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Daniel Jones will return to the giant firstUS time Friday, the Juren coach Pat-Shu (Pat Shurmur) announced that the rookie four points saten Daniel Jones will return to the first, which means Eli Manning short-lived. “Say farewell” draws the end of the number.

Wolf is the child of the forefront. Ron Wolf, who worked for 14 seasons in the packaging worker management, and works a variety of jobs. Before going to Brown, Wolf is the supervisor of Green Bay Rugby Operations.

In the pass attack, Doug Baldwin has become more than Glaham. Glaham’s 18th brought, only more than 7 times more than the sea eagle near the same period last year. Original Haiye hopes to attack the team through Glaham, but at present, the team still needs to coordinate his role in the attack.

The proximal front Martruce – Bennet announced retirementOn Friday, US Time, Martellus Bennett released a decommission statement on the twitter, and he will then put all the body and mind into the multimedia company “The Imagination Agency”.

Hawks will do our best to use GlahamSeattle Hawks introduced close-end GMG Glaham in the offset period, but the professional bowl level close-up is not smooth in the first few games in the new team. As of this week, nfl Jerseys Glaham only completed 18 battles, although still columns close to the end of the 6th, but the brave performance during the New Orleans Saints is not synonymous.

In the 10 years, Bennet has worked for five teams. As a rookie from the Texas Ranchu University, he was taken away by the denim in 2008. After 4 years of work in cowboy, he worked at the giant for a year, and later worked for the bear team for 3 years.

Darrell Bevell Darer-Bevell said: “This is a problem, we all know this. We will try all the ways, try to integrate everyone into the attack. I hope Jim can catch the ball. I hope he can do more things in the attack. We asked him to catch the ball, ask him to stop. Now there is only to move forward, we expect him to do more, the team will do his best to excite him to the best state.”

Bennet ushered in the 2016 season. With the new England Patriots, Tom Brady and the near-end Edge Robsky have greatly improved his attack power. He completed 7 reachaes, and he also won the super bowl of championship. He signed a contract with the packaging in the 2017 season, but he was fired in the middle of the season. Bennet quickly contracted with the patriots, but only 2 games will enter the injury reserve list.

Katnik’s performance was very bad in the game of Seattle Hawks last week, and only 121 yards had two mistakes, and there were at least 18 rushing balls and at least one pass to the record. In terms of, Katnik is very trying to prove that itself, the process of the entire interview is very short.

Katnik is determined to play a turnFor San Francisco 49 people quartz-Kaepernick, I can’t wait early on Sunday afternoon. We can easily prove this from the character of the media interview and answering.

To retain the hope of the promotion of the playoffs, 49 people need to win all four games behind, and Katnik said confidently: “Let’s know that we must do this.” When asked the most in the Bay District Derby War When I look forward to, Katnik’s answer is simple & mdash; & mdash; victory.

Run Kris Johnson hopes to return to Titan Chris Johnson, who has known “radioped runoff”, is still in an unemployed state, and he expresses himself back to Titan’s desire. Of course, it is the identity of derick Henry.

Johnson is the first round show in Titan, in Tennessee for 6 years. He will be 33 years old in September this year. In the past two seasons, the time has limited time, and the scorpion code is not even 4. Last year, he was in the Red Champion on the ball, pushed 114 yards. After Adrian Peterson, Johnson was dismissed by the Team.

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