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When the steel man’s offensive group and the wild horse defensive group met in the game, this is the coach between the best level of the league, and there is also an important seasonal seizure meaning. “We always say that we want to be the best,” Datun said. “It is best to be the best, you have to defeat the best level of opponents, this is the best defensive group of the league. They prove this every week. For us, love it is not just external connections & mdash; & mdash; I think If you ask anyone in the offensive group, we want to work hard to become the best. This will be a challenge and is quiz for all us. “

The initial report is that Chifchns may be absent from the whole season, but further diagnosis shows that Hinchi’s injury is a tibial platform fracture, not ACL tear. Niji official website reporter reported that the nuclear magnetic resonance imaging results confirmed that the ligament of Hechinus did not damage it, and surgery was not received during recovery.

Denver Mangma Defensive Group This season scored in the opponent (17.3 points), the opponent pushed the number (272.5 yards) and the number of murder (44 times). Since the murder data has begun to record from the 1964 season, there has been no team in three data statistics. The wild horses are also ranked first in pairs of defense (188.2 yards).

Brandon Marshall, insistence, did not spit water to the audienceThe New York Giants ended last Sunday, the fans declared that the fans declared that the giants took over the Brandon Marshall to spit water.

Braddy Facebook Self-ridiculous Balloon Technique He has the talent that the world’s participating people are envious. If you use a sentence to describe Tom Brady’s kick in Boston’s red socks, he is “not very”.

Big season, Winson followed the Seminol team with red shirts to fight NCAA, at the time of the team’s first quartz guard, now Buffalo Bill’s EJ-Manuel. After spending the red shirt season, Winston became the first quarter of the team. His NCAA’s first show is full of praise, that game, Winston 27 passed, and sent four pass to the ball. In addition, he has completed a rush of a rush. A young boy is only 19 years old, and it shocked everyone in the first time. That season, Winston is generally ruled by the NCAA stadium. He led the team to achieve a proud of 13 wins and 0 negative records, which included in the ACC Division Championship to defeat Duke University.

Previously, the top of the horseman homework, all company sports authority, recently announced bankrupt, but they also need to pay nearly five years, so they began to seek new buyers, but so far only one local marijuana The company is willing to bid.

If there are four-point guard, there is a chance to break the abundant defensive group of wild horses, that is, it is big. Big Ben this season has passed the 332.1 yard, and there is more than 300 yards in 9 passwords in 9 appearances.

Big Ben said that he has been looking for the weakness of the wild horse defensive group, but has not found a weakness. “I haven’t found it yet,” said Rosrisberg said on Wednesday. “Their pass shock and the squad defense are closely fit. Their pass shock is incredible; they can hit the hands and inside from the outside. Their second line defensive dare to fight, can complete the defense. When the ball is in the air, they copied the ball and score. So, they ranked the first reason in almost every statistical. “

The steel man has more than 30 points in each game in the past 5 games (the team’s single record). Since the ninth week, the steel person offensive group has ranked first in the number of offensive codes (494.0 yards) and the pass attack (383.0 yards), and scored (35.2 points) ranked second. External Handlers Antonio-Brown (1,397 yards) and Martavis Bryant’s number of ball code (2,069 yards) are the most in the league.

Obviously Braddy is not very satisfying to his own bad performance, so he has sent a photo with his own face, and he gave up the position of the ball, came to the position of the ball. The following text is: “After leaving the football court, he will leave the position of the ball, or become a pick-up.”

The NCAA in the 2014 season, Winston continued its performance of our own rule. The Seminnor team has killed the Rose Bowl with 13 wins and 0, their opponents, is the Oregon duck team leading to the year of Hay Smanmon. Winston did not lead the team to defeat Mario Tag, they were defeated at 20:59. This game has also become the only loss of Winston’s career. After the end of the second NCAA season, Winson announced the 2015 NFL draft. The final record of his university is fixed in terrorist 26 wins and 1 losses. In the past two years, he passed the ball 7964 yards, sent 65 pass to the game, in addition, he still has seven rush to reach.

On December 14, 2013, Winston ushered in the most glorious moment of college era. Just 19 years old and 342 he defeated many good hands including Jordan-Lynch and Niki-Manape, got the Herssian award symbolizing the highest honor of university football players. This made him a player who got the Hesmann award in the history of rugby. At the same time, he also made him surpass Mansale, becoming the youngest Hsmann winner in history. On January 6, 2014, on the day of Winston 20-year-old birthday, he led the Seminaire to defeat the Austrian University at 34:31, won the BCS National Championship. After the game, with the 35 yards and 2 achievements, Winston was elected the game MVP.

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