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In addition to the lack of 2 games, Thermatrxforbph.Com Smith has advanced 516 yards and 3 reacons. Such data is completed in 8 games, that is, if there is no injury, he is likely to reach 1000 at the end of the season. The data of the code.

US Time Monday, Crow, John Harbaugh, John Harbaugh, said: “If he wants to come back, we will welcome, you will definitely hope that you can have every best player, but I don’t want to say this. If you have a unparalleled career, we are proud of his success, there are still many points this year. “

Harris performance is excellent during training camp, which will serve as an important role in the Patriot Offense Group. In order to replace the vacancy of Harris, the patriot will promote the new show from the training lineup J. J. J. J. Taylor to the big list.

Taylor also performs a rampant in the training camp. He will join Sony Michel, Rex Burkhead and James White. Taylor also has a discovery of attacking and attacking, many people compare him with the old people of Di I Dian Lewis.

Bakley is injured in the second quarter of the giant 32-31 reversed the battle of Tanpawan pirate competition. In this game, in addition to the excellent performance of Daniel Jones, after the game, the scene of Barkley was in the scene of the crutches, and it was also impressive.

49ers coach Shanahan: Be patient team at the quarterback positionAfter obtaining the authority in charge of the team, the San Francisco 49ers new coach Kyle – Shanahan (Kyle Shanahan) looks every quarterback own coached together.

Practitioner coach: disappointed outside Antonio – Brown absent trainingBeijing August 3, Antonio Brown continued to be absent from the training, while the Auckland raid worker coach Jon Gruden was lacking in the early days of his star.

“I think we are very disappointed,” Grunette said after training on Friday. “We think he is very disappointed. We want to do a big job. We want him to participate in the training. He is an important member of the team.”

Shanahan has six years to turn over the leadership of 49 people. Previously he has coached a number of successful quarterback out, there is no need for him to do in the future stakes gamble to get Cousins.

Like the head of the front large 12 (BIG 12) partition, Jinsale is also favored by the Lincoln Riley of the Russian University of Oklahoma. . The Alliance this year is hot two quarters: Baker Mayfield and Patrick Mahomes have also received his guidance.

Slim, jet, jet will interview South to increase the attack coordinator JinsuriIn less than a month after the South Affairs offensive coordinator, Kliff Kingsbury began to receive an interview invitation.

Perhaps the most widely circulated argument is that Shanahan will work hard to chase quarterbacks Kirk – Cousins ​​(Kirk Cousins), even if the Washington Redskins let Cousins ​​become a franchise tag player, which means that 49 people have to pay two first-round draft picks.

Shanahan also said he and general manager John – Lynch (John Lynch) will be considered by the transaction, the introduction of free agency and the draft way to rebuild the team, but he also understood that even if there is a good quarterback who has not 49 ready to compete division title.

He also said: “You do not want to gamble you want to have the initiative in every aspect, but you have to do the right thing you have to use the right way to build the team, this is what I call patience…”

In addition to the tasks of the offensive group, Brown may still have to force the raid. The team specialist group coach Rich-Pisasia expressed hope that Brown could serve as an abandoned attack. Brown’s last discovery is on the 2017 season. He completed a total of 186 abandoned kicks and promoted 1759 yards.

Brown is currently placed in a non-wounded injury list due to unscrupulous injuries. He participated in the warm-up of training before Sunday, he participated in some training in Tuesday. That night, he released a photo of a blister and peeling of your own foot. After receiving the team on Wednesday, he did not appear on the training ground in the past two days.

Although Grunette praised the performance of other pickles, he did not think that other pickers can fill Brown vacancies. “I won’t have such an idea,” Grunette said. “I want him to participate in the training as soon as possible. I hope he has never left and takes training every day. But life will continue, you have to continue working, others have to use these opportunities, so far they do.”

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