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Chase Fang said: “The competition of course is there, Smith, Wright, Moore, Damien El – Bird (Damiere Byrd), Kuti Si – Samuel (Curtis Samuel), as well as Moss – Fula Qi Seoul (Mose Frazier) are fighting for a position. everyone needs to show their speed, power and energy competition will be very interesting, I can not wait. “

The bear defensive group is currently ranked 13th, the scorpion defensive ranks in the Passing Ball defense, the third-grade defensive success percentage rankings 10th, the opponent’s total promotion code rankings 10th, the number of kills rankings Even the unregistered Range League 5th.

Of course, this is not a nail on the plate, but Braddy has become the first quarter-off process is also unexpected. The patriot will safely surely sneaked McCourty believes that Steedem has the ability to become a team’s first quarter-off.

The bear team defensive group received less concerned, but their performance has not been in the past few weeks. After nearly two seasons, each game is not more than 100 yards in the nearly two seasons, the bear defensive group has failed to achieve this achievement in two consecutive games.

Maybe if the offensive group can make progress, Pagano’s defensive group does not have to take great pressure every week, and we can also see a defensive group that is closer to the performance. But before that, I am afraid that the bear team defensive group still lifts the weight of winning.

Falcon Asnevon Asahi, the general manager Thomas Dimitroff will stay next year. The two will now be responsible to the team president and CEO, and the team owner Arthur Blank continues the team operation.

Chase represent parties to participate in radio show: “I want to get better results on the basis of the previous year, to complete all aspects of the progress I wish I could be qualified for a variety of roles, in addition to the current X position to take over for me. also familiar with the role of other locations. “

“For me, in a few weeks, his performance is complete. At that time, our defensive group played the best weeks, mainly because Xiaos hit us in the training before the game, I think this gives us bigger Pressure. So I really admire him so hard, and I am very familiar with him. He is really a good person. It is very young, but it is very mature. I am married. I think Steidam is new England is very long. “

“For me, Xiao Si’s best place is that he has to face our defensive group every week. His days are not easy,” McCoti said. “I love his calm performance. I sometimes pretend to raise four-point guard, we will have eyes contact, then he will start smiling and then laugh.”

However, after the adjustment of the hollow week, the Falcon won five games in the past seven games, including 49 people who defeated the New Orleans Saint and San Francisco. Kuin’s fate also turned from a successful resort from facing the team.

Panthers took over the Foreign lineup has been updated reinforcement, they deal goes Torre – Smith (Torrey Smith), signed Jiarui Si from the free market – Wright (Jarius Wright), and picked DJ Moore (DJ Moore) in the draft .

Given that Hoyer is familiar with the Patriot Attacking System, he may be an ideal transition candidate. Kasler has proven that he is unable to serve as the team’s four-point guard. Therefore, Stendhum will be the most likely to become a four-point guard of Bradi’s long-term successors.

Saints Sanzhi Dalu Bris: To try to change the habit of licking your fingersIn addition to changing the way of holding a sports competition, the epidemic has also changed the personal habit of athletes, especially those who listen to less sanitary.

McCai clearly said that Quin is adjusted during the trip to let him stay. Quin’s adjustment includes adjusting the outer clashes to Rahiem Morris from the offensive group to the defensive group. This decision gets immediate results, and the falcon returned to the performance of the season in the season. Today, Morris has also been appointed as the Falcon defensive coordinator.

Another problem is that the poor performance of the team offensive group leads to no mistakes in the defensive group. It is necessary to perform perfect time to make the player will not be from the heart.

After the former defensive coordinator Vic-Fangji (VIC Fangio), Pagano did not seem to copy the former command. Some players don’t have the previous high-standard performance & mdash; & mdash; such as Roquan Smith, injury also affects the performance of the defensive group, especially the defensive cut off Akim-Hicks (Akiem Hicks).

“Of course, the standard is the standard,” Pagano said. “We have reached such performances in the past. I think this is stability. You look at the upper half of the game, and we behave very well, we are stable. Now we have to play such performance 60 minutes.”

Panthers wide receiver side Chez want to get better resultsWhen the Panthers Kelvin – Benjamin (Kelvin Benjamin) traded, German – square Chase (Devin Funchess) is logical took over the team’s top external task. 8 games after the transaction, the parties Chase advancing 483 yards, the ball Size 16.1.

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