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According to NFL NetWork reporters, there have been several negotiations for Charlton’s transactions on Sunday reports. Although there is currently no signs of transaction, it may increase heat in this week.

But the dolphins must defeat the steel man, nor is it completely impossible. The pavement of the dolphins is strong, and the steel man’s pavement defense is seriously degraded this season. Agau has the opportunity to rush the steel man, but the problem is that Akaji is performing in the regular season. It is not convincing after a few weeks; in addition, there is a good performance for the dolphins for the rating, but it has not proved that he has The strength of the number one run. If Aga is consumed, how can two other two people break through the pavement of steel people?

The Shetun has been selected for two years in the 2017 season. He completed 91 battles in the year, promoted 1276 yards, reached four times, and Wei Jing finally defeated the National Federation Championship.

Viking and External Hand Adam – Sundong Continued for 4 yearsBeijing April 13, US Time is reported on Friday, according to ESPN reporters, Viking has renewed ADAM THIELEN for four years, with a contract salary of $ 64 million. After the inspiring bonus clause, the total salary can be up to 73 million US dollars.

2016 season Miami Dolphin Regular Tourism Review and PlayoffsI hope, I hope, Miami old dolphins have killed the playoff! Although it is just the No. 6 seed, although the external calorie is going to almost impebracks the Pittsburgh steel man, for the last playoffs, it is already in the past 8 years ago, the playoffs is already a big man. step.

This is no such thing in the first package. In the past three games, Rogers passed 36 times to Davante Adams, but Adams only completed 15 times and didn’t reach, and Lan Road Randall Cobb This season only completed 56% of the catching rate. He completed 72% last season.

In terms of anti-transmission, only Byron-Maxville is not enough. The other DB is completely unable to shoulder the responsibilities of CB2. I miss the Brent-Grims that I have returned to the other end of Florida.

Charlton is the first round of the cowboy in 2017, but the performance is not as expected. His rookie season played 16 games, did not get the first opportunity, completed 19 times, 3 times. Last year, he played 11 games, starting 7 of them, completed 27 times, and killed.

Shetten is about to usher in the sixth NFL season, he has selected professional bowls in the past two years. A total of 113 shots (the third history of the history) were completed last season, and the 1373 yards (the team 4), reached 9 times, the above data is new.

The most terrible problem is that the team’s four-point Wei Alon Rogers cannot be successful with his external group, although Rogers have completed 22 passes to advance 202 yards 1 to 1 time The interception performance, but he said: “I need to make a game to confirm that our tactics is not watching the same page, I am talking about the passing tactics. We are not on the same page at all, I have passed to that position but External connections are not there, obviously we have seen different pages. “

In the 2016 season, Tanhar is no longer, although the last paragraph of the regular season is hurt, even if it is full of 16 games, it is far from the number of passes of 4000+ last year. But the pavement of dolphins is surprisingly. The reason is, or a savvy draft saved the team. It is worth mentioning that except for the top running to Weaja, the other two running satellite-Williams and Kenyan-Drake can also contribute qualified outputs within a limited time period.

After Bye Week, Agay’s performance is actually declining. There were only two 80 yards in 9 games, especially the two consecutive rounds of ambiguous codes in 14/15 weeks were less than 3. Fortunately, the performance of the key battle of Aka is trustworthy. On the 16th week, the critical moment of winning the season’s post-competition is the 206-yard pavement defense, helping the team locked in the situation in Tam Hill. The place in the playoffs.

Rogers: I have different tactics that take over.Green Bay packaging works in Thanksgiving, losing the Chicago Bear with a bad man in the evening, which is also the second time the team will lose at home this year.

The defensive fence is tight, guarantees the lower limit of the dolphins; the offensive group adopts the rush ratio, replenishes the offensive short board, ensuring that the efficiency of the offensive group fell in the case of Tannel fell. Output.

Speaking of a thousand tens of thousands, I only hope that the bans of the dolphins should not carry too much pressure. After many years, I will enter the playoffs, which is already a huge success. The win-off is important, but it is not the only measure of metrics.

As the No. 6 seed, wholesale jerseys the outer trill is to challenge the Pittsburgh steel man away. Even the most optimistic dolphins fans can also be promoted. Not only because of the position and the isas of the road, but also because the arrays are steel people.

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