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Old will run Didon – Louis announced retirementThe US time is reported on Friday. According to ESPN reporters, the old will run the Di Don Lewis to declare retirement. Louis won a super bowl with patriots in NFL.

Lion sign back to defensive end Edge Jaquis – SmithAccording to the Detroit Media report, the lion signed back to the defensive end of Jaquis Smith (Jacquies Smith) to enhance the defensive refreshing lineup depth, in order to take space, they will attach the offensive Humm-Ryito (Tim Lelito) Injury reserve list.

Veteran security guard Woodson does not rule out continued to campaign next seasonWhen quarterback Peyton – Manning (Peyton Manning) physical condition and performance seems to decline, security guard Charles – Woodson (Charles Woodson) continued to perform well in the 39 years of age.

Renewal former Anderson’s 2021 salary is $ 8 million, and now it will become $ 12.5 million. The salary of his two years was $ 13 million and $ 12 million, respectively. Before the black panther, Anderson fled the jet with a decision, and completed 302 battles in four years, pushed 4,155 yards, reached 23 times.

Quin said: “The ultimate decision is really hard. I carefully study the two teams of players, the city, hired coaches, my own integrated ideas. Also consider the best for me and my family In the end, Chicago became the side of the coin. “

Most of Louis’s career is played as a three-speed running war, and the ball is promoted to a total of 3833 yards, reaching 22 times. After the 2016, the 20th season was played for the patriot, he also played Titan and the eagle. Louis’s 2020 season touched 29 times, pushed 115 yards, 19 times, and pushed 127 yards.

Black Leopard and External Carrobe – Andon has been about two yearsUS Tuesday, according to ESPN reporters, the Black Leopard and External Contact Robby Anderson will last for about two years. The total amount of new contract has a total salary of $ 29.5 million, including $ 2.5 million security.

“I guess I’m going to consider things next season,” Woodson told reporters on Wednesday. “I think next year will continue to play it? Uh, I guess I might, I mean, the next season is almost here. It’s not like there is for five years, so this is the present. So yeah, Looking to the next I can next season. I will return it? I am not very sure of that. “

Regardless of whether Massive and Allen are playing this week, the team believes that they can find the winning method. Last week’s victory illustrated this, Rivers look forward to the feeling of fiery, while reducing passing the ball. At present, they have grasped fate in their hands, and everyone expects the next victory.

Woodson currently 5 steals tied for Cheap Jerseys From China the league pass, while he appeared anywhere in the Raiders second-line defense in need. He is not as young as speed so fast & mdash; & mdash; often defeated opponents catcher & mdash; & mdash; but Woodson is still the Raiders second-line defense in the most consistent player.

Woodson in this age, needs the ability to play in a lot of moving position very impressive, in particular, and in stark contrast to Manning & mdash; & mdash; many years ago, Woodson beat Manning won the Heisman & mdash ; & mdash; the latter is difficult to maintain a healthy Denver Broncos. After all, this was supposed to be young game.

Lightning injury report is half-ginseng, Rivers look forward to victoryThis week, San Diego lightning will face the Emirates of the same region, as long as they win the game, they can enter the playoffs. The team has conducted a second training this week on the local time. In terms of training, it can be said that it is half-way.

Smith, 27-year-old this year, played a game for pirates this season, but the particles were not received, 10.5 were sick. He made a total of 29 games for pirates, and he first sent 18 games and won 13.5 killed.

The team owner, the quarter-point Weifei Pi-Rivers, the Philip Rivers participated in all training for two consecutive days. Previously, he injured him due to the back, and the rumors who could not appear. River himself said: “The back does have hurt, but it is not serious. I feel very good now, I am looking forward to this week. I believe we can win, enter the playoffs.”

Although the Rivers injured, the team’s number one running Ween Matthews and the number of Keenan Allen is not so optimistic. Both people were absent two consecutive days, and the team did not disclose their specific situation. Matthewas is currently in the injury of ankle, and Allen is not fixed due to the return of the clavicle fracture.

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