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Patriot line Wei Meio is placed in the injury reserve listAfter the injury in Jerod Mayo, he defeated the shoulders of the Kansas City chief, according to the informed person, the new England Patriots will be placed in the injury reserve list. The 29-year-old will be injured in the third section of the game.

The Houston Texas defeated the American tiger at last week, although the Anstruck’s defensive group made a lot of trouble to Texas, but under the recovery of Ramal Miller, Texas retired from the away. victory. The second grade quadrant Swan Don-Watters is not good in the season, and the Texas people are also smashed in the United States of America. JJ-Watt This season is coming out of the season, I hope he can lead the Texas to go further.

Wayne in the past few weeks is not like a “typical Leji-Wayne”. He only completed 4 times for 2 consecutive weeks, and a total of 50 yards was only promoted. At the same time, he still appeared several times a few times. Although Wayne is not good, the pony will lead the alliance in terms of password number. At present, Pony is willing to get worship of Wayne, barely surprising that the injury has deteriorated is that everyone is unwilling to see. The team is looking forward to maintaining health in the season sprint phase.

According to Perry Thurlow reports, one of the AL East old faces back to the eastern United States. Jets announced the signing of veteran outside to take over – Chris Hogan (Chris Hogan). Hogan, aged 32, eight seasons of his career with seven potency in the eastern United States team the Patriots and Bill. Last season, Hogan signed with the Panthers a year, but after the fourth week because of a knee injury on the injured reserve list, the entire season for the Panthers played only seven times.

Players Roundup: Washington team activated from the injured list quarterback Alex – SmithAccording to cheap nfl jerseys from china television correspondent – Tom Perry Thurow (Tom Pelissero) reported the Washington football team in the United States announced Sunday morning local time to activate quarterback Alex from injury can not exercise list – Smith (Alex Smith). Smith suffered a serious leg injury two years ago, it has now recovered ready to return.

After the number of Johnson’s scorpion fell from the 15th game of 16 games last season to 89 times in 11 games this season, it is worthy of doubting whether his future will have enough opportunities in the red ramp.

Xiao Ma believes that the outer hand is huntingIn the competition of the Indianapolis Pony in the Indianapolis, the horses took over Relgie Wayne elbow injured. After the game, Wayne said that he did not have an income in an interview: “I feel good. The elbow is really hurt, now there is a little feeling. I will go home and take a break. See how tomorrow morning. “

Ravens center Matt announced – Scylla (Matt Skura) passed a medical on Monday is expected to begin training. Scylla in November last year, suffered a serious knee injury, tearing the anterior cruciate ligament knee, medial collateral ligament and posterior cruciate ligament and dislocated knee cap.

For many years, the Mayo of the team has been awarded that the location of Dongguang has included the East Tower – Heili (A Hightower) and Jamie Collins without a first qualification. In 16 regular seasons, Meio’s first 8 games, played in 36.7%, got 47 hugs and 1 time. He finally lived in the event of this season after the 2013 season and the 2014 season.

According to NFL official report, Wayne’s injury did not deteriorate. The pony also said that his elbow problem is not big, and the injury is not too serious. Such injuries tend to lead to the absence of two weeks, even if it is tough, but there is no matter. The pony will report the lead in reporting this matter, and he revealed that Wayne may miss 1 to 2 games.

This is far from Johnson’s bright future. He has been invaded many times, and he has already lost the trust of Kliff Kingsbury, a new coach Clev, Kliff Kingsbury. Johnson said on Wednesday that there is a problem with the coach to talk about and lack the appearance time and he is dissatisfied.

This season, Johnson played 11 games in the 13 games of Arizona, but only participated in the team’s 48.3% offense. The journey of joining the team in the season of the season, Kenyan Drake, has become the team’s number one running guard. Since his first time in the ninth week, Drake completed 65 shocks, while at the same time, Johnson completed a total of 12 shots in the past four games.

Dez – Bryant: The shoulder feels ten times better than last week.Dallas denim is still very careful when DEZ BRYANT is trained, but Bryant said that his right shoulder feel much better than last week, Bryant is trained in the training for four consecutive days. Initial restrictions participating in the training list, he initially wounded the shoulders in the second week of Tennesi Titan and absent the next week’s training. “My shoulder feels very good”, Bryant said on Thursday, “I feel 10 times higher than last week.” Bryian wearing an extra protective gear to protect his right shoulder, he said him It feels that there is no need to be injected when the game of the Saint-Orleans Saint Sunday is to stop pain.

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