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World Best British Rugby Player will join NFLRecently, the British football world has passed the fence. At present, one of the world’s best athletes, Jarryd Hayne, announced that it will exit English football and turn to an NFL athlete. Hayon is 26 years old, is considered to be a hot leader in British football players. However, he recently announced that he would challenge American football, which shocked all the coaches and bosses of the British Football League.

Hayen said in the press conference: “For me, becoming a NFL athlete has always been my dream. It may be my only opportunity to try, challenge this sport.” Hayon told in the conference How to do itself from a poor child that can only live in the housing committee, struggle to become the best player of the British Rugby League. Hayon, who is spanning, is a few times during the press conference. About the family, Haen said: “My dream is to buy a house for my mother, now I have done it.”

Of course, Hayan’s decision has also been questioned. Former AFL player Ben Graham has become an NFL athlete with the abandonment of the kick, and he said that Hayen has to wait and see. Good in the British Football League to say unconditional support: “His departure is our loss, but we look forward to his dreams come true.” Several relevant personnel also sent blessings.

In addition to being used when the offensive party will win, in the end of the half, especially the offensive party feels that his position cannot be scored. Similarly, if a team wants to drag the game into the time, then the victory formation can be used at the end of the next half. Sometimes, when the offensive party is in a larger than the farther, you can also choose to use a victory formation to avoid injuries.

When using the victory, four-point guard will not be subject to excessive care of the defensive side, and even if there will be any physical contact, especially when the defenders are raced. Both players are more in the event of the morality of competitive sports, and no one is willing to take the injured risk competition in order to change the results.

The forty-fourth super bowl is the last season of the final race. Since then, the growth has always been stable. Even the patriots in the Patriots, even 10 years ago, the game to overcome the eagle has only increased by 8.6 million viewers. Numerous values ​​in 2010 began in 2010 have not fallen again.

The first super bowl: 24.4 million viewers

The 10th Super Bowl: 57.7 million viewers

The 20th Super Bowl: 92.6 million viewers

The thirtieth super bowl: 94.1 million viewers

The 40th Super Bowl: 90.7 million viewers

The forty-fifth super bowl: 1.65 million viewers

The forty-eighth, the super bowl: 11.5 million viewers

Although the time required to play the victory is very short, the rules of American football are the end of the game. Therefore, in the case where the other party has not paused, the offensive can be used to use this formation multiple times to spend time.

Chutski was just 13 games in North Carolina, and he did not prepare and experienced Glennon and Mark Sanchez. In fact, Pace clearly said that Sanchez will serve as a quarter-saving in the training camp, and Chutski will serve as a three-point guard.

49th super bowl TV ratings or new highIn the past 13 years, the sustain ratio of the super bowl has been climbing. Last year, I reached 1,500 million viewers to the game. As a sports event, the super bowl will become a top-peak of American TV history. This is no suspense.

At present, many people have begun to actively envision Haine will join which team will join. Haine’s tweet seems to have left some spider mart. He released a number of information related to Dallas Cowboy and Seattle Hawks this week, Cheap jerseys and was surprised by the Cowboy. The tweet before earlier, said his attention to the sea eagle, Yuen Yuen took a photo of the sea eagle jersey, and a manager of the Hawks and Hague Manager. group photo. There have been previous media exploding, the sea eagle intends to sign the sea sign for 1 year, let him appear as the team’s abandonment. It is just a rumor for this Hainen.

Before the 1970s, the one who wins will usually try to attack, although this four-guards and run guard will take unnecessary risks, but the football world thinks that this play is lacking physical education, even gallblatable Activity. Then there was anything happened from November 19, 1978 that the New York Giards, the New York Giards, the main battle, Larry Csonka, and the four points 卫 Qiao Pisak, together with the appearance of Joe Pisarcik The mistake led to the ball, and the last moment of the Philadelphia Eagle of Philadelphia, Herman Edwards, was grabbed at the last moment, so on the screen, when the national audience was staged, it was a surprise.

iStock ImageIn short, New Yorkers, this is the Tibo trend you have always expected. The New York jet does not let him play, but it will make this 29-year-old MLB rookie joined their affiliated small alliance team. Coincidentally, the NFL new season will also start in the same day of Tibo.

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