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“I still don’t know what happened,” Drew Brees “said after the game. “Some people came over to my dressing room to admit the referee made mistakes. I didn’t lose 10 seconds and I should have 31 seconds left. On the contrary, we only have 16 seconds. So, listen, such things can’t happen. This change The game, right? We have to kick a free kick like this is like this. If we are 15 seconds, Cheap jerseys are you joking? We can push more. This changed the game. Such things can’t happen. “

[A version of the column] 2019 season half quarter summary: quadritile salstrophy, arms and turns, and a person’s big playTrousbuski red area sent a copy! The bear is old to block Amos! The century-old NFL unveiled the famous “Baby Battle” seems to be in front of him, but the eighth week of the game is fired, half of the 2019 season has been over? In this seemingly calm, but you can explode the big news for half a season, what is worth we summarizing:

In addition, the quarters in this season have a fourth penalty, and the first history is first; the average is punished by 60.9 yards, history first. This may have a substantial referee with the alliance referee, as well as this season’s breaking of the “Interfering Paramends Challenges”, it is concentrated in the data.

In addition to the innovation of offensive, the Alliance defensive ends are not new. This season’s anti-transmission in this season has a raid ratio of 29.4%, above the last season 27.2% more than two percentage points! All League’s defensive masters almost no peers will put more players in the ground, although the average application rate rose from 33.7% to 34.9%, but it is indeed an attempt of “using the raid manufacturing more rushing pressure”. The team in the previous quarter and the raid ratio of this season is a crow, but this season has increased six percentage points, and there is a raid for almost every two-speed anti-transmission! After the pirate hires Bauce, it has become a defensive coordinator, and the raid ratio has increased by 21 percentage points! Of course, there are still teams that don’t like raids. For example, 49 people have manufactured 37.9% of the pressure rate with 15.7%, and the defensive group also homoked in hundreds.

The Saints finally won the alliance once again avoided significant disputes. And winning also makes the saints to take care of the union of the alliance. “This is not their first time to punish,” Demario Davis said. “This is the first week for everyone.”

“When we judge him after his attack, there is still 41 seconds left,” Rifling said after the game. “Then we suspend the game back video. After we completed the task, we should reset the clock in the 41 second position, because we suspend the game at that time. At the time, we should ask the Papentian coach whether you want to be paused To avoid consumption of 10 seconds. We unintentionally built the clock in 26 seconds instead of 41 seconds, then minus 10 seconds because he is not willing to pay. “

In the previous year, in the first month of the opening season, the first round show except the Black Panther Brian Burns and the Hollywood in Hollywood – Brown, almost every first round show did not achieve expectations. Before being optimistic, Kunnan, which is most impossible to be parallel – Williams and TJ Horkenman are still lost in front of a rookie wall.

Anti-rookie section, the list of Eye Shi Nick – Boza is not only ranked in front of Brown, the number of compression and pressure efficiency is ranked in front of the whole group, the occupational bowl is available, the best lineup will not be dream. The steel man’s first round of the guards, Bush completed a lot of ball transformation, the Saint Changxi-Kathja Johnson, the Chinese Chinese teenager, the ram, the wild horse, the draft, Malik, Ridd, After the teammates were injured, they gradually showed the understanding of the professional stadium. Although this year this year’s rookie is destined to complete the grade of the new show, it is not a slight road after adapting to the professional stadium.

In addition, Darod’s kissed disease, the Shoulder of Form’s shoulders, Tusabi’s shoulders, Newton’s feet, Matt Ryan’s ankles, their respective teams have been in the main four-point guard, and the war has greatly Decline. Not only the main four-point guard, even the substitute quadrants are also invaded by the virus, but also the steel people and jets even enabled the third quarter.

Under the big context of “passing the ball offensive prevale”, this season has passed on the big direction of the next season, and the alliance is increasingly using the pavement to advance, and the short-term pursuit of more expensive, in short, Large tap. Although the offensive tactics did not have much innovation than the season, the RPO’s comprehensive penetration is higher, and the more frequently used the screen short pass, and even the near-terminal strike can become a short-lived ball. . The high-profile premium of the total alliance is still the second high-speed power, and the innovation of tactics has deeply affected the Alliance.

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