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US time, according to NFL NetWork reporters, Locke participated in all training this week, basically, basically determined that he would be activated from the injury reserved list, starting the battle of the Wild Mass Week.

This will also let Brandon Allen’s first grace of the end. He brought the team’s record 1-2, the pass rate of the pass is only 46.4%, advanced 515 yards, up to 3 times, was copied twice, and the passer scored 68.3. He did the team 24-19 to win Brown’s game, but it was gradually mediocre.

In this game, Joe Mixon was 129 yards, reached 2 times, and the tiger 30-16 defeated the opponent. The ouler Boyd is a thousand yards this season, and he also contributed a reachable to the team, but then she was hurt by the knee.

49 people will negotiate with Capenk in the election sceneAccording to industry insiders, the 49 people of San Francisco will negotiate with Colin Kaepernick and his representatives in Indianapolis.

Cape Nik is 28 years old, the third year of the 7-year contract, the total value is $ 1,269.69 million, including $ 61 million, including $ 13.9 million in the 2016 season. However, the payment of these money is affected by the health of Capenke and the performance of the field. The trading Katnik can create a salary space close to $ 8.5 million for the team.

After a free player this summer, Tatt was chased by New York Jet, Jacksonville American Tiger, Jacksonville, and other teams, and finally he had a 5-year 31 million contract with the lion and thought that the Hawk opened. The contract is very ridiculous. Harva is used in the jet in the jet last month.

In fact, Tatt said that there is no way, currently in the Haiying, who is led by Doug Baldwin, is the second, and the pace of the passing of Russell Wilson is getting worse. & quot; Eagle thinks they can choose some top and cheap rookie, this may be the reason they sent me. & quot; Tatt supplements.

The eagle runs to Wei Mairse-Sanders to determine the misreadingUS time Saturday, according to ESPN reporters, the eagle runs to Miles Sanders, did not follow the team to Washington, ready to play. This also means that Sanders is determined that the eagle will not be unveiled.

The defensive purpose is to prevent the opponent from holding a ball, defensive, the most basic action is to hug, and the object is the player. The wonderful number of people in the NFL competition, many defensive fierce will do not hit the offensive party, and even directly hit the lower court. So can the offensive party can only be hit? Our party tells us: “Where there is oppression, there is anti-rebellion.” To play football, it is impossible to make so much? With it, it is better to take the attack of the defender!

[Event Review] Tiger 30-16 defeat the raid, end five lossesAlthough the tiger offensive group has already seen the elbow because of injuries, at least in this Sunday competition, their staff are enough to defeat the raid.

Some people say that American football is the most closely movement. The four defense is the commander, the attack and defense front line is the front line of war, defenders and external fighters, such as the fighters, and the fighters, the anti-Hellip; & hellip; as a fan, it is easier to enjoy the beautiful single-handed game, running the fascination, Quadruple and precision guidance and defenders fierce collision.

In the early competition, the defensive strength is greater than now, and the offensive player wants to advance the number of results than now. With the rapid progress of the rules and the rapid progress of the offensive system, the defensive difficulty has become larger. On the other hand, now all offensive players will be such a technology, which makes the attack more fierce, and the defensive side adds a concern.

This news is not unexpected. Earlier this week, the wild horsema tract Vic Fangio told reporters that Locke’s training will gradually increase to detect his condition. At present, Locke’s performance is very good.

People who have just learned American football will have such a similar cognition & mdash; & mdash; football is to run the ball. This is sure that it is not wrong, because in most cases it is really holding a ball. Those who took the ball, did not say so relaxed, because many new fans who just started to watch American football have such a cognitive & mdash; & mdash; watching rugby is the most like a group of people stacked together. The human flesh is really good. It is basically the basics that is pressed in the bottom.

LT played the attackability of the straight arm to the extreme, if you score this action, full of 100 points, the LT must get 150 points. The most basic straightforward block is a straight arm, standing against defensive players, using the distance from the arms, such as the unfolding airspace, so that the defensive player cannot be close. More powerful players will watch the timing and push the opponent before defending. LT can do not only to push away, even pushing. In addition to pushing, he also has a skill that has been allocated and pressed, and the focus is destroyed through various techniques. On the one hand, it will not be close, on the other hand, and prevent it to be chased again.

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