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After giving up by the patriot, the Hawks claimed Gordon, he was played for 7 games for Seattle, completed 7 batches, and pushed 139 yards. He was again banned by the violation of the alliance policy in December. According to the broker, Gordon’s brothers died in the fall of 2019, which caused him unclear.

Dai Lun McFaden: I feel like a new personAuckland raids 2008 first-round show running Dallen McFadden will start their own new life in Dallas denim, for the first time for this 27-year-old player, I am very exciting.

Qiang Wei was born Mark – Barron played outside linebacker, a former security guard LaMarcus – Joiner play slot cornerback, defensive backs multi-formation, which is full of imitators of the Union, no matter how you look, male after this season’s defense is very similar to the sheep field and with the Cardinals, although talented players than the Cardinals, but the Rams defense field almost nothing colander, we work together, and powerful style of play, it will be another few air soft ball offensive group feel uncomfortable.

Everyday NFL Update: Share the ticketBeijing October 30, Dear “Everyday NFL” players, start at 16:00 in the afternoon, “Everyday NFL” will usher in update! This update will increase the new features of the ticket and optimize the player experience ~

The Cardinals lost the road this season, averaging 97.2 yards and a touchdown, which is about the shape of their smaller players, plus linebacker Kevin – Minter and Dieng – Buchanan missed tackles have been high , anti-bad run is a fatal flaw, so the red zone defense rate is not high.

Before renewing, Banic took the number of picked codes and 9 times in the 2015 season, but he completed 55 battles in the last season. Just achieved 612 yards 2 times. Of course, Brown’s four-defense positions have to account for a certain reason, but the coach-Jackson indicates that the close-end position needs to be upgraded at March.

Gordon has played 12 games in the 2018 season, and in December of the same year, the regular season and playoffs were encountered in the same year. He returned in 2019, as a restricted free player returned to the patriot, played 6 games, completed 20 batches, pushed 287 yards, reached once.

A team management person called this election to “the key node of the draft”, which is very reasonable. The fourth bit is just that the quadruption team needs to grab the position before Denver wild horse.

In addition to these three teams, Baltima Crow and Cincinnati Tiger have certainly want to pick four-point guard, but the Brown, which is in the same partition, can spend a huge price. In addition, the new England patriots are also tried to have some rookie quadrants.

Good anti-ran is the foundation of successful anti-pass, the older generation handed down the teachings of our forefathers we can not forget, proved to be true, anti-running rival merits of the decision will face long yardage or third gear third gear short code the number of anti-crow season pass is not perfect, low pass rush efficiency and cornerback easily colander, but opponents to convert third gear success rate of 34%, the second highest league, because what you should know it.

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Strategies, you have Zhang Liang, I have a wall ladder, and each play has its own advantages, no set of tactics can eat all the world. The good defensive group relies on the talents of the superstar without fake. They have shortcomings but very small, the heart is very large, almost unsure from any attack, and they can always find the player’s play, configuration, and location, the new century rule Waiting to biased the attack, but the good defensive group will always be so late.

The first few quarters of the person will be rotated with eight people, but this season because of person injuries, only six people are rotated, and the people who play the ball will naturally fatigue, affect the anti-run, but the rumor is always maintained. Yes, considering that the Wi-Beijing defensive frontline is relatively lacking, you will be alive.

At least this season the Cardinals lost yardage Union, anti-anti-pass yardage and also to convey the array are the least league, although loss of points (19 points) can only tenth in the league, but not the least loss of points than the Seahawks (17.3 points) much worse, from the data, the Cardinals this season is the league’s strongest defense almost set, but in fact was not any so simple.

Cardinals raid in previous years the proportion of about 40%, but dropped to 31 percent this season, the reason is very simple, four pass rush strength become strong. Cardinals offseason with a second round pick plus perennial losers Jonathan – Cooper from the Patriots in exchange for Chandler – Jones, Jones’s return this season is fourth in the league in pass efficiency rushed outside, plus on the inside of the red transfer efficiency Calais second in the league – Campbell, internally and externally, Cheap jerseys from china the pass rush on hard power to achieve what may be the best season team in recent years.

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