys from china Brandon Flowers, where he is currently +10.1’s total score in all corner guards. Another important factor is the outstanding play of Jason Verrett, and the first game of careers has played the excellent performance of +3.5, which makes people look at it. Unfortunately, several games are not bright due to the difficulty of being injured by leg gluters, but it looks back on the way back to the right track.

Linebacker David – Harris: There is no hesitation to join the PatriotsBeijing July 17 hearing in a multi-signings this year, the New England Patriots in the offseason, signing a long-term effect partition sworn enemy of David – Harris (David Harris) might not be cause for concern.

Another hot quartz Tom Brady led the new England patriot with 41-13 wins Miami dolphins. After winning the 11th wins, the patriot has also determined that it will become the champion of the Meidian East this season. Breddy played stable, he was completed 21 times, and the 287 yard was accompanied by 2 times. Although it was copied once, but there was no injury.

Oscar Wheeler will continue to serve as the Broncos starting quarterbackDenver Broncos in the most important game of the season, Bullock – Oscar Wheeler (Brock Osweiler) will continue to serve as the starting quarterback.

The old Hawk Brown-Glaham said that Rogers said that Rogers had a ridicule, and it was unbearable, which made him very annoyed. He said in an interview: “This is too angry. I really want to kill him on the court. I am very unfortunate that he has a good game. If you can kill him, we will definitely laugh at him. of.”

Tit is expected to compete for the position of Bir’s main kick attack. Bill has seven players in the season to complete the kickback attack mission, but there are only 2 people left. Overall, every time Bill is rebounded at a time, the number of collections (18.83 yards) is the third less alliance.

Rogers downturn, MVP battle will continueThere are 2 weeks left in the regular season this season. Some teams have stood out, and some teams still need to take their best for the seasonal seat. The same is true for star players, some people have begun to turn their attention to the playoffs, and some people still need to make persistent efforts. On the MVP ranking, the leading team has a happy manifestation this week.

In the second round of the 2007 draft Harris has been selected as the starting middle linebacker jets. He only missed one game in the last eight seasons. His performance has been very stable, even at the age of 33-year-old last season, he has 62 solo tackles ranked team first.

“They contacted me, I had decided I wanted to effect them,” Harris said on Saturday. “They are a great team. They represent the highest standards of the NFL. Why would not you want to be one of them too?”

The team announced on Wednesday that coach – Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) notify the team will continue starting and Oscar von Peyton – Manning (Peyton Manning) will not enter the game played list. Manning will focus on the recovery on the foot injury, he would not participate in training on Wednesday.

Rogers suspected of laughing at the eagle defensive to the other player dissatisfactionIn the eleventh week of competition, Green Bay packaging worked at the home of 53:20 visiting Philadelphia eagle. Packaging workers quartz, Aaron Rodgers, this game continued its previous state, 321 yards were 3 times, and the passed score was as high as 120.3 points, led the team to hit the eagle defense. But the eagle player seems to be unachable.

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