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Moore is 25 years old, the 2017 season was selected by the Hawks in the seventh round. In the past three seasons, he won 7 shots to get down 7 battles. The Hawks provide Moore to the original round of bidding contracts, which means that he will receive $ 2133,000 in the next season before he enters the free player.

This defensive cut off is cut off in the new season. 4-3 defensive array of Indianapolis. In the last year, Hankins and pony were signed for 3 million US dollars, including 10 million US dollars to guarantee the contract, and now he returns to the free player market.

In addition to the NDAMUKONG SUH, Hankins may be the best anti-runner in the free player market. Of course, it will attract interests that still have salary and use 3-4 formats. Washington Hongpi will be the first team he visited.

Sea Eagle takes over David – Moore signed the bidding contractThe Hawie Eagle Outlet David-Moore announced that he was signed with the Hawks on Sunday in the US Time. The fourth-grade player announced that he would return to the Hawks at least a season at least a season.

We may never know how the wild horse management has evaluated Cousins’ ability and value, but we now know that Elvi is more willing to check 2 years of $ 36 million contracts rather than Kasham. Cossins opened a contract with nearly $ 90 million in income.

Jordan was injured in 12.8 lost to 49 people, but still insisted on the last three regular seasons, helping the saints to ensure the home advantage of the season. After that, the Saint lost to Viking in the outer card, but Jordan insisted on participating in the professional bowl competition, and then he was subject to surgery.

“I think we have no one to give up or have similar behaviors. We are still fighting,” Kiqiz said. “In contrast to the outside world, we have a chance, but we have not grasp. We have the opportunity. When our team watches the video, we have a chance. Everyone will realize this, the team People & mdash; people will play a role & mdash; & mdash; will realize this. We will not be tangled in this game, we will become better. “

This is not to say that Elvi is not interested in Cousins. But a real thing to realize that Coss’s price will exceed him, and Elvi turned his gaze to other quarters. According to cheap nfl jerseys from china official website, Ian RapoPort pointed out that in a soon aware of the unable to sign Cousins, the wild horse began to fully chase the four-point satellite-Karnam (Case Keenum) ).

After 11 against the Vikings district race, the rookie defensive end steals completed his teammates on the Vikings right tackle Brian O’Neal – (Brian O & rsquo; Neill) was grappling blind side. O’Neal leave for examination a concussion, not in the return match. When the referee whistled for a foul Barbosa non-essential rude.

When Cossins considers the best quotes issued by various teams, the wild horses will quickly sign Karnam with a 2 year of $ 36 million contract. Elvi announced the entire alliance on Friday, they have found the first quarter-off.

In addition, the Chiefs running back Damien – Williams (Damien Williams) because of non-sportsmanship behavior was fined $ 10527. After touchdown in his first over, Texans for Brandon Rush – Dunn (Brandon Dunn) before throwing the ball to celebrate.

Kissiz also said that the team’s performance needs to be better, and you need to have a better offensive command. But he felt that the game was unlocked like a score and data display. In this game, 49 people forced Brown to lose their politics, they did not lose the ball, and the ball time was nearly 38 minutes, advanced 446 yards, compared to Brown into 180 yards.

2. Chiefs left tackle Eric – Fisher (Eric Fisher) due to non-athlete behavior was fined $ 14037. Zhou Shengde on the people of the state of the game, Derek Fisher after a touchdown to himself poured two cans of beer, to celebrate, but also do not want to pour their money is gone.

Brown coach: The team did not panic because of not good start.During the course period, Cleveland Brown was considered a strong competitor of the championship in the outside world, and they think so. But after 5 weeks of starting season, their performance did not reach expectations. After 49 people in San Francisco on Monday, the team coach Freddy-Kiqiz (Freddie Kitchens) was asked to give up in the second half of the competition.

Outlook Hawks next season’s ballup lineup, Moore is a four-point guardian-Wilson, familiar to offensive weapons, and reinforcement and before the front patriots take over Phillip Dorsett. Sign a year contract. The Sea Eagle also signed the old Near-end Frier Greg Olsen, which is the same for one year. Extraracks of the Eagle Eagle, Tayler Lockett and DK-Metcalf, these five people have formed a 2020 season Hawk’s catching legion.

US time Saturday, Jordan told reporters that he received a core muscle surgery for two days after the super bowl and was currently recovering. He encountered a muscle treasted injury in the regular season and took a final five games.

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