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“I am really good. I am really good,” he said. “Do you hear what I said? I am tired of all these to keep humble ghosts. Because when you are humble, they start to take you cheap. When you don’t say anything, they start to take you cheap. But When the hyena can do these things, when elephant, giraffe, antelope, chimpanzee, even gorilla can do all their own things. But there is only one animal in the jungle, when he roars, everything will stop. I It is necessary to roar. “

NFL official website reporter Omar-Ruz (Oman Ruiz) reported that Bobby Wagner may be able to enter the play in the Hawks of the Hawks to the 49-person competition in San Francisco. “I will be ready,” Wagner told Ruiz.

In addition to the video, he also wrote these words: “Words you say: You are great, you are the best, you are a dog, you are a monster, you are a lion !! & mdash; & mdash; my thoughts Never let & lsquo; them & rsquo; let you affect yourself. “

In health, Newton is undoubtedly one of the best players of the Alliance. But he has not kept health for a long time. After being cut by the black panther, joined the patriot to let the Newton hearts in the heart. The four-dimensional four-dimensional wishes hoped to rebound in the new season.

The Habig defensive group requires Wagner contribution to the court. Although the game fails to appear, this mid-range guards the second game of 41 times. He is still the main commander on the court. His tactical command and leadership can help them in the last defense of the game Hawks.

He has only promoted 38 yards in the 2013 season, and last year Anderson completed its excellence, including 179 holding balls to advance 849 yards to complete 8 reachaes, 34 batches to advance 324 yards to get 2 additional additional additional additional point. The team is very satisfied with Anderson’s performance to give him a reward of 150,000 dollars, so Anderson bought a pickup to his grandmother.

Jiraisole or trading this year’s first round signLast year, Jacksonville American Tiger team used their first round of three signs to Blake Bortles, and this year, the first round of three signs once again spend the beauty tiger team, but the Americas David Caldwell, General Manager David Caldwell, is more inclined to translate it.

“We have no balances in the past two years, I think we should be more open this year.” Codewell said so may be because of two large-scale quarter-free reasons & mdash; & mdash; Marcus Mali Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston, because once the Tennessee Titan or Tampawan Pirates did not choose one of these two people, the American tiger team must make a difficult choose.

Quartz Sankam – Newton: I don’t want to keep humilityCrazy in the Legah Leopard in the offset season, now can only sign the new Salary contract with the new England Patriot, Cam Newton is full of new season.

Tiger first round show receiving shoulder surgery season reimbursement According to Cincinnati media reports, John Ross will receive left shoulders and reimbursement. Although when the injury is still unknown, the nuclear magnetic resonance is not lie.

After the first beech, the first shoulder lip joint was injured, the training camp was absent for half a time, although it was finally played in the last two preseason, but hurt the left knees in the closing battle.

Interestingly, Romo’s clavicle has been fractured in the past five years, and the injury is a rare injury such that such injuries belongs to the position of quadrant. Romo also said that the team’s 2015 season was abnormal, he explained: “I want to say that we have never been usually last year, we should not be so different, although we only completed 4 wins and 12 losses, we can do more Ok, one of the reasons is my health, and other teammates need more improvement. “

In fact, another big problem in simply click the following page team is not the health of Romo, but the status of the defensive group, the first four games in Randy Gregory and Demarcus Lawrence (Demarcus Lawrence) were banned. The rookie defensive cutauna Maliek Collins should be absent from 10-12 weeks.

Ross completed the regular session show in the second week, but this season eventually played 3 games, participated in 17 files. 2 times were taken as a pass target to complete the ball, and a shower was 12 yards. The location of the 9 sign is not very commensurate.

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