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News: Red Leather will choose Mario Taga in the 5thWashington Red Board Daniel Snyder is not preparing to give up Robert Griffin III, but the team’s main coach Jay Grudin seems to have other arrangements. So what happens if the red skin is selected in the next month’s red leather, will Marcus Mariota?

So Xigler wrote a letter to the team’s dissatisfaction: “I spent a lot of time in Minnesota, when the American football season arrived, I only had American football in my heart, I am very disappointed that they did not realize My situation, this is not a correct way to treat a fans who support the team for more than forty years. WARNING? Just because you fail to attend a game last season, we have the right to revoke your ball. Tickets? This is not the right way in me. “

Eagle defensive end Kris-Langchang Association AwardThe eagle defensive end of Kris Ran (Chris Long) donated all the salary of this season to the community, and he has become a NFL player’s work in 2018 Byron-White community MVP award winner. In this way, he helped his foundation received an extra $ 100,000.

John Harbaugh – Hubble (John Harbaugh) said: “He moved in full speed, entered the scope, and always looked at the opponent. Because the big book is moving, his hand is impossible to carry a higher, he is not The method pends to the side. If he is forcibly bowing, it will be missing to hug and even hurt himself. “Opton said he would appeal, this fines almost fined him at this game. One-third of the salary.

The crow line is greatly fined because of the collision. In the last Thursday night, the Baltimore Crow is at home to visit the enemy Pittsburgh steel man. In the competition, Crow outside Kakoti-Erp, crumbs were punished by Ben Roethlisberger, but the crow claimed that this is a reasonable collision. After the game, Ox is a fine of $ 165,37 because this collision is fined $ 16537.

According to analysts, “Mario Tag will not fall to the sixth place because the red skin will choose him in the fifth place, so Snee will not worry about the quarter-saving problem, but the coach will headache. As long as Mario The tower fell to the fifth, and the red skin will definitely take him. “

But this time, this season, the eric Siegler, who lived in Chicago, because the mother-in-law is seriously ill, until the mother-in-law, because he is absent because of his mother-in-law. The team’s game is until it is notified that you have been revoked the ball.

There is only one person in the Hall of Fame, and the Sam Mills is located. Type has informs each new entrance, four people will fly to Charlotte to help make bronze statues and measuring the body size to prepare the blue jacket that symbolizes the name of the famous Hall.

Delhum was in 11 seasons in Wholesale nfl jerseys, of which 7 seasons were played in 2003 to 2009, and 53 wins and 37 negative records were obtained. He led the black panther to enter the playoffs, which entered a super bowl in the 2003 season.

Lang Shen donated six game wages to help the alma mater set a scholarship, which made him a community MVP in the third week of this year. In the end, he donated his annual income. Lang said: “In our own career for the twentie years, I want to return the community giving me a chance to play, equality education lights up the future of the American people.”

Today, SMG, who is a NFL TV website in the Alliance, in 16 seasons, and the head 13 seasons are panthetic. He completed 836 shots for the black panther to get 12197 yards 67 times, 2 times selected the best lineup, 5 times selected professional bowl.

According to the news, if you may be selected by Mario Tag, New York Jet will trade his sixth selection show to Philadelphia, but according to ESPN revealing Hongki will be the first to choose his team, so the eagle is not big. NS.

However, the salary will be a problem with the packaging worker, after the restructuring of David Bakhtiari, David Bakhtiari, the packaging works out of $ 8.3 million in salary space. But if you want to sign a witch, they have to make more adjustments. Although Watt will be 32 years old, there is still enough strength to require a high price contract.

According to reporters, about 12 teams already showed the meaning of attracting Watt. STEFON DIGGS is also trying to draw Watt in PTE. Packaging workers are intended to be interested in Watt, and they have entered the national contest in the past two years, and Watt’s joining can make the defensive frontline to come to the next level. In addition, Watt is also the local people of Wisconsin, and looks great from the small game.

Black Leopard announced in the morning of Monday, members of the team will increase the external entry Steve Smith, four-point Wei Jack – Jake Delhomme, Jordan Gross and Closey Walls Walls. The selection ceremony will be held during the 2019 season.

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