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Front cheap Nfl jerseys take over Texas people wait for opportunitiesJoseph Anderson has played a three games in Chicago, in 2012, but also played a 6 game for the bear team in 2013, but he did not take a ball data in these two seasons.

The four defense of this inner Oregon was considered to be the team’s starting. With the completion of the contract, the battle for the battle on September 13, the game of Jameis Winston became a new season. Look at it.

Bill holds a large number of chips to let them pick a top quarter-saving in the first round. They have the 21st step 21 and 22nd, and there are two second rounds of draft. Let Taylor will allow them to have insurance when they cannot choose the four-point guard you want. And let the rookie quarter-saving have a bad thing like Taylor as a teammate.

Titan and Mario Tam completed 4 years of 24.2 million US gold contractsTennesi Toyan finally signed a contract with their rookie. This year, the second largest popular, Marcus Mariota signed a contract with the team on Tuesday.

Other candidates: Dakpriscot, Quadruple, Dallas Cowboy; Tao Degel, Runaway, Los Angeles Ran; Marcus Mario Tower, Quadruple, Tennesi Titan; Jelenlan Ji, Corner, Jackson Will America; Jordan Huande, Run, Chicago Bear; Tarikshire, Exterior, Kansas Emirates

It is reported that Anderson is ready to wait for the opportunity to be outside the Texasan Gloves every morning. At present, Texas people will be 3 wins and 5 losses, apparently Anderson’s goals are clear.

Recently, we saw the pretty good player in Houston Texas, and he held a piece of brand, wrote: “Not homeless, but desire success !! Can run the route For Mixed food to eat # I can withstand everything # 吃 # # 有 心心 # 饥 “

Take this opportunity, let’s take a look at what is the 2nd young player under the age of 24 with this potential? I don’t care about their glamorous record. I just try to find out the kind of rare talent similar to Clailney. Here I lists young players who are most likely to enter the celebrities, they are also nine distinctive style.

In 2015, the fifth round of the selected Boir’s ball is more excellent than the data, and he completed the 234 yards of the 23rd ball last season. It is the fourth score in Mei Lianbei District. High close-end.

Boir career’s first two seasons were plagued by offices. Due to the ban, he was banned from being banned, and there was a total of 14 games. This allows the team John Harbaugh, once said that if Boir continues, he can’t stay.

It is reported that the contract involves a total of 24.2 million US dollars in 4 years, of which 15.9 million US dollars are signature fees. Titan’s general manager said: “We are honored to sign with Mario Tag, thank everyone to contribute to contracts. We look forward to Mario Tag to start their careers, this is the future of Titan.”

When the coach Shan McDermott decided to make Xinxiun Peterman in the 11th week of the Los Angeles, Nathan Peterman, who would never stay in Bill in Bill when it appeared at Taylor. . Taylor has taken the first position in Pittman 5 times, and helped Bill entered the playoffs.

26-year-old Boyer is the most underestimated crow offensive player in the free player market. Excellent Boir in the Crow offset group as a crow-tier off-play group in the crow offensive group, in the past two seasons, helped the crow to attack the best in the past two seasons. 4297 yards.

I have given him a ticket to him in the new year of the Associated Press, and he is also in my top four in my annual MVP. I am even too lazy to list his data, we just understand that he is in the first year of entering the alliance, the number of rushing code is a second place.

“His sports ability. He is not an ordinary corner,” Hopkins said when he was asked him to respected Ramse. “He is very high. He dared to fight. He is very fast. He has all the quality you want a player.”

According to the statistics of the professional football focused network, when the two teams over the past two teams, under Ramsee, Hopkins were passed 32 times, completed 18 battles, achieved 2 times, no passing Dip, quad-branch 85.6.

Although it has been compressed by his truth (it is above), Evans is absolutely worth more attention. This beast has maintained a single season of 1000 yards in his first three seasons, and completed the second 12 up to the season.

Texas people take over Hopkins: Jay Ramse is my favorite cornerIn Beijing, September 13, in the media, most external hands and corner guards are filled with gunpowder. However, in the Houston Texas will face the Jacksonville American Tiger, Texas took over Didre-Hopkins, but praised Jalen Ramsey. .

Aiott fully meets Dallas’s requirements: sports, back-far emergency lines, to the Prescott sharing pressure and provide you with cover. He is the biggest hero that cowboy has 9 wins in the first regular season in 2015.

Bill may also realize that they have no better choice in addition to making Taylor forces. In addition to Taylor, they only have Pittman, unless you can make huge progress in your career, Pittman looks still unable to serve. Bill may not have enough space to sign Kirk Cousins, they might choose to choose Case Keenum or AJ-McCarron (AJ McCarron). It is also possible that Bill thinks Taylor, a $ 18 million contract, is a better choice than other free players.

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