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Varet is the first round show in front of the lightning, and has been selected in 2015, and last year and 49 people signed a year short. Due to the influence of knee injury, Vatt only participated in a game, then reimbursed season, he has only played 6 games since 2015.

Woodson was 38 years old. In the three-win-13-loss season of the raid, he completed his career and a peak, with 113 scholars and 4 copy, the previous peak appeared in the 2011 green. Bay packaging work period.

Reggie McKenzie said he wanted to see Woodson returned on Wednesday, completing his 18th career, and the new coach Jack Delio, Jack Del Rio, said the same I thought, McKunz said he will talk about it next week and Woodson.

Hai Luohuhu will welcome the 30th birthday at 4.24, and he has selected all star lineups in CFL, and won the 2017 champion with Toronto Golden Golders. He killed 47 times in 55 times last year, and 26 additional shot destinations were 26 times. Sea Luhu can also be competed to abandon the kick, 106 abandoned the kick code 43.1.

The reason why the ratio will be so low is not what people are tired of Drew Brits and Matt Ryan, or don’t want to see the worse second-line defense, but because of the same time. Donald Trump and the presidential war in Hillary Clinton have also begun.

“My question is that I have 7 children, so we have passed 3 birthdays in January. We have made a family birthday party, including eating cakes, we also went to a friend’s birthday party, and also ate cake, “Fitz Patrick said. “So, this is a 6 cake in January. We have 3 birthdays in March and 3 birthdays & mdash; & mdash; March 1st, March 6 and March 11 & mdash; & mdash; this is another tough Day. That is a 6-day cake in 10 or 11 days. Then we have a birthday in April. So, this did not slow the speed of the longevity. “

Saint Falcon competition ratio is lowAmerican football competitions can always easily get the highest ratings in the same time, but Ji Ye Ye Monday, Atlantian Funding Create a new low, the game of New Orleans Saints.

When the dolphins start the lift physical fitness and physical conditions training, the newly joined team’s four-dimensional explanation said that he needs to train the retention after a large bunch of birthday cakes.

“For me, this sort of thing would be handled by someone else,” Macho Williams said at a news conference after the Super Bowl. “Obviously I want to stay long at the Emirates, and I understand that. I want to win a lot of games here, for me, these things go with the flow. I am in a great team. I have a good the team worked for me, so for me is trust other people, to find the best way to complete the contract and let me have the best teammates, complete the contract at any appropriate time. “

“I do not know, I did not think. I still love what I do,” Reid said. “I have a young quarterback here, so every day life easier for a lot of teams I’d love to come to work every day and know that you can have the opportunity to coach him and his teammates (general manager) Brett. – Albion ( Brett Veach) to understand how to win, and understand what kind of people we like to work together. so he introduced such a person and I enjoy coaching. so here I really did not want to retire. “

Quarterback Patrick – Macho Holmes: Want to long-term effectiveness of the EmiratesSuper Bowl once again proved Patrick – status Macho James (Patrick Mahomes) in the NFL. The 24-year-old Kansas City Chiefs quarterback is the second youngest in the history of the championship starting quarterback, but also the MVP of the Super Bowl champion and the youngest player.

Macho combination of Williams and Reed could mean the Chiefs will continue to maintain long-term competitiveness. Reed led the chiefs of seven years, the Chiefs are a frequent visitor to the playoffs. But before Macho James became the starting quarterback, the chief playoffs in five games to win only one game. And in Williams led Macho, Emirates won 4 of 5 playoff games, ALCS 2 consecutive years.

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