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Lake said: “You should think of it. He is professional, he knows what to do for the team. He really knows. We have explored several times. Jacob is not needed, he is clear What to do. I am his coach, it is his friend, understands his current situation. & Hellip; & hellip; we need him to continue to keep yourself this year, so that the team’s goal can be played, or may Will only play a few gears, but he will be an important part of success. “

The wild horses held a ring award ceremony in Denver. Although the Continuous negotiation of Line Wei Feng Miller and the team’s renewal negotiations, he still attended the ceremony, in addition, recently due to shooting and admission to the hospital to accept the treatment of Taribi (AQIB Talib) Also attend. The wild horse players have released photos of a champion ring on social media.

The red ramp old will ridicule quiz question: let Warner comeKurt Warner has retired for 5 years, but when Arizona’s Red Tit appears four-point guard, people still couldn’t help but remember the four-point guard of the name of the famous Hall. Even if it is just out of ridicule, it is difficult to cover Warner’s position in the heart of the squad. Red scitch defensive end Darnell – Darnell Dockett shouted in Warner this week, ridiculed Hua, who can return to the four-point guards who serve as the team.

49 people had already reached the upper limit of 90 people, but the retirement of Jarryd Hayne was allowed to make the team a position. At the age of 25, Castellins last season represents 49 people on behalf of 9 games, and 16 shots won the 38 yards, and he has been in the 49-person sparring lineup in the 2014 season.

In Niki-Hooker, the Rams, the Rams, the Ram, and the Aaron Donald ended to report to the team. It is still unclear whether Qiang Ni-Heker’s new contract is the effort to ensure the satisfaction of Donald.

49 people and running guards Gaskins for about two years San Francisco 49 people announced in the local time on Monday to KenDall Gaskins for two years, so that the total number of teams has reached the upper limit of 90 people. Gaskins were cut off by 49 people last month, because the team signed 12 new show, in order to give these outcomes, there is a temporary and cut him.

After the ram got the ball, the offensive group still showed a sluggish, and he was helpless after three gears. The ball returned to the crow again, although I met 4 files 9 yards to discard the kicks, but 12 people on the Rashi Farm made a penalty of 5 yards, gave the crow to fight the four stages. Lamar 15 code links to join the Miles Boykin, the four gears have successful. In the end, the crow is doubled, Jackson 7 yards connected Snide, Wholesale nfl jerseys Crow 42-6 ram.

The ram offensive group quickly advanced under the four-point Guard Goff, a 22-yard line outside the Brandin Cooks, and the plus crow is safe and sacrificed. Clark ( Chuck Clark fined 15 yards and quickly came to Crow Red District. However, the promotion of the ram offensive group stopped, and the crow defensive end Matthew – Matt Judon killed Gaofu led to the ball, but the ram player picked up the ball in time and saved the ball. Finally, the ram will choose the shot again, and 46 yards in Zulleien, the ram is 6-21 crow.

The champion ring of wild horses is considered to be the largest champion ring in the era of super bowl. This champion ring has a total of 212 diamonds. In addition to engraving “50”, “World Champion”, three dramati cups and wild horses, writing “This is the Pat” in the side of the ring, and the side of the team is commemorating the team owner Pat – Bollen. Pat Bowlen.

The second half is prone to fight again, the ram defensive group can’t block the crow. In addition, Jackson Long Chuan 32 yards accurately found the near-end Mack Mark Andrews. This wave of offensive has no suspense, with the crow, Jackson Middle Road, the short pass running Weaving Yinggram completed the 7 yard pass to Deta, the crow 35-6 ram.

After the ram took the right, only three gears did not get the first attack, only to give up the kick. The crow offensive group took this opportunity to expand the leading advantages, Jackson and Brown were again connected to 18 yards, and the crow 14-0 ram.

The ram attack is unfavorable, and the snow is added. Gao Fu tried to pass the way to the outside Robert Woods, and the result was traded by the ram to the crow, MARCUS Peters, Piteson in the past The home family completed revenge. The crow sent a substitute for four-point guards, Robert, Griffin III, and the game entered garbage time. The crow kicks Justine-Tuck (Justin Tucker, the first time in the audience, successfully hit 34 yards, Crow 45-6 ram.

Last season, Niki-Herker averages the fifth column of the league number (47.8 yard) at average, and he last season’s total abandonment is the most union (4680 yards). The number of times he abandoned into the opponent 20 yard lines is also the most amazing 51 times.

Warner responded to Dukot’s petition on the twitter: “You are simply to be a life, don’t make a joke!” If I think I have the ability, I will not help! “Just kidding, red tick I really need to consider their quadrant. Although it has been determined to rank among the playoffs, the competition is not over, and their opponents next week is Seattle Hawks.

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