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Since July 4, Pierll Paul has been hurting his fingers because of the fireworks, the giant management group will not contact him. So currently his 14.8 million gold contract has not been implemented, and he can also sign other teams or wait for return. It is reported that he has never contacted the team to be able to test through the team’s physical test. This team can’t put him on the list of non-football injuries, and he has to pay him a salary of his first six weeks.

Matruce – Bennet is a smile compared with CookBeijing July 8th, many packaging works are very curious, let go of Jared Cook, bring Martellus Bennett, no near-end position ? The front packaging worker near the front packaging worker said in the ESPN program, this replacement will “improve the cover, but the passive attack ability is declining”.

Jason Piel Paul resumes good fortuneJason Pierre-Paul is now in the field, and his injured hand clearly affects the outside world to his contact. At present, there are still 2 weeks left in the regular season, according to the New York Giants, Pierre, Pierre, may already have a return.

The old eagle coach told the players to put down the pressure, focus on playing Beijing October 23, as a defending champion, the old eagle’s record is not too good. After the 6-0 advantages of Sunday were turned over, after losing to the black panther, the eagle record has changed to 3-4.

Pederson said at the press conference: “I tell them to learn from it. These games will temper the team & hellip; & hellip; let players more united. I said: & lsquo;, put down the pressure. No one is right now. Have too much expectation, so we can also put down the pressure, concentrate on playing, relax, enjoy it. & Rsquo; there is still a lot of competitions, we still have the opportunity to reverse a military, what can happen, currently Establish a contest for every week. “

Peterson did not need surgery, but he took more time to recover after the twist sprain in the twelfth week. At his absence, Kerwynn Williams completed 36 shots to achieve 70 yards, which was particularly active in two weeks ago.

The raid team also entered the Texas troops in the Texas people through the short pass and the ball, and the external hand Michael Kleabreti caused a foul on the AJ Boy defending, won 24 yards, advanced to the code line, raid The team can’t reach, playing the ball in the Bastian – Jenexki 20 yards rejoithns, the score is 17:13. Texas people first find the 17 yards in Will Fuller, close-up CJ Fisotovitz, 20 yards, the game has entered the fourth quarter, play the ball Nick Novak returned to a 28 yard, Texas 20:13 raid people.

21. Patriots tight end Rob – glycopyrrolate Koski (Stephen Gostkowski), running back Sony – Michelle (Sony Michel) (knee) and wide receiver Josh – Gordon (Josh Gordon) and Chris – Huo root (Chris Hogan) (thigh) are listed as possible play can not be determined.

At the same time, the Jets cornerback Buster – Sike Lin (Buster Skrine) (concussion) and wide receiver Chalong – Pique (Charone Peake) (hamstring) as unable to play; because cornerback Te Lumei – Johnson (Trumaine Johnson) (quadriceps) and linebacker Kevin – Louis Pierre (Kevin Louis-Pierre) (foot) played doubt; security guard Marcus – Meyer (Marcus Maye) (ankle / foot Department) and Doug – Middleton (Doug Middleton) (hamstring) could not be determined play.

2. Green Bay Packers coach Mike – McCarthy (Mike McCarthy) said that the league’s highest-paid quarterback (knee) fully participated in training on Friday. He did not participate in training on Thursday and told reporters that his knee injury recurrence, may have to wear knee pads to play Monday night game. Cornerback Jayer – Alexander (Jaire Alexander) (groin), wide receiver Geronimo – Allison (Geronimo Allison) (hamstring), cornerback Bashao De – Bristol Rand (Bashaud Breeland) (hamstring ), security guard Kent Trail – Bryce (Kentrell Brice) (ankle), tackles Brian – Braga (Bryan Bulaga), wide receiver Randall – Cobb (Randall Cobb) (hamstring) and line David Nick – Perry (Nick Perry) (ankle) were limited in training.

The 2nd Dezhou people first completed the 18 yards of 18 yards by the near-endor CJ Fedorovitz (the Lamar Miller), but the referee passed Video playback identification Miller is already out of the 1 yard line. The protocol defensive group pushed the Dezhou people from 1 yard line to 12 yard lines, but still can’t stop Osville passed the new show outside, former Ohio State University quartz Websuit Braxton Miller (BRAXTON MILLER) 12 yards pass the ball to score, the score was pulled into 10:10 flat.

At the beginning of the game, the Texas people first attacked, the four points of BROCK OSWEILER passed the leader Deandre Hopkins, the latter took the ball to advance 60 yards, But the referee recognizes that Hopkins has been out of the 36-yard line of the raid, and the coaches can’t challenge the penalty of the line. In the end, the Texas Corps did not reach the score, and had to send the kick Novak, Nick Novak, the 32 yards, the Texas team 3: 0 first record.

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