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49 people Xiu Boland is selected for the best rookie lineupSan Francisco 49 people This season’s third round of new show, Borland, who was injured in Patrick Willis, was selected by the whole American professional football writer. The best rookie lineup of the association.

This Sailo was almost missed many games, but he was in the case that the next team completed 3 wins and Wholesale Jerseys 1 negative performance. In the 2014 season, he completed 3705 yards pass, 34 reaches and 9 cases were copied.

Borend participated in 14 games this season, and 8 of them were debut, and the total was completed 107 times. 49 People’s team defensive coordinator Dik Vic Fangio said: “In fact, Beland’s starting performance is not good, especially with the game of St. Louis Ram and Denver Wild Horse, but since Brandon has a reborn Play, although some small mistakes will have, there are some tactical cooperation, but this is all unable to affect our affirmation.

Although he encountered such a big trouble, the raid person won’t give up a player who was most (33.5 times) before the NFL history. In the 530-pin 530 defenders last season, Smith and Star Way Khalil Mac (Khalil Mack) got 62 catching four-point guard, 9 killing and 8 hit four-point guard.

Steelman quadrupled to Luocessberg: Returning to the stadium is both excited and nervousIf Ben Roethlisberger, the old four-dimensional defended these issues in time, and the Pittsburgh is overcome with 26-16. New York giant.

The crow has activated the Mark Ingram and the defensive front line player Cales, Calais Campbell, and the Jihad Ward, from the new crown reserve list. As of Saturday, there are 10 players in the new crown reserve list, including Jackson.

This shows that the team is very trustworthy for Smith, and he is banned for one year due to violation of alliance drug abuse regulations. It was not possible to resume the appearance of the appearance until mid-November.

Jackson and many crow players absent the game game on the steel man of the strait Pittsburgh. Affected by the explosion of the new crown in the crowns, this game has been postponed from the Thanksgiving Night Collection, eventually held on Wednesday. The crow has also changed from Thursday night to Tuesday.

After signing the Ball Irvin in the free player market, the raid people hoped that Smith will return to the team defense in the late season. Considering the results of the team a few seasons, General Manager Leir McKenzie should praise a set of lineups that make up one of the most advances.

When the opponent offensive, Datun was standing on the field, wrapped in the elbow of the surgery with a coat, played a maintenance. He said that he might feel pain on Tuesday, but he said that his elbow did not have a serious problem.

In the 2-minute attack before the end of the first half, I look back to the outstanding state of the past, and he brought the team to complete a 78-yard attack including 8 attacks and finally completed the pass to the ball.

“Obviously there are some bad performances, I am very excited to be very nervous, I can return to the game,” Datun said after the game. “I just don’t want my teammates to disappoint, this is the most important thing.”

Braddy, who has served as the University of Michigan, still proud of the alma mater, and the result is a catastrophic consequence. After the alma mater is 27-56, after Braddy is forced to and his patriots, the Michigan University of Visovich is wearing the clothes of Ohio State University. Celebrate the victory of the enemy.

Betcourse Braddy is forced to celebrate the University of Michigan, OhioIt may be the most wolf of the new England Patriopters, the University of Michigan, the University of Michigan, is the most wolf of Tom Brady.

Braddy has also suffered from the hard work of supporting alma mater and teammates. In 2015 and 2016, he was forced to wear clothes from Ohio State University to the team base. In 2012, he was trained in the Ohio State University Jersey, Ohio, Mike Frabel.

At least Breddy himself can laugh when it is facing Ohio State University. During the four-part assumption of the University of Michigan to 1999, he won 1 win and 1 loss of results when the start of the enemy. Since he entered NFL in 2000, Ohio State University faced a record of 17 wins and 3-losses in Michigan University.

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