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Red leather runs to Delris – Gaz front cross ligament tornBeijing August 11th, NFL TV reporter Ian RapoPort, the latest report, Derrius Guice, was injured in the first preseason, preliminary Diagnosed as the inner sub-ligament sprain, but after the next nuclear magnetic resonance examination, the injury was aggravated, and it was confirmed as a front cross ligament torn.

Before Taylor’s injury, the package has need to adjust the offensive front line. The original first right trunks were injured in Billy Turner, and the right striker Elton Jenkins changed to the right. But after the first left … Lucas Patrick’s injured, Jenkins hit the right strike. Rick Wagner will be responsible for the right cut, Xiu Runyan Jr. will beat right.

Matt Lafleur, said: “He just recovered cheap jerseys from china the big injury last year, we can join the starting lineup, we will miss him. I am also very sympathetic, restoring the big injury requires a lot of energy. & Hellip ; & hellip; seeing this kind of thing is always sad. “

Packaging work first harmonious Renne-Taylor’s reimbursementPackaging Warrior Ren Ren – Taylor’s third week, the third week of tear reimbursement, the packaging workers have to look for people who can replace him. This year they have to repeat this matter.

49 people don’t have the best in the best lineup of Yuschchk’s less than ten yearsAny national gartard is not included in the NFL 2010 optimal lineup. This makes one of the best levels of the best level of the league.

Lightning quartz Webbert: Any four-point guard should have a photo of BrradiSince Justin Herbert is still a child, Tom Brady has been winning. Become Herbert hopes to be able to copy Braddy’s success last season.

Become Brandon Staley became a new coach and Joe Lombardi became a new offense coordinator, Herbert will learn the second set of offensive systems in the second season. This is not a good thing for him, and there are many young four-point guards trapped in the team. Braddy rarely needs such trouble in the new England patriots.

In fact, Sathwi’s experience is not rich in the professional stadium. She only completed three games last season, and 63% of the pass success rate was handed over. Since the brain shock, I had to let Osville replace it again. he.

Herbert got 4336 yards at 31 times in the rookie season, 10 passes were copied, and the transfer rate of the pass is 66.6%. Breddy only got once an opportunity in the rookie season. He began his career in a completely different age until the 2005 season’s password was more than 4,000 yards, until the 2007 season won more than 30 passes reached. But Braddy became the four-point guard of the league after obtaining the first opportunity.

“I think I can continue to learn the game,” he said. “I think if I know more about the defense, I’m going to make a defense, pressure and other things, I think this will better help our team. I think if I can learn what the tactical manual and I know what we are doing and Why do you do this, this kind of words I can read the opponent’s defense when I come to the gate line, read the opponent’s pressure, I can let us complete the outstanding attack. “

Herbert has an excellent opening in the rookie season. He often makes your team have the opportunity to win. But the lightning is too much to win, and it is a loss, and they finally achieved 7 wins and 9 losses and failed to enter the playoffs.

But there seems no one is very unsafe, and Savich is very careless. He said, “I am ready, this is a battle, I can’t describe me more excited.” This is a good thing for a four-point guard, waiting for challenge, not afraid of challenges.

Therefore, for this ten-year best lineup, NFL and professional football Celebrity Selection Committee negotiate different selection details. There are two full guards in the 2000s (Lorenzo Neal) and Tony Richardson), and no longer singles in the 2010 Best lineup Location, but a quota for “flexible position” players.

Yuschk may have a reason to be disappointed. Darren Sproles is selected as the best lineup as a flexible location player, but he also selected a lineup as an abandoned playback. There are 5 running guards in the best lineup, but there are only 4 outer hands and don’t seem to say.

“I think anyone should have a photo of Tom Brradi, which can be so successful as him, and like him can perform long-term performance,” Herbert said. “I have never had such a achievement before. To win the ball, the ultimate goal of the four-guard position is to make your team have the opportunity to win. He can do this. He is an excellent player, he I find a way to win, I think this is his biggest advantage. “

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