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Wildil, who will be 32 years old in June, is a multi-faced hand. He has the ability to serve as the left truncation and the right tricks and the strokes and strikers. In the patriot, he can provide lineup depth behind the left-offsah Wynn and Right Diffuses.

It is reported that the team tried to renegotiate the contract with a 39-year-old Jiksky. His contracts this season can earn $ 4 million, but Ji Nushi refuses for the team’s request, and this may result in the team to find a new player to replace him. It is reported that US Time On Monday, the raid person tried three players.

The two sides of the game were sharp, and Matt Ryan, Matt Ryan, 23 times, successfully obtained 224 yards, and gave a pass, and founded Julio Jones and. Devin Hester completed the Deta. Titan Jack Locker 17 times successfully achieved 188 yards 1 time. The first half of the game Falcon is leading 17-10. Starting from the second wave of Titan in the second half, their substitute quartz, this year, Xiuzuk, Mattenberg, took over, and led Titan to complete reversal. He has successfully obtained 148 yards in 11 times, although there is no pass to pay, but his performance is the foundation of Titan. At the game, 5 minutes and 45 seconds left, Titan’s new show, Bishop Sankey, completed the 3-size ball reached, and then completed 2 points of additional points, and finally helped Titan’s anti-ratios. Falcon still has a chance, but the Sepa Renfree will be promoted to the Titan 4 yard line after led the offensive group. Jones. Titan is locked in the victory.

Bill offense is not weak to the Pirate Titan Dolphin ReverseOn August 24th, Beijing time, the 2014 season NFL presencing game ends multiple competitions, the following is the comprehensive battle report of three fields.

Wholesale Nfl Jerseys TV reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the Sapphire high-rise & mdash; & mdash, including General Manager Steve Kem (Steve Keim), coach Creek, Kliff Kingsbury ) And boss Michael Bidwill & mdash; & mdash; will be held in the next few days.

The focus of this game is the buzz in the second grade of Bill’s quartz, EJ Manuel. In the first half of the game, when the pirates were first defensive group, Manuel led the Bill’s lead offset group, with a total of only 82 yards to get 6 first attack and was zero. The first half of the Bill offensive group has 2 mistakes to hand in the ball to help the sea, one time is Man Newell, which is killed, pirate defensive, Clinton, McDinton McDonald, grab it back. Raider. Until the second half faced the replacement of the defensive group, Manuel opened the brave performance, 10 times of passing 10 times successfully achieved 131 yards and the first time in the appearance of Bill. The game Manuel 28 passed the ball and twice successfully twice, and the 198 yard was taken 1 time. The pirates, the first quartz, Josh McCow, played a stable, although he was influenced by the offensive front line, he still got a successful 112 yards in 13 times, completed this time. The ball of the ball is this year’s first round of Show outside Mike Evans.

It is a reverse play. Miami Dolphins In the last festive first, the Gator Gaskins received a 4-point Swan Moore passed the 27-yard-Moore, followed by 1 in the game. Dolphins Darkwa completed 1 yards to reach 1 yards in 45 seconds. Cowboy, the first quadrant Tony Romo (Tony Romo), 18 passed, 10 times successfully achieved 87 yards, cowbur’s reached fraction of defensive corner Wei Tayele-Patmont (Taylor Patmon) Casseth attack and the Brandon Weeden pass. Dolphins’ reversal, quartz-Motor 19 passed 12 times successfully achieved 172 yards 1 time to double the pass, the first four points Wei Len – Tagan Tannehill 21 times Pass 13 times successfully obtained 119 yards 1 pass passed.

Weldir is expected to sign a contract with a 1-year value up to $ 6.5 million. The Patriot will officially check the contract after Tuesday. After this day, the free player will not affect the team to obtain compensation draft.

The small horse has introduced two old stars to the offensive group, but we will not be dissatisfied with this team that can enter the last super bowl in this game. Gore hopes to help the team in September this year to securely in the United States. “I don’t know how many years, 2 years, 3 years,” Gore said. “But I want to have the opportunity to return to the alliance and can chase the champion trophy before leaving.”

Edelman’s absence will bring opportunities to players who are competing for appearance time and lineup. The patriot has many problems at the extension. First Way Xiu Enchil – Harry (N & # 39; Keal Harry), the front first round Xi Philip – PHillip Dorsett, the second grade player Bracston – Bellos Berrios, the old East Trell – Mauorice Harris et al., Will conduct competition from the injury in Edrman and Demaraz-Thomas.

Sebastian – Ji Nushi is not willing to pay the salary There have been news from news, and the Auckland raid people want their own players to Barstian – Janith Janikowski actively pay the salary, but it seems that this old will be unwilling.

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