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The Cardinals hope to have the playoffs original starting quarterback Drew – Stanton (Drew Stanton) be able to return next week. Arians previously estimated the chances Stanton timely return of 85%. If the Cardinals want to play the Super Bowl to be held in their own home, they will need to return the veteran quarterback in the playoffs.

Titan, Menta in the battle, 187 yards in 136 in Manning, but there are 3 times, the defensive group sent to McNer 5 times, 35-3, another madness. On the 13th week, the ball is against the ball, Manning and David – Gararide, the ball, eventually the end of Manning.

On Wednesday, when I was interviewed, Thompson said that the eagle fans were the most common alliance. He told reporters: “When my family told me that they want to go to the game, my answer is absolutely can’t. I In your own rookie season, I was told that my family stayed away from Philadelphia. “

Odrick is the first round show in 2010, he spent 5 years in Dolphins, and there were also many experiences with the patriots, all of his 2011-2015 competition, but last season was only five games due to elbow. And are put into the injury reserve list.

Prescott believes that Elio has gone out of the incidentAlthough it encountered a series of wind waves last season, view it now was finally banned six games, but the ambition of denim ran Wei Qikil Ezekie Elliott did not decline. Dak Prescott is also very confident in Dak Prescott.

Red leather run Guise worried that the eagle fan is too crazy to stop the family from coming to the scene.Washington Red Leather Run Kris Thompson has been in the fourth season in the Alliance, and he is very understanding that the home of Philadelphia eagle is not good.

Arians originally planned starting Thomas, that he show he can control the offensive set and ready as a starter in training. But Rapoport represent Thomas did not do this in training. When the appointment of Thomas as a starter this week, Arians said that this step more sense to figure out what the rookie can do rather than just the end of the evaluation of Lindley. Thomas took only two bad training to understand let Arians can not let rookie starter with a strong arm in the regular season finale.

For the Dragon, Xiao Ma blocks the road to Texas people, supplemented with impact to disturb David-Carl’s rhythm, victory to the hand, the Texas people have streamled the squad. Harrison took the ball to push 108 yards, this is the 50th number of codes in his life, and he raised to the second place (only 76 times in Jerry Less), and let him and Man Ning became the first combination of the first 10,000 yards in history and loaded into the history.

Cardinals continue to be used as the starting quarterback LindleyWhen head coach Bruce – Arians (Bruce Arians) said earlier this week the Arizona Cardinals will make rookie Logan – When Thomas (Logan Thomas) as the starting quarterback, he would himself left a posterior, promised that if the rookie did not look ready, he will immediately change the selection.

Lindley playing against the Seattle Seahawks in the game only completed 41% of passes, led the team to six points, and not had touchdowns in his career in 225 passes. However, he still ratio is considered to be part of the team long-term plan to deal with four-wheel show Thomas more aggressive defensive group of 49 people.

The 49 people were tried to San Francisco before Kapu, but they did not get favored. Kapu will now fight with my brother to fight for the ram, and the two are the third generation players. Their Dad Kres and Grandpa Jack – Jake Kupp are played in NFL. .

Although Elliot doesn’t have to worry about hitting a new show wall, the second year of repeated appeal is also very tormed. When the ultimate dust settled, the record of cowboy is not as good as last season.

A few days later, Arians changed his mind. NFL official website reporter Ian – Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to two people familiar with news reports said Thursday Cardinals plan to continue to let the veteran quarterback Ryan – Lindley (Ryan Lindley) on Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers game as the starting quarterback.

Prescot said: “The last season has been around his & lsquo; in this game, you can play & rsquo; questions, and the ultimate six banned games are not small pressure. Those who care about him, people who love him Pressure, more don’t mention the teammates who fight together. Now he is free, you can reinvigify the trend in the new season, good performance in the game. His performance is very good at the stage, showing the members how to train, How to punch. “

The previous six losses, the Pony has never taken the lead, but this time, Harrison is in the middle of the two corner Western Samuel and Gayon to 48 yards. Red District offensive, Manning almost didn’t look at the right after kicking, immediately throwing the right wing, Harrison, Harrison, “Jumping”, defeating Samuel, Xiao Ma, the first! This is the 90th time of Manning and Harrison, as seven years ago, Manning and Harrison’s first time, Manning throws the ball high to the right, firmly believe, Harrison will pick up Going to the ball, there is really a dream. Manning said this time to achieve “Harrison’s super big heart.”

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