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In Guandong District, salty fish turned over this kind of thing: 2012 season Hongki 10-6 gets his name (5-11 in the previous year), 2013 season Eagle 10-6 achieved head name (4-12, 4-12) , 2015 season Red Leather 9-7 achieved headnation (the previous year 4-12), winning the head name last season (4-12, 4-12).

Meritorious coach Mike – Shanahan will be selected for the Denver Broncos Hall of FameWe have decided to let the former Denver Broncos coach Mike – Shanahan (Mike Shanahan) selected for the team Hall of Fame.

Shanahan is one of only seven cheap nfl jerseys from china history has made over 175 career coaching victories and won 2 Super Bowl champion one coach. 6 other people – Don Shula (Don Shula), Bill – Bailey Cech (Bill Belichick), – Tom Landry (Tom Landry), Chuck – Noel (Chuck Noll), Bill – Pasay Wales ( Bill Parcells) and – Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin).

Special service is a ram killing, single season 3 people have reviewed WeeklyThe performance of the Shengluos ram this season makes people look bright, they repeatedly burst into the strength of the team, prove that they are not fish. In addition to the increasingly mature defensive group, the special team of the ram has now become the secret weapon of the team, especially the game that defeats Seattle Hawks, mostly influential. This week’s team 24-0 complete Washington red skin, attacking the TAV Austin, was rated as a Best Secret Service Group of the National United States.

Prior to coaching the Broncos, Shanahan coached the Los Angeles Raiders in the 1988 season, he was fired during the 1989 season. And after leaving the Broncos, he also coached four years at Washington Redskins. His career coaching record of 178 wins and 144 losses.

He is a team member. “Gatman also said. “I don’t know if I am dying because of heart disease. I hope it will not. Although I am living more valuable than death. But, no, I don’t have fun, he is a team member, Do you still want me to tell you? “

At present, the four teams have become famous this year from the end of last year.As long as the Sunday, the Yawn is unbeaten, the eagle can ensure the location of the national east name. If they succeed, this will also be the 14th team in the past 15th season, the team has become the leading sheep from the divided crane.

The game, Oskin completed the attack at 143 yards, including a 76-yard abandoned kick, and the single episode is a new high. Last season, Osdon had completed the abandonment kicks in the game with the Indianapolis horses, and the excellent performance of that game also helped him win the best special team players.

After the winning prize, Austin became the Marshall Faulk in 1999 and 2000, the first two seasons in the career have been reviewed for the best players in the first two seasons in the career. Since the season, there have been 3 people awards, except for Austin, playing the ball, Greg Zuerlein and the external handle, Stendman Bailey, STEDMAN BAILEY I have also won the award.

The raid person is close to the 16th link, it is expected to refresh the team history record. Although there is still 7 records from the NFL single season, the NFL single season is 7 games, but for the Auckland raid team, they arrived at 16 games.

This season’s raid team has lost 9 games, plus 6 losses in the last season, if this week, in San Diego’s game, then after defeating the Houston Texas in Houston, they will be about to win the Houston Texas. Reach 16 games.

In the past three years, Eli Manning, which has declined in a state of decline, has passed 66 times in Bai, and 29 passes have been copied. When Bai Shi is missing, the two data is 14 times of 14 times, respectively, and the four-point guards in Manning will fall from 91.5 to 75.0.

Although it is lacking for one year, Williams rapidly returned to the state last season, prove that he is still a reliable left-trial. In the first season of 49 people, Williams will be selected for the eighth time. Last season, the professional football focused on him reached 91.9, and the left-off position is first.

Trent Williams agreed to renew 49 people. The contract is 6 years, and the value reached 1380.6 million US dollars. This contract consists of $ 55.1 million full-safe salary and a signature bonus of $ 30.1 million.

Williams has been tend to stay in 49 people. Last year’s break, under his unremitting persistence, Williams finally be traded by Washington football team to 49 people. Before being traded, Williams had been effective for Washington for 9 years, but the relationship between the two parties in the last year, Williams chose to fight, absent the entire 2019 season.

“But I want you to understand this: Odel and brokers did not contact us on these two reports. So clearly, I will not respond to any report, just as I said, I said Each decision made is the best interest in the New York Giants. “

Gatman also talked about the interest of the ram to Beckham and the previous renewal of reports not played before the contract. “There are two reports about Odel in the past two days. Is it? They claim that he will not play without renewal, and there are people who are interested in trading him. I understand these reports. People are always I want to report something, I understand. “

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