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Emanuel Algaba absence Brown Hall Season TrainingBeijing April 2, in general, the player is absent from the season training problem in this time. Because of this training for voluntary participation, the players can decide on their own strength, health and recovery.

When I was interviewed by Tuesday, I said that she was happy to see his son as a raider competition, she hoped that he was returned last year. Danny poem said: “Auckland is our home, I have always been a daughter in the Bay area, I am a raid person, you say what I will feel. But I will never discuss American football so much. But the whole The city is crazy for this, and I am no exception. “

In the 10th week of the game, Fowler killed the Hawks in the fourth section of the fourth quarter to Russell Wilson and caused the latter to fall, and Fouler then grabbed the ball. The ram then used this opportunity to score and eventually win the game. In the Federation of Federation, F Waler completed the key pressure in the overtime game, causing the New Orleans Saint 4 points to pass the ball errors to be copied.

Ximeng was injured in front of the season, and he was short-lived in the second week but then his injured recurrence. Simon has missed the entire rookie season because of similar injuries. He got a copy of the 3 game in the 2014 season. He appeared 43 files in the Hawie on the super bowl.

Lynch mother is willing to see his son’s effectivenessAt this point of time, Marshawn Lynch added that this thing is no longer if it is the problem. When this is really happening, Linch’s mother Danny poem is very happy to see.

Sea Eagle will put a list of injuries reservesSeattle Sea Eagle announced that they have placed the corner Sarold Simon into the injury reserve list, and the Rod Smith (Rod Smith) promotes the list of training groups.

Old Wide Watery – McAfee Returning CrowBeijing May 18th, US Time, the crow officially announced that it is contracting a year contract with the old will be Waiwanel-Michael McPhee. After several years, McAfee returned to the place where career begins.

Fisher is the most eye-catching task in the first episode. He made a passionate speech for the team before the second training of the team training camp. “Little things are very important, do you understand what I mean?” Fisher said. “I don’t want to have a mother to get 7 wins and 9 losses or 8 wins and 8 losses or 9 wins, ok? Or 10 wins and 6 losses. This team is too talent. I don’t want to be like that, good I know what I am doing. We have some people who are only suitable for 7 wins and 9 negative teams & mdash; & mdash; this morning. Now, Di is from the team (referring to the woman from the team dormitory) Di – This is a person who is only suitable for 7 wins and 9 negative teams & mdash; & mdash; we don’t need him. “

In 2015, McAfee left the crow and signed a $ 59 million contract with the bear team. Although there is no doubt during the field, health affects McAfee performance. He is only playing 36 games in the bear team.

The mother of the ram coach Fisher is not full of his conversation in the show.Jeff Fisher’s pressure is very pressure, he can’t keep 7 wins and 9 loss records. Now he still feels dissatisfaction with his family.

After Brown won the defensive end of Olivier Vernon, Ogaba’s importance is reduced. He is a two-round show in 2016. The first battle in the past three seasons has been played in 40 games, completed 122 times, 12.5 times and 29 quarter-shots.

In the Jaguler, it is also troubled by the external problem, including the arrest of suspected law enforcement and the assault, and Wholesale jerseys more than 10 times to eat traffic tickets, he has repeatedly conflicts with teammates in training. However, he did not appear after joining the ram.

24-year-old Word entered the team for the 50 games (including 3 playoffs), including 9 first. In the 6 regular finals, he got once to destroy the ball, once robbed the ball, 2 killing and 5 hit four points.

Los Angeles Roeware and Outer Way Swante – Foller Income for 1 yearBeijing March 11th, Los Angeles Roewool announced that they had agreed to sign new contracts with external Wei Xiao Dadu (Dante Fowler Jr.).

The Jaguchi was selected by Fowler in 2015, but in May, they chose not to perform Fown of the fifth annual contract option in May last year. Fouler did not appear in the rookie in the knee. He won 4 kills in 2016, and it took 8 killing in 2017. Foule won 4 times in the 7 games that were played in the Americas Tiger last season.

Smith from Ohio State University as a new show joined the Hawowk, he got 70 yards in the race in the preseason, and there were 27 yards in 6 batches. He was abandoned before the start of the season, and then he was signed in the training group.

Another fall of Xiu Xi Mas Rawls will start in the next game of Cincinnati. Old will run to Fred – Jackson (Fred Jackson) is suspected of being injured by an ankle. If Jackson cannot appear or recurred in the game, Smith may get the first time of career.

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