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The head coach Sean McDermott said: “Just is strong, everyone knows this. I have made me convinced that these experiences have been convinced that this arm has excellent, but I won’t go and Others are compared. Single arms is far less, this is also part of our efforts to improve. Josh’s thoughts are already mature, this is exactly what we expect. “

Because of Tour, Haha Clinton-Dix, it is very important to supplement the safety of the red skin. Can sign into Collins, this 3 times selected professional bowl, and the best lineup will be precious. Of course, the position of Collins is strong, which is the same as Clinton Dix.

Pites was added to NFL as a decision of the new show and signed with Buffalo Bill. He then manifested continuous improvement, growing to top players we are familiar with and join the eagle in 2009. He was selected in the career bowl of career, and he was selected for a while and was selected for a while and was selected for the best lineup in the 2010.

Simling became the first code in 2009, the number of thousands of-dimensionalAdam Thielen reached a milestone of personal career and Minnesotavijing team in Thanksgiving Wars. He became the first single season, the first single season, who has passed the number of Viking, has been taken over, since Sidney Rice, Sidney Rice, since Sidney Rice.

Simlun recently is also included in each game in the past three games, and he did not reach the account in the first 7 games in the season. He is currently the second hand of the total number of collars, second only to Pittsburgh steel outside the Antonio Brown, Antonio Brown.

US time Saturday, Jordan told reporters that he received a core muscle surgery for two days after the super bowl and was currently recovering. He encountered a muscle treasted injury in the regular season and took a final five games.

Shetten also required 84 yards before this game, you can break the thousand code mark. He got 916 yards after the game was played, which made him the first three-game number of 900 yards from the top 10 games since the Randy Moss, 2000 and 2003. . He finally got 89 yards in the 30-23 defeat of the Detroit lion.

“I think it is always possible,” Johnson said. “Really, currently, what we have is time. We went to see what happened. I won’t rule the possibility of returning. I want him to return. Say that I don’t want to read this big man is fake.”

Left off-circumference Sen-Pites still keeps in touch with the eagle also considers other optionsThe free player market is open for approximately two months, and this year’s draft has passed, and the old attack is still free. According to ESPN reporter Adam Schefter, Pites, who has been effective for Philadelphia, still hopes to play in the new season and keep in touch with the eagle, but he is still exploring other options.

Bill New Show 4-point Wei Allen has no pressureThe rookie quartz Swan is the future hopes of Bill, but the team does not rush to seek success in the short term, which also gives Allen’s adaptation time.

Red leather will be with Safety Guylon-Corin Sonance for 6 years Beijing March 12, according to NFL NetWork report, Hongli will sign a six-year $ 84 million contract with the former giants safe Guanden – Landon Collins. These include $ 45 million security, will be completed in the first three years.

Jordan was injured in 12.8 lost to 49 people, but still insisted on the last three regular seasons, helping the saints to ensure the home advantage of the season. After that, the Saint lost to Viking in the outer card, but Jordan insisted on participating in the professional bowl competition, and then he was subject to surgery.

However, in recent years, Pitas has also begun to be affected by injuries. He missed 12 games in the past three seasons. In view of the current situation, Pites cannot accept medical examination with the team, Wholesale jerseys which may be one of the reasons why he is still free.

The eagle announced on March 5 to let Pites entered the free player market, but it does not rule out that he will re-sign him. At that time, they said “” will keep communication, and both parties will continue to assess the choice in the free player market. “

Collins is 25 years old and is a giant two-round show. It has been highlighted in the past four seasons. He is since 2015, the only player who has completed at least 400 hugs and 30 destroyed passes, and the only safety guards who have completed at least 95 times each season.

From Shetor’s report, the eagle and Pites still remain communicated, but the latter may still find opportunities to play more important roles in the offensive front line. In the old eagle array, the first round of the first round of Show offensive cut offs Andre Dillard may become Pites’s successor.

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