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Dolphins give up match quotes, Krefo Bill

wholesale Nfl jerseys media people Ian Rapople reported on Thursday that Buffalo Bell announced that Miami announced the abandonment of the quotation of Charles Clay, so with Krei 5 years worth 3800 The contract is entry into force.

Recently, he said when he was interviewed: “You ask me to stay in Carolina? Yes, I think, one day you are hero, the next day, they will smash you, this is commercial, I Agree to this, I still love Carolina. Love this place. “

Weldil played 118 games in the 9th end of the year, of which 113 were first. He was selected by the Auckland raid by the Auckland raid in 2010, followed by Arizona Rock, Denver Musa. He can provide sufficient experience to the patriots offensive front line.

2020 season salary hats expected more than $ 200 millionThe new labor agreement proposal is still waiting for the player’s vote, but the new wage hat will soon be set. As expected, salary cap will continue to increase.

Wildil, who will be 32 years old in June, is a multi-faced hand. He has the ability to serve as the left truncation and the right tricks and the strokes and strikers. In the patriot, he can provide lineup depth behind the left-offsah Wynn and Right Diffuses.

The first 49 people who participated in commercial activities on Saturday, Alex Smith showed “shock” for the sudden change of 49 people’s coaching group. “I think I am still very difficult to believe that these coaches are gone, it is difficult to believe in these people,” Smith said to San Francisco media. “… I have won many games in the past few years, but no matter what reason, I can’t succeed last season. I don’t know why. I wish Tom Sula coach smoothly. I wish him everything is fine. “

At the Bill team, the Offense Coordinator Greg Roman’s heavy-legged offense, Kreg will open the Lesean McCoy. At the same time, he can also play an important role in the passbook. He won 69 codes and 7-time data in the 2013 season, and ranked 69th in the 2014 Big player.

Weldir is expected to sign a contract with a 1-year value up to $ 6.5 million. The Patriot will officially check the contract after Tuesday. After this day, the free player will not affect the team to obtain compensation draft.

Nogman explained: “The business operations have been sent to the university, and the business operation made me in the fourth round. The black panther did business decision. It is not a good decision, let us wait and see.”

If the new labor agreement is finally passed, the number of newly fame will also increase the profit of the league, and the amount of salary cap will also be further improved. The increase in the number of increases in 2021 will also be larger than previous years.

Josh-Normman, love Carolina Black LeopardWashington Hongkin’s new corners, Josh Norman, does not seem to blame the privileged contract of Carolina Black Leopard, and he thinks it can only blame the operation of commercialization.

Coupled with Justi Harvin, after leaving the New York Jet 2 month, Rex Ryan has been configured with the list of offensive players to reproduce 2009 and 2010. The lineup of the United States championship in two seasons. But the problem still exists: Who is the four-point guard pass the ball and the delivery?

The Black Panther has given his privilege label with the Nogman privilege label in the lunar season, but in confirming the long-term contracts, after the fast and Hongpi completed the contract of 75 million US dollars in Normman.

Smith is shocked by the 49 people coach groupSan Francisco’s 49 people in the 2014 season is so military unstable former Jim Harbaugh, recently suggesting that his successor Jim Tom Sula (Jim Tomsula is seeking this job in this work.

49 people are not lacking in the talents, but in Hubble, the offensive coordinator Greg Roman and the respected defensive coordinator Weik-Fangjio (Vic Fangio), after the situation Not good to Tom Sula.

As the first quarter of the 2010 season, the first quarter of the final quarter, Smith is a unique candidate for this 49-person new coach. “I like what he has brought to the team,” said Smith. “I know that he has the ability to become a head coach. He is a good person, it is a very good coach. I support him.”

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