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He has only promoted 38 yards in the 2013 season, and last year Anderson completed its excellence, including 179 holding balls to advance 849 yards to complete 8 reachaes, 34 batches to advance 324 yards to get 2 additional additional additional additional point. The team is very satisfied with Anderson’s performance to give him a reward of 150,000 dollars, so Anderson bought a pickup to his grandmother.

After the past two seasons in the past two seasons, the jets that need four-point guards still difficult to touch the coach group, Hasenberg began to improve their own passive posture from the beginning of this year.

In the first few hours before the trading message, Hasenberg said that he was frustrated from the coach group to correct the passive ball in two seasons in the jet. He is impossible to get an opportunity at present, a jet of Sam Darnold, Josh McCown and Teddy Bridgewater.

Based on the report, the Eagle expected chips were similar to the previous Matthew Stafford. Last weekend, the lion sent Stafford to the ram, in exchange for the three rounds of the other party, the first round of the next two years, and the four points Guardian GOP (Jared Goff). Gaofu and Wenz are the 2016 elevational champion and list.

Jon Gruden, Jon Gruden, is willing to gamble in Hulanberger, trying to let Hackenberg’s career salted fish turned over to be low risks but high returns. When Grunette served as an ESPN guest, he thought that Hulanberg had the potential of the first round show.

Eagle is expected to trade quartz San San-Wenz US Time Saturday, according to ESPN reporters, Philadelphia eagle is expected to trade four-point guards, Wenz (Carson Wentz). Although the eagle persists that the Wenz leaves, the transaction time may be next week.

The team with interest to trade includes Chicago Bear and Indianapolis, and there are other teams calling price. On the third day of the New Federation, the eagle needs to pay Wenz 10 million US dollars award bonus, which is the reason why the transaction may be fast.

The Saints need to play an idea of ​​creativity in contract buildings in the usually, and Thomas’s big contract will not cause too much burden on the team’s salary space in the future. Before Tomas continued, they had approximately $ 12 million salary space. Due to the four-point Delu Bris (Drew Brees), the Saint will have more than $ 26 million in redundant space next year. In addition to the next year, cheap nfl jerseys Briser has to become a free player. In the next three years, there are still many important players who need to renew.

Bristol said: “I do not like & lsquo; talent & rsquo; the word I have had a lot of great players together have and a lot of great players played against, their best qualities is clearly not the & lsquo; talent & rsquo ;. each. They have their own talent, but I pay more attention to other characteristics such as the degree of devotion to his job, whether to become a leader, ability on the field, the attitude of the game, if strong enough, whether it is worth his teammates rely on & hellip;. & hellip; ” saints will have a whole summer period, to those talents into combat. Team up and down all hope, be able to stage a comeback in the 2015 season.

The patriot is re-attack, and it is another three-speed conversion that is unsuccessful. It is again helpless choice to discard kick. The first morning of the Jaguji is 5 yards, then directly cross Guandt directly to the reach; then Liberus finds Allen – Herns to take 27 yards. The patriot is hard to force the American tiger to play three-speed conversion, and once a powerful mushroom is completed by Firenette. In the red area, the ball is strong, and the Fonte will take the first attack again. The last attack American Tiger is still an option attack, but this time it is running! Bonte hangs two people rushed into the Arhead, the Jaguo 14-3 leads!

3-14 Backward, Braddy can only choose to trust Greuron. Gronoski stabilized the ball to win the first attack. However, the three-speed 10 yards, the Jaguar defensive second line did not give Brady’s pass space, which has been supported to the defensive frontline to make the first time. You didn’t turn into it, and the American tiger was able to convert. Karran-Cole faces Malcolm-Butler, but the patriot defensive group is promptly awakening, preventing the three-speed conversion of the Jaguaya, and finally ending this round of defense.

The patriot’s offensive group has arrived at all. Aman Dora passed Di I-Lewis got a large number of quotas, but was made by the American Tiger Defense Group. Our Xizhou Tiger has not continued to score, and the patriot has a chance.

Jaguji attack. The front two-end attack found the biggest weapon Renad – Fonite, but the ball is in general. Botels turns the strategy in a timely manner, the right side is short through Allen Heens, and the first attack. Botelles is not much, but the hands of the players are not hot, and the two times cannot catch the ball. The four-speed 8 yards can only choose to discard kick.

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