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Eagle All-Star Run Weishi Takai is injuredAt the first section of Philadelphia Eagle and Pittsburgh Steelman Competition, the eagle all star ran Wei Leon-McCoo McCoy has been sent to the hospital to do X-ray examination, and the results seem to be optimistic.

When McCoo called his team doctor after completing the first Dalun, according to NFL depth reporter Jeff Darlington reported that McCay’s X-ray examination, the result is not too bad, he tonight Will not play again. The Eagle has not come to celebrate that Dao, this bad news will pass back.

Willis said that it is more slim than the player’s era. “I don’t know what, but I am very strong, do you know? It’s as if I have become strong again,” Willis said. “I don’t know if I feel slim, it seems like a good oil machine, but I feel very good.”

Rogers led the package to fight in December 5, and became a national leader seed. During this time, Rogers passed 145 times, successfully successfully succeeded 119 yards 15 times, only 1 passed passed, and the drum was 2 times, and his pass success rate reached 76.6%. The quarterfielding points reached 131.9.

Lead 49 people walked out of these players to the team’s shadows that were very important for new coach Kel-Salunhan (Kyle Shanahan). But if he needs a bodyguard, it seems that Willis is competing for this role.

“I think you have signed a player like Cum-Newton, which makes our four-defense position more good. We have talked about this, you expect Xiaosong to achieve progress and his calm performance “McCati said. “This will be very interesting in the training camp. They will compete … I feel that we have Hoyel in the four-point guard, we have the old players, we have a young player. I think this Will really have the opportunity to have excellent four-guard position. There are some good players to always have a good thing. “

Macquarie’s whole career is a patriotic. He said that he never shocked any decision to the team. At the same time, he said that he is very happy to do his opponent without having to defeat the patriot 2 times. For McCuti, Newton’s arrival makes the four-guard position in the training camp more interesting.

Taylor also rely on excellent performance to make a huge contribution. In 5 games, he has achieved a total of 8 times, including 7 shocks. He got a total of 651 yards, and the average of each shock pushed 6.7 yards, and another 10 codes were completed. The Taylor farm offensive propulsion code number reached 144.6 yards.

This may be the change you need by Thomas to make your career back to the right track. After playing a professional bowl two times when Denver’s wild horse, he added a $ 46 million contract to the Americas but the performance was very disappointing.

Thomas missed the Finger Surge for the 2015 season stage stage, his return is not as good as the peak period and could not be tacit with the four-point Weve Bortles. He was plagued by an ankle and elbow injury last season, and finally, due to the tail bone fracture, it was placed in the injury reserve list. In the second season of the Jaguji, he completed 30 coumar only to get a 281 yard 4 times.

Washington Football Team Xiu defensive Dragon Summer won two honors in December: The best defensive players and alliance months best defensive new show. At the time of the first show of the playoffs, Yang Yang took 17 clams in December, 3 times, 3 times, resulting in click the following document number of damage to the loss, 3 times destroyed, 2 times forced the ball And 3 times grabbed the ball & mdash; & mdash; one of them returned to the attack. The 2020 elected appearance has quickly become a hard work of Washington Defense Group.

Lions Nebulong will not be absent because of his son At least in 1993, Houston Oil Guard Defensive Paddy David Williams In order to meet the birth of the head, and the players should meet the descendants or stick to the game. Controversial topic. Eric Ebron will choose to be loyal.

Now Thomas returned to Adam Gase. When Gen was commanded to attack the wild horse in 2013 and 2014, Thomas became the first day of the first two consecutive seasons to complete the near-end pertrove of at least 12 times.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the Jacksonville American Tiger in accordance with the informed news reported the close-up harmonard to the dolphins. This transaction will be officially entitled until the beginning of the year on March 9.

It is easy to understand what they do so from the perspective of Dolphins. After Thomas became the team’s new end and last season, the first round of Laremy Tunsil replaced Albert, the offensive group was theoretically, the offensive group was upgraded in two positions. .

Now both sides are still negotiating transactions with Albert. In the end, the two sides will complete the two transactions, the dolphins get Thomas, send a final round of draft, while the Jaguch gets Albert, sending out a final round of draft.

Bakner made the horses in the season after the season. In the last month of the game, Bakner has achieved 18 cockroaches, and the loss of the loss of the loss of 6 times, 2 times destroyed passed, and forced the ball and the amazing seven times.

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