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Brown is currently placed in a non-wounded injury list due to unscrupulous injuries. He participated in the warm-up of training before Sunday, he participated in some training in Tuesday. That night, he released a photo of a blister and peeling of your own foot. After receiving the team on Wednesday, he did not appear on the training ground in the past two days.

Although Grunette praised the performance of other pickles, he did not think that other pickers can fill Brown vacancies. “I won’t have such an idea,” Grunette said. “I want him to participate in the training as soon as possible. I hope he has never left and takes training every day. But life will continue, you have to continue working, others have to use these opportunities, so far they do.”

NFL issued training camp epidemic prevention provisions to all teamsNFL sent an epidemic prevention provision of all the teams in this year’s training camp and the preseason, including how to deal with the guidelines for close contactors of new crown patients.

In addition, it is also included in the provisions of enforcement and disciplinary penalties, including: “If the team employee or other staff members know that they are seriously violated these agreements, they will be disciplined.”

If the detection result is positive, then there is no symptoms will have two sets of response, but the person must be kept away from the team base for a long time, only after the medical license can be returned.

Chiefs quarterback Macho hope Williams can return in about minicampSince grass toe (first metatarsophalangeal joint sprain) injury, the chief quarterback Patrick – Macho James (Patrick Mahomes) 2.10 surgery. Emirates currently hope he can participate in mini-camp held in June.

Sandwich also said that two starting offensive tackles Michel – Schwartz (Mitchell Schwartz) and Eric – Fisher (Eric Fisher) wish to return there before the start of training camp. Schwartz accepted back surgery last week, Fisher is to undergo surgery to repair the Achilles tendon at the end of January.

“I think we are very disappointed,” Grunette said after training on Friday. “We think he is very disappointed. We want to do a big job. We want him to participate in the training. He is an important member of the team.”

About a year left on his contract defensive backs tellin – Matthew (Tyrann Mathieu), Popovich expressed chiefs will be treated like Macho Williams, tight end Travis – Kelsey (Travis Kelce) and a member of the defensive front line – Chris Jones (Chris Jones) that, with renewed efforts, “let him in the next few years can stay at the Emirates.”

General Manager Brett – Sandwich (Brett Veach) said in an interview: “postoperative recovery normally takes three months, so we hope he can return had never been seen in mini-camp to wait until the official start of training camp, we want him. has been training can play, as the case will be handled with care. “

In addition to the tasks of the offensive group, Brown may still have to force the raid. The team specialist group coach Rich-Pisasia expressed hope that Brown could serve as an abandoned attack. Brown’s last discovery is on the 2017 season. He completed a total of 186 abandoned kicks and promoted 1759 yards.

Four games came down, Hill completed 23 battles, advanced 364 yards, and achieved 3 reaches. He said: “(Ramsse) is very high, but I guess I have to pay. I can’t wait to be with him, I hope he can give me more pressure. He is an excellent player, in order to make his name What is more known, I also need more people who have talents like this. Of course, I am not saying Chris Harris or other people are not good enough, but Ramsse is now in which it is in it is in which they are there in it and Hellip; & hellip; So I can’t wait. “

Practitioner coach: disappointed outside Antonio – Brown absent trainingBeijing August 3, Antonio Brown continued to be absent cheap Jerseys From china the training, while the Auckland raid worker coach Jon Gruden was lacking in the early days of his star.

External Take Dibo – Samuel and Xiaoli – James Jr.) It is expected to bear more ball tasks. 49 people, middle and foreign junctions, including Brandon Aiyuk, Kendrick Bourne, Trent Taylor, Dante Pettis .

US time on Tuesday, according to NFL NetWork reporters, 49 people cut this old will take over. At present, the depth of 49 people has recovered, and young blood gradually returns, and relatively large Sanon is no longer necessary.

Ramsse will now brew words in your mind and then let them spray. Victims have included Giants, Little Odel-Beckham Jr. and Patriot’s near-Terrier Robs, Rob Gronkowski, this week, his opponent is the emirate outside Taili Tyreek Hill.

Sanon was traded in the middle of the last season to the patriot, completing 26 balls for new England, but only advanced 207 yards, reached once. He was sick before the beginning of the regular season. After 49 people came to complete the ball and pushed 9 yards.

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