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“We went to the university and many strange coaches, and they are hard to find outstanding offensive front line players.” Schneider said, “Everyone wants to play four-point guard, run guard or defensive front line, this is rugby The status quo of culture. Most people are not eager & lsquo; becoming the best offensive front line player & rsquo in high school football world; they just want to kill four-point guard. “

Belden and Red Leather Defense CoordinatorWashington Hongdon, Washington, is constantly, most of which are from within the team, and of course there are many attacks from other teams. After the game of Red Leather and Seattle Hawks in October, Cheap Jerseys Richard Sherman took the red skin to describe Pierre Garcon described as “unrelated to the alliance”. ” . This week, San Francisco’s 49 people took over Akun-Boldin, I also thrown similar comments after the game. This time I was attacked was the red skin defensive coordinator Jim Haslett.

Hardy revealed that he will meet his own agent this week, and both parties will discuss the possibility of regression. Hadi still maintains a good body and physical condition, allegedly insisting on training during this time that cannot be entered. Hadi is not a person in battle, recently he has brought him support for him. Ron Rivera. Rivira said he believed that Hardy can debut again with the black panther player.

Fitzgerald said in an interview that he has the ability to take injuries, and the shorthair has explained this. Bruce Bruce – Arians also agreed with this: “Larry came back, and gave a good performance. We will check his situation in Monday.” This week, this entry alliance has been 11 The old year will only complete a total of 2 batches, win 33 yards, but his team is currently 9 wins and 1 neighborhood. The opponent of the next week will be a recent situation of the defending champion Seattle Hawk.

US Time Thursday We get the news is not just Jackson, Brown Legend Sky Jim-Brown will also appear in the Brown team. Previously, Brown once worked for a few years for the team, but with Jackson’s coaching, Brown will gain important positions.

Schneider said he and the rugby coach at all levels have been talked, and these people said that they are very difficult to find both physical and strength to attack the front line. Don’t say that I have to have this.

Brown himself is so explained his new job: “In fact, this is what I have been doing. I did this in every place in Cleveland. I tried to respect the competition and respect everyone’s story. Sometimes you need to understand that the players have some psychological problems, this is from the past experience, these will become the factors in the game, we need to further, guide them, I will be guidelines to teach them how to help themselves. “

Fitzgerald needs to receive a nuclear magnetic resonance checkArizona Red Spits Entry-Fitzgerald (Larry Fitzgerald) plans to receive nuclear magnetic resonance checks on the local time to determine his hurt in cross-knees. In this week’s game, Fitzgerald offens on the first half. He encountered an opponent’s impact when participating in the three-speed transition. Fitzgerald re-debut in the next half, and in the final wave of the team, Fatiti received the crucial three-speed conversion, helping the team kept the advantage to the final.

Hua Yick proves how difficult it is to find a good offensive front line playerJohn Shneider, General Manager of Haiying, said he really hardly find excellent offensive front line players, but this is not just a problem with the Seattle. It is a puzzle of the football world.

Greg Hadi: I want to playProfessional bowl level defensive end Greg Hady said in an interview with local time, he is eager to return to the venue, hoping that this season can be played again for Carolina. Hadi said: “I want to play. My team is not good in the recent state, I can’t wait, I want to help everyone.”

Jackson received an interview: “Jim knows those young people. He understands how to deal with them, how to make them like Jim, Jim is such an excellent manager. I have no career in NFL. Therefore, we need to have career experience to teach the players how to deal with the outside world, how to succeed, this is very important. “

NFL TV Network Reporter Tom Pelissero reported that the Tiger was cut him in accordance with the requirements of Andy Dalton. Previously, Tiger had tried to trader 32 years old Dalton, but it could not find the next home.

Although Hadi’s desire is strong, the alliance still has to do things in accordance with regulations. As of now, his situation still has no changes. He will continue to stay in the list of presidents until the case has new development. Since the season, the Black Panther only won only 2 victories in the 8 games of Hadi. The fans have always missed Hadi’s performance. He contributed 4 times in the first game and kill once. However, the cruel reality is that this may only be the last flash in his black panther career.

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