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Injury is not strange to Wenz. In 2017, Wenz once encountered a knee, cross ligament, torn injury, which also marked the beginning of his performance decline. In the past five years in the past five years, Wenz is only two years completely. 2020 season Wenz’s performance could not match Jalen hurts, so the second half of the season was devalued.

NFL official website experts believe that pirates may leave Martin using a privileged player label. But they may not be willing to open this one-year label contract worth $ 1.5 million; & mdash; even if they have a lot of wage spaces.

At present, Wenz is still waiting for the specific results of the test and will follow the foot diagnosis and treatment expert, and the team hopes to achieve more accurate rehabilitation time. The good news is that this injury is not much likely to cause Wenz season reimbursement.

Rosen is the only one to win four-point guard on the scene, and the first round of the 10th show will complete 10 times, and the 170 yards are promoted. Plush 28-18 is better than 49 people in San Francisco.

“We have a great discussion, I think the two sides believe that he is willing to stay here, we also hope that he will leave,” Jason Licht, General Manager. “We have to look at the development of the situation.” According to reports, both parties have not been close to the new contract.

In many ways to run a free player in March, each running guard may each depressed the price of others. However, Martin is one of the most likely to get a free player who has got over a big contract this year.

According to NFL official reporters, Williams has visited the sea eagle on Thursday, and has a simple communication with the management and coaching group. Last season, Williams showed, but the starting time was still stable. The height of 6 feet 1-inch corner guard is very suitable for the sea eagle from the style. If the Hawks cannot retain Maxwell, he may be the header of the team.

Pony four-dimensional Wengtts is absent from injury, and the return time is uncertain.US time is reported on Friday, according to the ESPN reporter, Pony 4 defense is injured in the end of the end of Thursday, and will therefore temporarily absence training, and the return schedule is undecided.

The first rookie quarter-free wins in the fifth weekBeijing October 9th, in the fifth week of the regular season, there were 4 first rounds of four-point guard in the competition: Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Josh-Ai Josh Allen and Josh Rosen, privately lead the team to win. According to ESPN, this is also the first four rookie quadrants in history to win in the same week.

Pony went to Wenz, priced by this year’s race season, is a 2021 three-wheel signs and 2022 conditions. At present, the two-year-old Qi Jacobi-Isen (Jacob Eason) is trained with the starting lineup, Sam Ehlinger serves as a substitute.

Fat’s external hand list has the name of top-level, if Sterling Sharpe has ended his career due to injury, there is no location on this list. But the truth is that he is indeed Ffver’s most important pass target, and it has also achieved good results.

For pirates, entanglement is that they will spend a lot of money on a player that can be replaced. Although Martin may seek a year of $ 8 million contracts, the price of pirates may be less than a few million dollars than this number. Pirates may allow Martin to enter the free player market to understand their value, then decide whether to leave him.

Free players visiting rumors: front eagle catering or will join the HawksSeattle Eagle is likely to be brought to the romance of Byron Maxwell in this offset period. In this regard, the Hawks naturally want to find the right alternative. Care will Williams, who was rewarded by Philadelphia earlier this week, perhaps the appropriate choice.

Like Paoc-Manning, excellent pass, obviously impossible to have only one stable ball. In the pony period, Manning another major passed object was a Raygun Wayne. Wayne’s most terrible performance is in the playoffs. Whenever it is in a critical moment, Wayne always helps Manning’s best weapons to solve problems. Up to now, Wayne’s career has completed 92 battles in the playoffs. This data is second in the second place of Cheap Nfl Jerseys history, only 151 times of Jerry Less.

For our young fans, Eunas’s era seems to have a considerable distance. Berry is 9275 yards in the total number of careers, and most of them come from the pass of Eunas. According to legend, two of them are the highest combination of NFL alliances.

If you feel that Dan – Marino doesn’t have a good ball, then you have a big mistake! Data can prove everything. During the period from 1983 to 1992, Mark Kretton had successfully received the passage of Marino to his direction. In addition to Kretton, Mark Dupler is also one of Marino’s favorite pass object.

NFL historical top ten “quad-saving-external junction” combinationIt is well known that the American football game is the most closely related to the four-point guard is their pass object & mdash; & mdash; As the saying goes, good horses are equipped with the saddle. A excellent quarter-saving can drive the growth of external connections under his hand. In turn, an outstanding external connection can also enhance the quadrant to a new level. This is like combined inside and outside the basketball, the front lines in the football, their existence, let a team are invincible; their existence, there are countless managers. In the history of NFL, such a combination is not uncommon, not an enumeration. Today we will take a look at those combinations of “quartz-external jewers” in NFL.

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