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The Detroit Lion has completed the last day reversal in the first week of the game, and they lagn behind Arizona with 17-15 before the start of the fourth quarter, but eventually won the final victory in 23-35. The lion said that the last day turned the big devil, and once the game was completed in the last season to reverse the victory, the NFL single season. Quartz Ma Xiu-Stafford came from 292 yards and 4 times to reach, since 2011, the leadership of the year, the leadership of the joint attack, and all NFL quartz is the most in the same stage. And the new show will also have a high-light performance in the first show. In the fourth section, he won the ball and the second hero of the lion reversed.

Regular season, Monday, Night Race, Lion @ giant forward-lookingThe 2017 season regular season is about to usher in the battle of the second week, and the first week’s reversal will challenge the first round of the ugly New York giant. Can the giant return to the Metropolis Stadium to win the home? The lion is extremely strong, I don’t know what surprise will bring us this week.

Before the last season of trading, the giant used a third round of this year and 2021 to get Williams from the New York jet. If Williams renewed on the New League year, then this fifth round will be upgraded to the fourth round of draft.

Jet and quadrant Yo Joe-Vlaco sign a yearUS time is reported on Friday, according to NFL NetWork reporters, jets sign a one-year contract with four points 卫 Qiao Verco (Joe Flacco). The contract salary is 1.5 million US dollars, including $ 3 million incentive bonuses.

The New York Giants have won 50 home opening of the 50th home in the history of NFL, and is one of the four teams who have only winning at least 50 open red competitions in history. Faced last week to Dallas Cowboy, four points Wei Yilai Manning continuously debut 200 games, became a second-point guardian Square, Baize Falf (297) and his brother Papeton – Manning (208 games ), The third continuous first quadruple player, and he is also the only four-point guard in the active service. However, although Eli maintains a very high attendance rate, Xiahe does not come back, the giant team’s offensive efficiency will be greatly reduced.

Harvium is a jet with a six-round sign from Seattle Hawks. It is smaller than the 2013 Hawow to trader him from Minnesota. The Hawks won the super bowl in the 2013 season, but Harvan almost a visitor almost all season, and Cheap Jerseys then only 5 game Haiying traded Harva, and reported that Harwang is difficult to adapt to the sea eagle attack. The group is also a locomotive poison.

This back Bill hopes that things can develop in a more positive direction. If this is true, introduce Harvin, Run Helgle, McCay, and close-end Arms (if the Miami dolphins do not match the contract of Bill) Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods, these players have given Bill’s possibility of better offensive firepower.

NFL TV network reporter Ian Rapople reported that the giant and Williams were not close to the date of signed. Lat Portter also said that the giant may label him, but it is also possible to let him enter the free player market.

However, Brown is still fined $ 21,5073 by the team with the team’s conflict with Mike Mayock, Mike Mayock. This fine also means that the guarantee income in the Brown contract is invalid. Analysis points out that the raids have not yet paid to Brown salary so far because the only $ 500,000 training bonus that Brown can get will not be obtained. In other words, if the raid is cut off Brown, they don’t have to pay salary. In addition, Medeork notes Brown If the raid is cut off him without paying a dismissal fee.

This game Wilson completed 24 passes to advance 260 yards, four-point guards up to 138.5, and a few days ago, the coaching group has also publicly accused his pass issues, apparently played effective role.

In the Sunday match, the Hawks over 49 people in 29-1, Rawls completed 209 yards, which is also the second good single scene of the Hawks History, and Russel Wilson ( Russell Wilson’s pass is good and finally helping the team to reach 50% of the record.

The sources said that Harvin has “100% to Bill”, but the team officially announced this news until Wednesday morning. Bill is officially announced that Harvin is part of their 90 people. Harvin was worked with the current Bill coach Rex Ryan and the outer joked coach Sanja Lal during the 2014 season jet.

Buffalo Bell officially signed the outside hand HarvinAfter leaching the rumor of Perth Harvin and Buffalo, there is reported that the 49 people in San Francisco are being signed him in the final battle.

Dave Gettleman, general manager of Giants, has repeatedly defended Williams, which will become free players this year, saying that the team wants to have better understanding for Williams. After the team replaces the coach group, it is not clear whether Williams is suitable for new defensive systems.

This veteran queen is the horses in the season, which was originally a first member, but because the neck injury had to be absent next half. Replacing the New Show Druk Lock (Drew Lock) shows amazing, so that the wild horse has no reason to retain Fraco.

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