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“I like the performance of us last season,” Tamnel said in the station. “Players in the array and I want to return. We will look at what will happen. Obviously, this depends on the last two weeks here. There will be a lot of repeated negotiations will determine our situation. We are waiting, No matter what happens, this will be exciting for two weeks. “

Obviously, any second-line defense facing the pirate attack attack will bear huge pressure. The Saints Defensive Group has made the opponent from 19th pass this season, and it is the second more than the league. There is also a series of data indicating that the Saint Passing will defense this season, they only win 4 clams this season and 10 times to destroy the pass, respectively, the League tent less and minimum. When the defensive flying code exceeds 20 yards, the saints let the opponent get 526 yards 3 times, respectively, and the alliance is more than the sixth and sixth. The Saint Triple Corner Wei Ma Shang-Machon Lattimore and Mike Evans is one of the points of the game, but in the face of pirates gradually gotting into the best attack, Saints Is there enough capacity to limit them?

Regular season 10th player’s injury summaryPhiladelphia eagle four points Sam – Sam Bradford shoulder injury in advance. According to reports, it may be the shoulder ligament sprain on one side of the ball, and Nfl jerseys it is still uncertain to cause much impact. Runan Matthews Hand is hurt.

There is a keyword in this transaction that cannot be noted: Titan introduced Tam Hill is a dilemma that is unattended in the team in the first quasi-Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcha. But the poor performance of Mario Tag will soon let Titan decided to change the first quarter-off. Titan has made breakthroughs.

When I accepted visits on Tuesday, John Schneider, the team general manager, said that he believes that Qifusler will not dismiss this year. Declined to DVL Schlene Schneider recently said that the leader of the defensive group will “affirm the” affirmation “in the next season.

Ninth Week, Sunday, Preview: New Orleans Saint VS Tampa Bay PirateAfter the two teams were arranged in the afternoon this season, the second round of the New Orleans, the second round of the New Orleans Pirates, finally arranged in Sunday night. In the first battle in the season, the saints gave the pirate head. But the pirates have recently become more fierce, and whether the wins will be reversed?

“I am very excited to get another opportunity,” Qifusler explained. “… Now we have a chance to win a super bowl, win the championship, win the Federation champion. Just getting this opportunity is enough to be excited.”

The 27-year-old Rhodes first selected professional bowl last season, one of his sparkling performances is to restrict the giant to take over Little Audel-Beckham Jr. in the fourth week of the New York Giants.

Now, Tamnel once again faces a break full of uncertain factors, he doesn’t know which team is played in the new season. However, after the experience of last year, Tannell is quite calm. “Don’t try to expect or worry that you can’t control things. Now just waiting at this time.”

In the past few days before Rhodes completed, Viking and defensive end Affison – Everson Griffen signed a high price renewal contract. The next line Wei’an, Anthony Barr, may be the next player who gets the renewal. Retaining excellent players to ensure that Viking can continue to perform well.

After the start of the game, all of Frank Gore and Devin Singletary tried to drive the ball, but only the number of digits. “The legs itchy” Josh – Allen decided to go to the red area, the squad 42 yards. After the Bill played a spoofing tactic, the external hand John Brown was short to find Allen, the latter completed 16 yards to catch up. Bill 7-0 leads.

In addition to Thomas and Brown, there will be what the two team offensive groups with many star players will also be the biggest look at the game. Saint Saint, Thomas and previous infected neoquap pneumonia 2 Emannuel Sanders returned to the venue, let them finally have a complete offensive weapon again. The status of Drew Brees is still worthy of concern that he has only 5.8 yards per shot of the ball in the air. It is the least all quarter-free, and the only one is less than 6.0 yards of quartz, but Thomas, Sanders, running guards Alvin Kamara, and the proximity of Jared Cook should ensure that the Saint offense can play outstanding. Although the pirates have broken the near-end Sweet Oj Howard (Tom Brady) and the old partner close-up Robert Gronzki ( Rob Gronkowski has established a tacit understanding again. Gronoski has had a ball to get a game in three consecutive games, and the Saints have made 6 times this season to get 6 times ahead, and it is the third of the league. In addition, Chris Godwin is returned, Mike Evans, Goldmooth Brown will make a combination of fearful buses. In the pavement attack, although the Saint-Saint-Pink defense has not allowed the opponent to have a rush of the squad, with Ronald Jones II and Runard-Buddha The pirates of the Leonard Fournette may still be threatened.

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