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The latest news is that there are many NFL team bosses that are discussing the possibility of force Jones leaves the current denim boss position. “It is theoretically they can do this, which is equivalent to canceling Dallas’ management rights. Message cheap jerseys from china the interior of the league Digital League boss is discussing the feasibility of this behavior. “

All this action is likely to make a decision to assume Guardel’s “Whether to consider whether Jones’ behavior or the interest of the entire league or the whole professional American football”. Of course, everything is in discussion, unless there is a hoping point, then this will be an explosive news.

Although Jones still needs to be polished, the raid people urgently need to reinforce the external pickup position. In this position, Tyrell Williams, J. J. Nilson (J. Nelson) and Dwayne Harris were injured.

But the relationship between the two is as follows, so I don’t know, especially Jones, formerly to hire the world’s top lawyer David Boyes to stop the NFL Chairman Roger, Roger Goodell Renewal incident.

“Oh, yes. I plan to continue playing,” said the Rivers match. “So, I think I will be in the next, three months? I will understand where to play. I have never been in this situation. I often don’t even know when the League is beginning to start and all these things. When happened. We are waiting. I want to express it again as the team’s effectiveness for 16 years. If you continue to make lightning, I will be grateful. “

NFL TV Network Reporter Tom Pelissero reported later that after receiving the back epidural injection of the back epidural injection, Kamara is now agreed to train in Wednesday. Perrisir also reported that Kamara and Saints have made progress in renewal negotiations, but there are differences in some time. However, although Kamara did not propose transaction requirements, Perry Roose reported that the Saints did not rule out the possibility of trading and they did not lack trading objects. It has been staying in the wishes of Kamara for a long time, and the Saint has always been targeted.

Offseason, the Denver Broncos can say on that house seemingly endless rain. Legendary quarterback Peyton – Manning announced his retirement, and reserve quarterback Brock – Oscar Wheeler is Texas dug corner; defense group won hero after another was dug corner, the main hero of the Super Bowl outside linebacker Von – Miller the contract is tortuous. At the same time, the partition rival Oakland Raiders once again reinforcing the offseason, will challenge the status Mustang partition boss in the new season. The Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl last season after the defeat, was relatively low-key. Offseason turnover is relatively small, but in the large external returned from injury next season, the Panthers will have more choices on the offensive end. The two groups even better defensive team, the new season meet again, face the old enemy Miller, how about Newton’s response?

NFL’s bosses can force Jun Jones to sell denimDallas Cowboy Old Bo Jerry Jones Jones US Sunday and the team together in Atlanta, with him with his views, there is a boss of Atlanta Falcon, Arthur Blank.

Although Malik – Jackson and Danny – Trey Davidson have “escape” the plateau, but the Broncos defense group fornt-7 strength is still the strongest league. The new season, we can still see the red Mustang combination pass the full impact, although it may be due to injury, we sometimes can not see Miller – Virgin “double ghost shoot the door,” but the young Sean – Ray will give us bring more fresh look. Mustang is still the most reassuring after their defense field: a combination of small Harris, Robbie Stewart, Talib and Ward called luxury. Success largely depends on the season, the Broncos tough defense, although due to congenital conditions, it is not perfect in terms of anti-pass, but the powerful athleticism can make up for many deficiencies. I believe in the new season, the Broncos defense group still have more brisk performance bring the fans.

Lightning quartz Wewifth: Willing to continue his career for other teamsPhilip Rivers may have already completed the last game as Los Angeles lightning players. But the 38-year-old quarter-off reiterated that he had not decided to retire, even if it means he may need to find an east.

Panthers last season with a tough defense led the attack killing four in the regular season, playoffs once invincible. Mustang is different from the Panthers in the offseason and no major blood loss. In addition to the team retired a few veteran, the Panthers still retains the backbone of last year’s Super Bowl. The new season of their weak National League in the Southern District, there are still eligible to continue to dominate. Panthers defensive group mentioned, I must mention is the main place inside Luke – after Jike Li, who had grapple machine experienced several seasons of experience, more mature, do in terms of getting better and better anti-pass the new season, we will look forward to his more comprehensive outstanding performance. Josh – Norman’s departure did make Panthers lack of a vanguard of the anti-pass can be direct 1-on-1 defense, but I believe the Panthers in the offseason is also targeted to adjust tactics, the new season will allow them to challenge opponents pay the price.

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