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The Jirai Defensive Team played excellent, only allowed the small horse to advance 265 yards and had 3 killing and 1 copy. Although the offensive group plays only 211 yards, it is good to have a fatal mistake, and Kasler performs a rules in the rules and 240 yards in 24. In the end, the Jaguo defeated the horses with two remembers of 6-0.

Grunette said that I know my quarter-defense and a little dilemma for his dilemma. I understand that for such a high-speed running to complete the perfect slip movement, it is very difficult to face the upcoming. But the skills of slippery have never taught her, because many athletes learned slippers during their childhood. Griffin himself also said “I have a newcomer in slip shovel. I have never trained sliders. Although I played baseball.” Grunette said: “He played baseball, this action should be more natural, Maybe he takes more training skills. “

But health is also the biggest problem in Guswen, and he has lacking 12 games in the past two years. At present, the contract of Gude Temple has two years left, after 49 people picking out Chinese, after Brandon Aiyuk, his leave is basically destined.

“I think we need to continue to try to speed up his speed, strengthen his rushing skills, so that he can become the three-speed player we need, give us some inside rush pressure.” Lion defensive coordinator Terry TERYL AUSTIN said.

[Event Review] Jaguo 6-0 zero seal ponyThe American Tiger made a major personnel this week, put the original first quarter Week-Burtas (Blake Bortles) to the bench and enable Cody Kessler. In the end they were 6-0 wins in the Meijin Civil War of the Pony, and the five games of the other party also avoided their 8-game losing.

Tom Breddy is expected to absence the first week of the season.Due to the new England Patriots, the four points of the new season, Tom Brady will be banned, led the patriotic, the heavy responsibility of the storm, naturally falls to the Subtock 4 points Guii Mi-Carobo Jimmy Garoppolo, so that the training opportunities of the preseason game is especially important for Garobolo, so the first battle of the season, his and Braddy who brought the first topic.

After receiving a series of injuries in last year, the old eagle external groups were only available J. J. Arthurga-WHiteside and the four-dimensional improving EFEG Ward. At the same time as Desean Jackson, Alshon Jeffery returned, Gude also brings speed and more experience to Philadelphia.

According to NFL official website reporters Mike Galafolo, Patriots plans to let Bradi break, exercise as much as possible Garobolo. In the previous season, Breddy also facing the four sites of the banned games. At that time, the coaching group also intentionally let him stop, but he convinced the coaching group, and finally launched the first identity.

Robinson is a 2nd show in 2016. It has achieved 5.5 killing in the rookie season at the University of Alabama. So the lion is completely trust of his ability, but he only wins 2 killing in the NFL’s rookie, and forcing the quadrant to quickly.

In fact, the problem is where to give Griffin some special slip training. Grunette also said: “New York jets have made Rex Ryan to teach Mark Sanchez, maybe this is an idea. But I don’t know if this is meaningful. When he It’s so fast when you ran, all things happen very quickly, and the face of other four-guards is completely different, sometimes it is not natural, but maybe this is a chance I come to teach him. Sliding skills, not today is not tomorrow, it is a day. “

The lion hopes that Ai Shan Robinson has a lot of handsBeijing June 11th, A & RSQUO; Shawn Robinson, gave people their own exquisite mushrooms to stop the skills last season, but the lion hopes that the defensive cut offers can more bear the mission.

Griffin’s self-protection or the lack of training of slippers, and the movement of the slip has become a hot topic. Griffin, who said Wednesday, said that he had a huge impact in the game on Brambrand Brown on Monday night. “Such intensity makes me understand what I should do. This is just the second episode of the second episode, but I can’t do it.” Griffin repeatedly repeatedly answered the “successful slip”, In the Brown competition, Griffin’s movement of slippery, but his technology is not very elegant. Even when I climbed, my feet were a little bit, I obviously slippery, but I was hurt, cheap Jerseys from china but Griffin, Griffin, said that it was a little feet because the knee was caught by two players.

Grunette said a fun thing to practice itself: “I was almost killed, this is why I am a little reason.” At the same time, he reiterated the value of Griffin again, so it needs to protect him. The health is in the 16-game season in the next. Griffin’s right knee has experienced 2 surgery, and his teammates don’t want to see him running without protection. Griffin’s slippery is a big problem but when he is hurt, then the problem is bigger. Coach said “I once saw that someone touched it, I almost broke my arm, the guy hit my arm. But I must still stand like a man, so the problem is whether he is Will it be injured not whether he will skill. “

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