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Maybe the effect of Dalvin Cook and the defensive end Afson-Griffen’s absence is bigger than imagination? After this lost, Viking needs to adjust his mentality, try not to repeat the tragedy in the fourth week of the night.

He told reporters: “I didn’t expect to get so many people’s support, especially when New York and New Zeze’s police federation said they would help me pay a fine, this means too much, this Is my feelings I have to do something for this, to represent what those who lose their families to protect the people, I feel this is my responsibility. “

Jeffrey said that he felt good, but the training and competition had a big difference. Trestman believes that the team needs some adjustments to the lineup, after all, another external Josh Morgan, NMM, is not certain. Currently, the only one who determines that the external connections that can play only Santonio Holmes is one. At the same time, the team has lost 2 offensive front line players: Matt Slauson and Roberto Garza. The bears are currently not adding, and the team must find a way to spend the crisis.

The rookie quartz Swan Shuh-Allen Allen This game fully uses his legs, first complete the 10-code ball to reach the ball, then “Sneak” (Sneak) Take another six points He then finished Jason Croom, and obtained the third time. The Viking Kirk Kirk Cousins ​​is two times in the first quarter, and the performance cannot be compared with Allen. When the Minnesota offensive group even rare, they didn’t have the first score in the game in less than 3 minutes.

In order to get Ramse, the ram pays for the first round of draft selection and the fourth round of the 2021. Ramset is already in the last year of the rookie contract, his salary reached $ 13.7 million. Before the start of the season, he once clearly said that he was in an interview on Wednesday, he said that this is not the most caring.

Because they have already got 27 points in the first half, the opponent is bleak 0 points. The second half of the Viking can not retrieve the state, and finally 6-27 was defeated by Bill. This may be one of the most unexpected results of the third week. A team of 3-47 was swept away cheap jerseys From china the crow, and 20-31 lost to lightning team, defeated Viking people with the strength of the season, said before This is estimated that no one is believed.

The bear injury is struggling, and the double gun is suspected.Even in the best case, Chicago bear will be extremely difficult to challenge the 49 people in San Francisco on weekends. However, now, the team’s condition is not optimistic. Brandon Marshall, because of an ankle injury, landscaping the team training for 3 consecutive days. His teammates, Alston Jeffery, who is the external hand, is only a small part of the training. Two stars have been listed as “doubts” by the team in the team injury list, but the coach Malco Trestman is extremely unauthentication to Marshall: “He can only go now. Going, the best situation is just jogging. “

This is not the first time Breddy to do such a dangerous exercise in the lunar season. In 2012, he did this in Costa Rica. In 2015, he even released a dynamic picture. Every sniper season of Braddy is to complete the global travel adventure with his wife Jisle Bundchen and the children.

The New England patriots used a photo of PS to announce that he is about to go to Bahamas to participate in the jumping cliff, he leaves this message: “The cliff jump tour of the Bahamas is officially opened!”

Corner Jay Jay-Ramse: I hope to play the next game for the ramAfter the Los Angeles Ramsey, Jalen Ramsey, Jalen Ramsey, said that the star player said that he could not describe his feelings for this transaction.

Jones said: “Mr. Brack has assured me & hellip; & hellip; he will get this all. So I have no pressure here, I won’t think too much. (He) makes me easier, as long as the focus is training Ok, don’t choose to dismiss. “

At the old giob Talib and safety Swan John Johnson season reimbursement, the corner Marcus Pites was traded, and the second line of the ram second line is especially Need help. And they have just encountered three losses.

Hurio Jones will not dismiss Beijing July 9th, before the race last year, the Falcon took the armor Julio Jones chose to apply to the team with the dismissive. But this year he won’t take similar actions because the team boss Arthur Blank has promised him that it will give a new contract.

“I really don’t worry this,” Ramse said. “Hone other words, I have said that this is a lot, but I think people don’t really believe me. I don’t worry about contract issues; the contract will get it at the time. I have a complete confidence in myself and my ability. I I feel that I will continue to become the best horn of the alliance in many years. “

“I am very happy,” Ramse said. “I am super super excited. A new beginning, in the place like Los Angeles, I will welcome the new beginning with the coach I have heard. I am still a young person. Everyone here is very young. I feel this Will let me be more understanding. Hust say that I am super excited. “

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