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For nightlife NFL players, that there is nothing wrong, the team headed leader Eli but at this time to stand up and criticize, said he was disappointed at the crucial moment of the playoffs, but just want to take the lead in these kid the debauchery. It is impossible to imagine a party to cause such an uproar, but the state of Beckham in this field is very much to the imagination, is a mere party really affect the state? Is it really infighting within the team? Recall the first two mythical giant Olympic year, the Giants are a popular support Faith will move the team, the core team of very basic “boring”, not so much a mess of gossip, this is their opponents again and again reversed the hidden factors, at this moment the giants should be a high-level team “rectification movement” or “in-depth exchanges”, which may be compared offseason signings are more important.

Stephen Jones, Executive Vice President, Executive Vice President, said: “I know that Dack will have a good performance this year, I hope we can give him a contract. He has been selected in four rounds, but it has also achieved quite Nice results, he deserves our investment. “

Pagano is 58 years old, has served as the main coach in the past six years, the total record 53-43 (regular season), the playoffs 3-3.2012-2014 three seasons, Pony entered the playoffs for three consecutive years. 2013, 2014 season is also the first name of the United States, the 2014 season is entered into the United States. In the 2018 season, he worked in NFL as an advisor.

In Cody Parkey, the shooting caused the bear team in the 2018 season and it was unemployed, and the position of the bear play was one of the focus. In the next training, Wholesale Jerseys 8 people compete and eventually decreased to 3 people, Naji felt dissatisfaction with everyone.

In the 2016 season, Prescot’s contract salary added only 2.7 million US dollars, which is low ($ 3.25 million) than Cole Beasley. In the 2018 season, Prescot’s basic salary is $ 630,000, accounting for a salary space of $ 725848, which is less expensive than a lot of replacement.

“No matter what I want, what I think,” Clant Matt Nagy “is said to the media after training. The most common ideas of the bear fans may be in honoring Robbie Gould and is full of resentment for the stupid decision of the bear team.

3 player training in the bear team is poor BrovitzOn June 12th, when the Chicago bears began to train the camp, they had a bad opening in the players in the player position, one of which has been abandoned.

Cowboy will provide “dedicated” contracts for Prestocott In sports, NFL’s first quarter-off rookie contract can be said to be very good. This is even more like this to play the first four-point gyro that hits the intermediate round contract.

The patriots with a little tiger head snake still have two guys who make the league the most paramounty: Tom-Braddi (92.9) and Robs Gulkovski (96.4). Breddy’s password number and passing the number of passes in the season can be taken to the top three of the league. It is the second good quarter from this season. This season is a 38-year-old old, will make people can’t find any trends on their body, and leading the patriot to take the next super bowl is his greatest wish. Although this season is a quarter of the near-end sharp outbreak, Rhubble-Gulkkovski is still unable to be shake. Regular games 1176 coded 11 times he is the most reliable weapon around Bradi. Erman Julian – Erman is taken before the league ranks first 10, but after he is injured, the patriot will lose 4 games in the last six games in the regular season. At this game, he is very likely to pay, this is a strong intention to give the patriot offensive group. Although Braddy is good, the offensive front line to provide him is full of bad. Only the sharp step-Clan (79.9) can reach the level of the alliance, while other offensive line players do not even reach the alliance average, even worse. Their pass hunning efficiency is only 74.5, and the ranking is also lower.

The recent victim is Carolina Black Leopard. They have the best 15 wins and 1 loss of the previous year, which fell into 6 wins and 10 losses. They did not kill the weaknessenex, Kam – Newton is even more Previously, the identity of MVP, almost played a career worse season.

Finally, let’s talk about a player: the former Battle of Texas people’s Cracini is the 2014 draft, and that year, the most impressive is the birth of Beibei, Mike Evans and Sami. – “External Take Golden Generation” in Waterkins and others, this war the most bright Paul Rothardson, is also just from the election conference in the year, geometry? The second round of total 45th! This is a very high position, considering that there is also Dawan Tort after him, Allen Robinson, Javis – Randri and Matvis – Bryant is selected, Richardson In the first two seasons, the “parallel” label is basically concluded. As the number four of this quarter, the opportunity is, the Kele-Locktea reimbursement, let Richardson finally wait for the opportunity! In addition to the one-handed person, there is still a reusing, after the back of the back, then I will take a single hand, and the body is also exciting. Plus the first battle of Crawni, the first day of the outer card It is the day of the “parallel” in 2014!

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