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Quad-defense Adam: Suitable for Effective Qipprop – Kelly offensive groupA few weeks ago, the NFL official website elected experts have been optimistic about the four points of Vernon Adams and the coach Qi-Kelly (Chip Kelly). At that time, the University of Oregon was played in the East and West All-Star. outstanding.

Jet interested in Texas people offensive coordinatorAccording to ESPN reporter Rich Cimini, the jet has a lot of candidates in the air-priced offensive coordinator, and they obviously be interested in George George, German attack coordinator. He is likely to meet with jet.

And if the first year of the 49 people of San Francisco want to pick this rookie quad-defense that is already familiar with your own offensive system, Adams said that he is a suitable candidate. “I looked at the attack on Philadelphia last year, 80-90% of attack, I will adopt Oregon University, so I think I may really play in his offensive group.”

This week the Oakland Raiders game, Thomas had a chance to complete at least three touchdowns. But quarterback Peyton – Manning (Peyton Manning) did not pass the ball to Thomas living space, choosing instead to Emanuel – Sanders (Emanuel Sanders). In Monday, NFL official website expert Daniel – Jeremiah (Daniel Jeremiah) said that the current second only to Thomas at the tight end position on Rob – glycopyrrolate Koski (Rob Gronkowski). He explained: “As a tight end, he could do anything he can continue to advance after the ball, the ball can be completed long distance, but also Yizhuqingtian Manning in the red zone he is the best weapon… “with 后杰里迈亚 added that if Jimmy – Graham (Jimmy Graham) can stay healthy, he will be as good as Thomas.

Menluo has not participated in the training in the past three weeks since the 11th week’s shoulder injury in the shoulders of the Saint Louis ram. Cheap Nfl Jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapople This week, reported that Men Luo’s injury has not progressed since the injury, which has led to a list of injuries.

Julius – Thomas are making historySince September 2013 became the starting years, the Denver Broncos tight end Julius – Thomas (Julius Thomas) has completed 24 touchdowns in 23 games. Although just over two weeks in November, but Thomas has become the first in NFL history to have completed two consecutive seasons of at least 12 catches for tight end touchdowns. Prior to 2007, only Randy – Moss (Randy Moss) to complete 12 touchdowns in nine games.

When NFL is paying attention to Jalen Ramsey, it will be traded. Which team will be traded, Kam Friday said that the red rhequdy number currently in the banquet is not in the game. Always leave the team.

“We won’t trade Pat, this is our position,” Kaim said in receiving an interview asked if considering sending Peterson. “When you see players like Pat, I think he might be the best corner guard in the alliance. What you have to do is, & lsquo; this will make our team be better? & Rsquo; I Players who feel that Lost Pit Sterson will make us worse. “

As for the red scitch, it is interested in trading Ramse, Kaim refuses to respond. “I will be considered illegally exposed to other players of the contract in the contract,” Kaim said. “So I can’t discuss whether it is interested in him.”

“From the perspective of salary, we only have less than 1 million US dollars,” said Kem. “We have also done such things before. This is … Many teams do everyday things, just to add some flexibility. In the preseason, we encountered a lot of injuries.”

There is no doubt that two people are interested in. Types who have served as the Oregon University coach and a former Oregon University four-point guards who are familiar with the Kelly offensive system, and Kelly does not need to spend a high-level draft. You can pick Adams. The final season of the University was transferred to Adams in the University of Oregon and one of the most optimistic four-point guard this year.

Trent Baalke Terent Buck said on Wednesday, said that he “complete” expects Colin Kaepernick to continue to stay in 49 people next season, it seems that the team is not ready to replace Quarter. But this does not mean that the team is impossible to pick a young quarterfield.

He is difficult to maintain health since the 50-year 37.5 million US dollars in the 2014 season. He was absent 12 in 30 games since the contract has signed the contract. Menluo will be 29 years old at the beginning of the next season. Crows may find new choices in the free player market or draft.

In the team of coach John Harbaugh, Terrell Suggs, External Hand Steve, Steve Smith, Runja Jaster – Fost (Justin FORSETT) and quadruple Joe-Vlaco (Joe FLACCO) has been in the injury reserve list. On Saturday, the left side of Eugene Monroe joined them.

Last year, it was reported that Bell refused the first two-year guaranteed income of $ 30 million in contract quotation. Steel people may once again use the privilege label again, which will make him a salary next season to $ 14.5 million.

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