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Second grade player Sims may become a pirate startingTampa Bay Pirate will create one of the youngest offensive groups in this season, Jameis Winston served as the first quarter-off, two rookies held a first in the offensive front line, and two Grade strength outside Mac – Evans.

In the third round of 2009, Weber was the first corner of five seasons. He changed the security guard last season, ranked fourth in 73 times, and he also got 1 copy and 5 times destroyed. Professional football focused on him as a high security guard in the last season.

For Lawson, he can understand that he can understand the opponent in this game, and his mentality is obviously normal, but for the current and packats only a gap between a gap. It is now expected that Rogers’s injury is the chance of the team to grasp, especially on the 9th week, they will face the challenges of packages.

Detroit Lion Corner does not care about Rogers injuryGreen Bay Packaging Workers Quarter Wei Alon Rogers is a big news for the team’s team in the country of the country, but it seems to be the same as the Detroit Lions Horn in the same district. Nevin Lawson is not concerned.

Two federations, National Football League (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC) have six playoff spot, which each federation under the four partitions division title (the best team in the sub-region record division title) can get a playoff berth. Regardless of the team record, as long as it obtains where the division title, they can enter the playoffs.

All NFL playoffs are a showdown game system, they are also the only four major US sports leagues have adopted the Union throughout the playoffs single-game elimination system. This also means that after a regular season overtime winner did not even draw differently, the playoffs are a winner must.

As a rookie, Xitz has only a 2.8 yard per shock in 8 games. We think that his vision, explosive power and breakthrough, and the ability is lower than the average. His competition recording made people slower C. J. C. J. Spiller, he lacked the horizontal explosive power and breakthrough speed, and did not show the strength of the inner mushroom.

Bitty Because the biceps tearned the entire 2015 season, his wage in the next season will reach 91.75 million US dollars. In 2014, a 4-year $ 16.8 million Schwarz was rebuilt after the injury was shortened after the first season of its own effectiveness. He played 13 games in the two seasons of the Giants.

Zhou wild card team to win the conference finals week will challenge first-round bye two teams. Battle the principle is very simple & mdash; & mdash; higher overall lower face of the team overall team & mdash; & mdash; seed card 1 faces the outer periphery of the lower overall winning team’s team seed No. 2 seed face wild card team to win week in higher overall seed team.

According to this rule, we can understand this view of the beginning of the playoffs against the. For example, the National League this season as the Panthers No. 1 seed in the second round, No. 6 seed if the Seahawks cut, then the opponent is the Seahawks; if the Seahawks were eliminated, then the Panthers opponent will be No. 4 seed Redskins No. 5 seed and a winner among the Packers, can not be the No. 3 seed Vikings; and so on.

On Wednesday, the team made a huge adjustment of the lineup, and they cut off the front left disappearance, Will Beatty and the starting striker Jude, Schwarz (Geoff Schwartz). The first midline Wei Qiong-Bi Sen will also leave the team, but he leaves in a decommissioned manner.

Schneider said he and the rugby coach at all levels have been talked, and these people said that they are very difficult to find both physical and strength to attack the front line. Don’t say that I have to have this.

When the regular season ends the same team record cases two or several branches appear, NFL has a set of detailed and complex are ranked to determine which team can make the playoffs and seed precedence playoffs.The ranking is based as follows:

After playing a breakthrough performance, Bitty signed a $ 37.5 million contract in 2013, the team hopes that he can become the future of the future. However, injuries have affected him, and injuries have also become a major factor in so many heavyweight layoffs this week.

Each record – the same record against opponents – – partition record Region record – the victory of gold – gold fixtures – the pros and cons classification data; different partitions of a draw: each record – Region record – the same record against opponents (at least 4 games) – victory gold – gold schedule – Losing points, scoring margin, margin data such touchdowns. Relatively the same team record two or more of the above two principles.

In 2013, Bisen helped the giant cheap jerseys from china the Carolina Black Panther to change the defense of a pool of death and, although he had encountered a series of injuries, he was a priority to the team’s renewal period in 2014. He eventually played 21 games for the team in about 3 seasons. The 31-year-old Bisen will return for 9 years after NFL. When there is no injury, he is one of the best pure lines of the league in the past decade. It is selected to select a career bowl three times when the black panther is played and has been selected for a while.

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