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When he was asked with the first-ended first-end, Ryan felt very lost: “I haven’t thought about this problem yet. In fact, I have no idea, I will continue to observe the next few days. We have been 1 win and 7 losses, Now I know what we can’t continue to lose. “

线 卫贾贾t 斯 (Knee) restricted training, defensive front line member Bennie Logan (Knee), running Saxie Candarcand WEST (brain shock) And Extended Albert – Wilson (Knee) is involved in complete training.

After the race, the first wave of the bear is killed, and Mitchell Trubisky is killed, and unfortunately hurts the end, from the Subject 4 points to Zess Daniel (Chase Daniel) ) The top of the game and successfully harvested the pass to the ball in the first round. Since then, the Viking people attacked the sluggish and rushed twice, and the bear team hit 3, and the singer will try to expand the first to 16 points. Although Viking has got 1 sho of the squad to Dalvin Cook, this is no good. In the end, the worship of the unwrapping striking won 16-6 defeated Viking.

Two quarters also have their own ideas. Victs said: “I can go to the game at any time. I will be happy. But I will not fight for the first, I will not put the first as a request for myself.” Smith still keeps confident, always fighting high: “I was replaced in this game, but I believe I will come back, I will return to that position.”

Among them, the second week of the middle Mitch Mitch Mors (Mitch Morse), as well as the offensive guard against the last four games, Laurent Duvernay-Tardif. The head coach Andy REID said “they have the opportunity” to play on Monday Night in the Malaysia.

In March last year, Albert and Dolphins were agreed in a five-year contract worth $ 46 million. Before injuries, his performance also proved such a big contract with himself. After the injury in Albert, the Dolphin Arranged Ja & Rsquo; Wuan James, was as disappointing. Dolphins has made great reinforcements in this break, they hope to break through the new season.

According to Andrew Abranson, the Palm Beach Post, Miami Sea Dolphin is expected to return to England to conduct a regular season next season. But I still don’t know whether the leaders or the visiting team. The next season’s London will arrange the Miami Sea Dolphin to the Jacksonville American Tiger team, while the Jaguji has reached an agreement to the “home” in London every year in 2016.

This game, the first-year-old Keno-Smith (Geno Smith) passed only 2 times, and only 5 yards were won by the shame. In the 5th failure, there were 3 cases of copies, which caused him to be replaced early. Michael Vick, which was played, was barely completed, and he passed 153 yards and was copied once. But the horrible thing is that he fell off the ball in the audience, two of whom caused ball translation.

Hiqi said: “It takes a long time from the injury, but he is very hard every day. We hope that he can come to the scene, but this still has a long way to go. I have already separated from the team. Time, but his performance we have been watching in the eyes. His efforts also encouraged each of us. “

The jet coach is difficult for the first four-point guard.The New York Jet Ryan is experiencing the greatest difficulties in advice. He now doesn’t even know that the next week’s game is in the first quarter. This week’s team 23-43 defeated Buffalo Bore, and 20 points were still insufficient to reflect the team’s problems.

In the second half, the Jaguchi started against Leonard Fournette, and the Firenet was 29 times, and the 225 yards were promoted. The number of propulsion was a new high career. Jiji 4 points Gardner – Ming Dynasty (gardner minshaw) also seized the opportunity to win 2 times, especially in the last wave of attack, continuously passing the number, and finally kick the game The ball, the ultimate Ji’an Tiger 26-24 was defeated.

The first half competition, the red scitch kicker Zandan-Gonzalez continuously lost two free splitters, four points Wei Kelray was defeated by the Hawks defended Edge Jadenen Clowney Cassered back to the backcruttable, followed by the Hawks, Russell Wilson, took the next time, at the end of the half, the sea eagle 20- 3 Leader’s colors.

Pirates will be near the end of O.j. Howard Join the injury reserve list US time on Tuesday, Tampawan pirate official announced that near-end Arms O. J. Howard (O. J. Howard) was added to the injury reserve list.

In the first half, the American tiger is pressed by wild horses, the wild horse quartz Joe-Vlaco (Joe FLACCO) is connected to Cote Sutton and near-Termond Sutton (Noah Fant) ) I won 2 times of passing, while the Jaguji is only a two-year free kick, Josh Lambo, and the horses 17-6 leading the United States tiger.

On Sunday lost to the giant’s game, Howard hurt the ankles and the foot when he was hugged from behind. He left the game, but did not return to the game. According to the news, Cheap Jerseys Howard’s injury has no need to receive surgery.

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