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Sea Eagle is expected to recover running training in the near futureThe Seattle Hawks ran to Tomas Rawls, in the fourteenth week of regular season, the ankle fracture in the Ballast Crow, and reimbursed season. However, the Hawks and Rawls believe that there is no need for an ankle, and finally decided to take conservative treatment. Although Rawls still can’t run training, he said that this goal will not take long ago, he wrote on the official twice of the team: “I will start running immediately. “

Bindham is no longer qualified to play for the community college after the end of the 2015 season. After three years of effectiveness of 2 community colleges, academic issues have led him that he cannot join the four-year university in 2016.

Sanders is currently completing 71 battles, promoting 868 yards, reaching 4 times. The wild horse has just got three consecutive victories, and Sanders contributed 15 batches in these games, advanced 161 yards, reached 1 time.

Include the toner, including the selection of the qualifications after the end of the conventional draft of April. The team who picks the players in the patch draft will lose the corresponding draft of the draft in the routine draft of the second year.

Rogers completed 217 shots in the 2015 season to win 1283 yards 10 times, and he also completed 61 battles and became one of the top offensive players of the Rocky Mountain Sports Alliance. Last year, he could not play the school team because of the academic reasons and participated in the increase in tonar.

The security guards who have been selected for three major occupational bowls have certain retreat in the 2014 season, but they have a certain improvement in the first bear team safety, Christoche, and Cantone has been on Wednesday. The contract is signed in the pirate team.

Last year, six players participated in the increase of tutoring, but no one was selected. The last one was selected in the patch draft is an offensive front line player in Clemsen, ISAIAH BATTLE, who was selected by St. Louis Roos, was selected by St. Louis. But Battel has never warred the Cheap Nfl jerseys regular season game and is now effective in Kansas City.

Two players are eligible to participate in July NFL patch draftBeijing July 7th, Georgia Military Academy of Defensive Frontboard Tarvares Bingham and Western New Mexico, MARQUES Rodgers, will be eligible to participate in NFL held on July 12 Pick up the draft.

Rawls played 13 games last season, and the average number of punched codes per shine of 147 times reached 5.6 yards, and the number of players ranked more than 100 times in the Alliance. He had a four-way code in 7 start-up games, and it was also the first one in the history of the Francisco 49 people. The only single game completed the total number of 250 yards. There is also a player who has a squad to reach the ball and the ball. According to the data provided by the professional football focus website, Rawls has reached 3.1 yards after contact, second only to Levian-Bell (Le & # 39; veon Bell) and Di I-Lewis Third League.

After retiring Masshawn Lynch, Rawls became the most reliable running guard, and the Hawow won’t worry about Rawls return training in order to safely, the Haiying coach Pitt-Carol ( Pete Carroll has previously said that he is not sure Rawls can participate in the summer training camp on time.

Viking offensive cutting Khalier accepted two knee surgeryAfter reward, the performance of Minnesota Weijin next season is expected. The players are also full of confidence, but only one person is still in trouble. Attacking cututs, Matt Kalil is troubled by injuries last season, and the performance is very common. At present, the problem of injuries seems to be more than him.

In 2007, the Hesmann was helped to help the University of Florida, the University of Florida, won two national champions. After the 2010 draft, he was selected by Denver Horse. Since December 2012, he will never be in the regular season after the New York jet.

On Wednesday, US Times reported in Adam Schefter, the wild horse took over Emmanuel Sanders training in congenital tearing. The official of the wild horse then announced that he will absent the rest of the season and put Sanders to the injury reserve list.

At the time of attending the NFL measurement on Saturday, the Ohio State University coach Erben Meyer said he and Tiibo discussed the possibility of playing the ball in the Canadian Rugby League in the Canadian Football League. “I actually talk to him to play Canada … I think if there is a right opportunity to go,” Meyer said.

Viking has recently decided to implement the fifth year of the 5th year in the Carlier contract, and this star cutaway in the new show season, it needs to overcome injuries as soon as possible, and the returns will prove their value. In addition, Viking has decided to start looking for alternatives to Carlier.

Local time on Wednesday, Karlier receives two knee mirror surgery. As early as in January, Kalier had a full range of knees. In March, he accepted “God therapy”. It uses the patient’s own blood, by special treatment, then extracts anti-inflammatory growth factors in the blood and re-injected back to patient joints to reduce chronic pain and delay degeneration. This surgical is intended to further understand the injury of Carlicale and treat it accordingly.

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