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The eagle safety Weihaham continuously played the record will endOwl coach Doug – Peterson said on Friday, whether it is still to be determined by the Corey Graham, but he may also be confuse the game opponent giant.

Peterson also said that the defensive end of Jaylen Watkins can also be arrested, but Watekins also stated in the injury report could not appear. Ronald Darby will continue to absence the competition due to the ankle injury, safe, Rodney McLuod, is also injured, and this eagle second-line defense is anxious.

Darer Rewis wrist surgery for Cheap jerseys 2-3 monthsOn Thursday, the New York Jet announced that his corner revis completed the right wrist surgery, repair the torn ligament, which would require a protective trick to rest for 2-3 months.

Jones, now 31, said in an interview: “This is my plan, I hope all goes well I was a good player, I feel like I can get back the state, let’s see what will happen next..” Jones joined the Packers after, he will become the team’s No. 3 wide receiver, Randall came in – after Adams (DeVante Adams) – Cobb (Randall Cobb) and Derwent.

“No, it is not like,” Jones replied. “When he sits there, we can choose him, obviously he is as excited as us. I think he has a rare player. I think that whether it is the way to run or his feelings, whether it is a ball, whether it is He accelerated after the ball, everything is natural. It seems that he has all the advantages, I know that his teammates certainly like him. He is very good, work is very hard. How do you praise him is not enough. We Fortunately, he can finally be selected by us, he will attack the group, even in the special team, bringing very difference. Seeing that he may return to the court to attack in the attack, it will not surprise me. “

“My and (Nuggets Chair) Tim Connelly is a very good friend. I think this is only one chance to help recruit a NBA free player,” Marshall said to Denver Media. “I am sure that each team in Colorado has made progress and become excellent.”

Wild horse line SMSEL is a jersey for Nuggets recruit MilhapBeijing July 9th, Denver, Brandon Marshall, who helped Denver Nuggets recruited free players, Millsap, Milhap, and got the reliques of Nuggets.

Cowboy High-rise: External hand Sidi-Lamb looks like a rookieCeedee Lamb fell to the 17th in this year. Although cowboy has given the number of Amari Cooper, Amari Cooper, and has a good Michael Gallup, cowbur is still decided to pick Rum.

The training camp is currently reported that Lamb has already showcases the high quality. Stephen Jones, Executive Vice President of Cowboy, was asked in an interview, asked Lam to look like a rookie player in the training.

Wide receiver James – Jones to return to the PackersAccording to the report of the NFL’s official website reporter, wide receiver James – Jones (James Jones) and has been the Green Bay Packers to reach agreement on a new contract. The Packers have been in effect for up to 7 years of efficient wide receiver will return to Green Bay. Jones was sacked at the New York Giants on Saturday.

De Angelo – Williams participated in the wrestling competition Forbidden’s Ratitzburgh Steelman’s Run De Angelo Williams found new fun during their free player, perhaps the opportunity to become a future career wrestler.

The 30-year-old Levis, 14th, was selected by the jet machine, and his first six seasons were completed in the jet. Regression of the jet last season, in the 2013 season, he spent the pirate in Tampawan, the 2014 season in the new England patriot and got a super bowl.

Since Jordi – Reimbursement Nelson (Jordy Nelson) season, the Packers hope to be more attempts to take over the outside position, and further deepen the lineup thickness. Thailand – Montgomery (Ty Montgomery) and Jeff – Ganis (Jeff Janis) will also receive the appropriate playing time. As Aaron – one of the most familiar catcher Rogers (Aaron Rodgers), Jones’s arrival will ease the loss of Nelson brought trouble to some extent.

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