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Dallas denim provides new contracts for running WeighDallas Cowboy Star Run Guard Marke – Murray This season is burst this season, 534 yards of the scorpion code and 5 mushrooms reaches the league in a leading position, his excellent performance makes Cowboy successfully transforms the balanced team, and obtains 4 consecutive victories leading the country of China.

“After Daliel Drak, the words can’t express our mood. During his whole career, Darrell’s players and everyone who had coached the players and everything have become huge. He is a The passionate coach, and has endless love for life, family, beliefs, and competitions. “Art Rooney II”, President of Steel, said in a statement.

It is currently very good for Tit to behave in a giant training. He was originally considered to play an important role in the new season giant offensive group. After experiencing the downs, the giants invited some external connections on Saturday.

Along Smith was arrested by 49 peopleAccording to the police, California, San Clara, often caught in trouble, San Francisco, 49-person cable, Along Smith (Aldon Smith), on Thursday night, escaping, drunk driving and destruction. After Schith, Schith, who was released from prison, said he did not drunk, but he refused to disclose what happened.

Alius wrote in his own new book he confirmed in December last year and decided to coach the last season. He accepted surgery in February this year and will restore health, you can coach the 2017 season.

The 25-year-old Smith was selected in the first round of the 2011 election. He has entered the last year of the contract. This week, President Buck once said that the team hopes to renew him. Now, Smith has become a free player, but it is estimated that there will be no team willing to sign him.

The patriot has returned to the training, and it is expected to play the next game.One of the biggest mystery in the NFL playoff is that we will see that the new England patriots in September or October is still poor in December.

Drake is a very popular understanding of football because of its cheerful character and concern to others. During training, each outer hand and quartz Ben Roethlisberger will communicate with him in the field or different training projects.

According to the current data of Murray, he will have a record of the single seasons that hopes to break Eric Dickson (Eric Dickerson). Although his performance is attributed to the first-class offensive front line of the Cowboy League, the second dodgeval efficiency of his affiliate indicates that his ability is undoubtedly at the top level.

The giant has lost 2 outer hands, the first day of the team training camp, the number of Sterling Shepard thumb fractures, and another external hand in Corman (Corey Coleman) Torn torn tear before the knee.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople revealed in the “NFL Game Day” program: “Cowboys have provided a four-year renewal contract to this offensive core, and the contract amount is higher than this year. All the new contracts of all running guards have to be more contracts. “Although Murray has a long history of injury, the career has never been played in more than 8 consecutive games, but obviously he presents the talent to the cowboy chooses no visual injuries. .

This season has a successful transformation of the main transformation as a transmission balance, and the proportion of the rush is up to 50.8%, which is 15% from the last season. Tony Romo (Tony Romo) only 118 times, It is a new career.

Giants take over Tort Tets will appeal in 4 games that violate the banned drug regulationsOn July 28, the New York Giants just started to hit the training. Entry Golden Tate has been banned from four games due to violation of the alliance performance to improve drug use.

A team member expressed 49 people in Trent Baalke in Smith, in the morning, in the morning, in the morning, in Smith, rejected the team after being arrested for this time, the team made Decisive decision to cut him. The team said in the statement: “The team has been very trying to help Along solve his problem. Although he is no longer a team, Wholesale jerseys we will continue to continue.” And the team coach Jim Tom Sula (Jim Tomsula) canceled on Friday morning, and he was very sad when he was talking about Smith’s situation.

Smith is one of the most talented external lines of NFL, and he has been arrested three times since drunk driving. He was prohibited from participating in the season’s nine games due to the violation of the union code of conduct and drug abuse. He has been sentenced to 11 days in July 2014 in July 2014. Smith has voluntarily absent 5 games due to participation in drug abuse treatment projects. In 2011, he had three guns with a crime allegation to be alleviated.

The sakura coach Aliis revealed in February to receive surgery for kidney cancer Beijing July 12th, Arizona, Cruise, Bruce, Bruce Aria, revealed that he was diagnosed with kidney cell carcinoma in kidney cancer during the 2016 season.

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