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Sproles says: “I know now advancing in career yardage this one in the eighth row of history, like the first impact should be impossible, Jerry – Rice (Jerry Rice) but if too. to complete several outstanding red ball, or to a big yardage back to the attack, more than Steve – Smith (Steve Smith) (seventh) and Marshall – Fock (Marshall Faulk) (sixth) and some hope. what can not achieve the target, probably until mid-season to clear up, my goal is currently ranked fifth – Tim Brown (Tim Brown), and then move only Emmett – Smith (Emmitt Smith), Walter – Payton (Walter Payton) and Brian – Mitchell (Brian Mitchell) up. “

In the case of Cook and Kirore, 49 people currently have 15 players in the reserved list, except for Cook and Kilgon, there are 4 in the injury reserves. Players. There are still four players in the Reserve / Non-Football Injury List, and 1 player in the reserve / physically unable to perform. In the Reserve / Suspended list, and 1 player in the injury reserves / designated to return (Injured Reserve / Designated to Return).

In addition to the placement of Kirgor in the injury reserve list, 49 people also put the Supreme Guardian Kiesk Cook (Chris Cook) in the injury reserve. Cook injured in the legs of the gamma. He was listed as a header of the head to the left corner. In order to fill one of the lineup vacancies, 49 people announced a re-signed safety Wei-WenTron (Ray Ventrone), he is a skilled special group player. 49 people did not announce changes in other players on Saturday, which made them still have an vacancy in the 53-person list.

US Time Friday, according to NFL NetWork reporters report, XFL (Extreme Rugby Alliance) Inform all employees through remote meetings, will interrupt all operations. Employees’ salary will be paid to this Sunday, but it cannot be determined. There is currently no intention to re-open.

In the 54th Super Bowl, XFL offers new blood for the past football long and abrasion, and has gained the attention of olive fans in the United States. In addition to the classic game itself, XFL has introduced a series of new regulations with NFL, mainly including the tending settings and reachable facing options. The game will be broadcast in ABC / ESPN, Fox TV at the afternoon. Unlike NFL, there will be reporters in the game in real time in real time in the side, and the celebration of the celebrations after Deta will be more relaxed. In addition, the tactical layout in the coach will be broadcast cheap Jerseys from china time to time, and the processes discussed by the referee will be fully open from time to time.

The team announced on Saturday that they have placed Kirgore in the injury reserve list, and he was fractured in the legs in the Sunday of Denver Mangma. The 26-year-old Kirore is a center for 49 people in the first 7 games. In the case of reimbursement in the Kirgor season, the rookie Martin will be the first center.

Sproles is currently advancing a career total of 19,155 yards, needs 528 yards to become the fifth will be able to surpass Brown, Smith ranked fourth in career total of 21,564 yards advancing, the gap for Sproles is somewhat difficult to surpass.

The 60-year-old Fan Giio is in the middle of the NFL. He served as a defensive coordinator in 5 teams in 19 seasons. He coached 4 years in the bear team and built the team into a defensive team of the first score of alliances. This time he will face rebuild, especially the team’s defense. After three years of winning the super bowl, the fate of the wild horse and the Best Parameter Wan Wei Feng-Miller is on the intersection. The 8-year old will have an excellent season, but the team manager John Elway recently believed that he can perform better, and is willing to listen to other teams to his quotation. Career Bowl of Kris Harris is also considered to be traded.

The offense of wild horses also needs to be rebuilt. The team before the team, the coach, Gary Kubiak, is expected to return to Denver to become a team offensive coordinator. Kubik got 21 wins and 11 loss of results in the two years of the wild horse coach. After the 2016 team, I won 9 wins and 7 lost records after I chose to retire.

Although the last level is still not considerable, XFL also helps many players to receive the second chance, currently quadruple P.J. Walker, Walker, etc. The NFL team has been thrown out of the olive branch.

The wild horse is about to appoint the bear defensive coordinator Vik – Van Gio to the team’s new coachAccording to NFL NETWORK reporter Ian Rapoport, in the US Time report, according to a number of news, Denver Mangma will appoint the bear team defensive coordinator Vic – Vic Fangio as the team The new coach and provides a contract for the 5th year of 4 years.

5 years agoThe Ji Tiger is unexpectedly in the season, only a few days have adopted a unconventional attack. Botouns did not have 40 passes in the past, but he completed 2 passes in these passing balls to have no pass.

Earlier, Sproles after the 2017 season was scheduled to retire, but the anterior cruciate ligament tears and fractures to his arms ahead of the season, most of the time spent on the injured reserve list. In May, Sproles has said he does not want this to end his NFL career, his daughter wanted him to “play one more year.”

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